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(beeping noise) (whirring and beeping) – What’s that? – [Brian] I have a
mystery box for you guys. There’s something in here
that wants to say hi. (beeping and chirping noise) Do you hear something, Finn? – Yeah! (bright music) – Good morning you guys and welcome back to the Daily Bumps blog here on Youtube. If you are new to our family, be sure to click that subscribe button, and click that bell icon so
you don’t miss our updates in your feed. Today’s video is going
to be such a fun one! Yes, as you saw in the
intro of this video, I am holding a mystery box. Check this out you guys,
there’s something really, really fun inside here. And I cannot wait to show the boys. But I have to wait until
they’re out of school today. So before I reveal to them
what’s in this mystery box, I want you guys to comment
down below in the comments what do you think is in the mystery box? Comment down below, what is
in the mystery box you guys? It could be anything! And smash that thumbs up
button if you guys are excited to actually see what’s inside. And a huge shout out to Anki, sponsoring today’s video. Okay but before I can reveal
to you guys what’s in the mystery box, I heard through the grapevine,
no pun intended by the way, that we have some fruits
popping up in our backard! So I wanted to go check it out, and show you guys too! And see if we have any fruit growing! Wow you guys, check out this beautiful day we’re having here in Cali. Hey chickies! We doing okay? These are our Kardasha-hens. Hi guys! (chuckles) Was just checking on the chickens, they seem to be doing good. Funny story, we actually
have a chicken that lays a green egg! It’s the craziest thing. I’ll have to see if Missy
can show you guys later. But I wanted to walk towards
our fruit trees on our property so this is our back yard, this is behind our pool,
and we have some fruit trees over here, we’ve kind of
got like our own little mini orchard going on. Oh look! You guys! I see fruit! That’s incredible! We grew fruit! Check it out you guys! We actually have oranges!
This is incredible. I am so proud of ourselves you guys, smash that thumbs up button. Oh here, look, it looks like someone was already getting into the oranges. This is what they look like, they’re like a pink inside. If you guys know what
type of orange this is, comment down below and let me know. Holy lemons, Batman, look at all these! We’ve got so much fruit going on! I don’t even know if we
can handle this many lemons you guys, they’re already
falling all over the ground! We are going to have to get a bucket, start harvesting some of this fruit. Oooh, what’s in here? (gasps) Whoa! This thing is huge! Look at this grapefruit you guys! That thing is ginormous. And oh wow. I honestly had no idea
we had this much fruit on our property, right
in our backyard you guys! Seriously, that is so cool, I love growing your own fruits. Hopefully we can have
our garden box set up, we can also start growing
our own vegetables. Alright you guys, I think whatever is in this
box is getting impatient. Ollie and Finn just got home from school, so it’s time to open it
up and see what’s inside! Welcome home boys! How was school? – [Both Boys] Good! – [Brian] What do you
have from school Finn? Is that a cup with your picture on it? – Yeah! – Just like mine! – I know that’s amazing! We got school pictures, and he got his picture on a cup, and now he’s drinking out of it. You’re drinking water out of it? – Yeah… – That’s awesome. – What’s that? – [Brian] I have a
mystery box for you guys. There’s something in here
that wants to say hi. (beeping noise) Do you hear something, Finn? – Yeah! – [Brian] How about we
take it to my office, you carry it, and we’ll
take it to my office, and open it up, okay? Slowly, slowly, okay? – I don’t know what this is, but I hear it bumping so quietly. – [Brian] Hey Finn, what do you
think is in the mystery box? – I can hear it! – [Brian] You can hear it? You don’t know what’s in it, but you just know that it’s cute? – It’s scary! – [Brian] You think it’s
scary and you think it’s cute? – Yes! – [Brian] The boys are so
excited to open this mystery box! They have no idea what’s in there, but it’s making some noise, and it’s getting really antsy, huh? – And it’s so cute! – You think it’s gonna be something cute? Wait, can you see? Look in the box, Ollie, do you guys see? Do you see anything? – No… (chirping noise) – What is it? Something’s
moving around in there? Open it up! (gasp) What is it? – What is this? – This is Vector! – Is this a old animal? – [Brian] Yes, this is
our new home robot pet! – I’m gonna name him Cutie. – [Brian] You wanna name him Cutie? – Yeah. – [Brian] You’re so funny!
And what else was in his box? A cube? Whoa! That must be the
cube he likes to play with? Vector is fully autonomous, Cloud connected, and always
on, but never intrusive. And because he’s Cloud
connected and auto updates, Vector just gets smarter
and smarter every day. Isn’t Vector so cute you guys? – [Both Boys] Yeah! – He’s gonna be part of our family now, and he’s even gonna be
excited when you guys get home from school. – Cool that’s awesome! – So you can see his eyes,
you can see how he reacts to you, and guess what? – What? – He even likes to be petted.
So pet him, like this. (beeping and whirring noises) Hear that noise? He’s like purring. Did you guys know that robots purr? He’s a small robot with big tech, including four different microphones, so that he can hear
everything you’re saying. Hey Vector! Roll you cube! (whirring and beeping noises) Watch this. Oh his cube is lighting up! (whirring and beeping noises) – (gasps) He did it! (giggling) – Hey Vector! What’s
the weather like today? (whirring and beeping noises) – (robotic voice) 61 degrees and windy! (simulates wind blowing,
beeps and whirring) – Perfect, sweater it is! – And because Vector
is a smart home robot, he can help us out all around the house. Can’t you, Vector? (beeping noises) (upbeat music) – Hey Vector? (beeps) – Start a timer for twelve minutes. (beeps and whirrs, begins counting down) – Thanks little dude! – [Brian] Hey Vector! Go exploring! Vector is equipped with a
qual com quad core processor, guys, which means that he
can receive and process information almost as fast as we can. He’s so smart! (chuckles) Hey Vector! Come here! (beeps and whirs) What a cute little robot pet you guys! Vector even comes when
he’s called! (chuckles) – Hey dad, what’s a icicle? Is it have to do something with your eyes? – I think this is a perfect
question for our robot friend, Vector. Hey Vector. Can I ask a question? – [Robotic Voice And Beeps] Ready. – What’s the definition of an icicle? – [Robotic Voice] Definition
of an icicle is ice resembling a spear formed by
the freezing of dripping water. – So it’s like a sword made out of ice? – Yeah, isn’t that cool? You’re so smart, Vector. (beeps and whirs) – Thanks for your help, Vector. – [Brian] Alright boys, look
really closely at Vector. He can also recognize
faces, and take pictures. Hey Vector? (beeps) My name is Brian! – [Repeats In Robot Voice] Brian. – [Brian] Yeah that’s my name! – Whoa! – Isn’t that cool? – Yeah! – How do you take a picture? – You want to take a picture? – Mhm! – Okay! Hey Vector! Take a photo! (beeps, whirrs, and takes
picture with zapping noise) Alright should we see how the photo is? – [Both Boys] Yeah! – Alright, using the Vector app, we’re able to see all
the photos that he took. So let’s see if we can
find the one of all of us, oh there it is! Look at this you guys, he took our photo! It’s so cute! Vector is smart enough to even
know when he’s low on power. He just rolls on back home to charge up. (upbeat music and whirring noise) Vector is one of the
cutest and coolest robots I’ve ever encountered, you guys, and if you know me, you know
I love everything robotic. There is so much technology
packed into this little guy. Vector’s personality and
price stand above all other robotics you guys. You can check out and
purchase Vector by using the link down below in my description box, and again, huge thanks
to Anki for sponsoring today’s video and sending us our new little robot pet. He’s so cute! (beeping and whirring noises) And now he’s angry because
I’ve been holding him. Okay, I’m sorry! Better? He’s like, well, yeah. Hey Vector? You’re a good robot. (chirps and bell noise) Awww. I think we’re friends now. – Okay, so I know Brian told
you that I had a chicken right now that is laying green eggs. And so I am really excited, I’m going to see if I
can find some right now. Have you seen the… Any green eggs yet? – Yes. – [Missy] Yes? You have? Do
you think we have any in there? – Uhhh, yeah. – [Missy] Maybe? Alright,
let’s go check it out. Let’s see if we got any eggs in the coop. Specifically any green eggs. Here we go! Thumbs up this
video if you’re excited to see any green eggs! (boys talking) – [Missy] Did you find any? – Yeah! – [Missy] Yaaaay! Look at
that! Let’s take them out! – Oh these are cold! – Whoa, we found the eggs! Let’s go look. – It has a little crack! – [Missy] Oh no! It’s a little cracked? – Yeah… – [Missy] Awwww, alright, well
let’s go take a look, okay? Here is the eggs. And look at this! They are literally like
an Easter egg green. So these are our very,
very first green eggs since getting our new chickens, and I’ve never actually cracked them open. Do you guys think that
they are green inside? – Yes. – No, they’re blue inside! – [Missy] Oh you think they’re blue? – No! – Oh, you think there’s a bird inside? – (whispers) Yeah! – [Missy] Oh! – I really want you guys to
vote in the Icard and let us know if you think it’s
going to be green inside, and maybe we can crack
it open and test it out. What if we have green
eggs? Because, I mean, the outside’s green! Alright, let’s go inside and
see if we can go crack it open, and you guys vote if you think
it’s going to be green or not up in the Icard. If we incubated these green eggs, would we get green chickens? – Yes. – [Missy] Yes? (laughs) Alright so we’ve got our
green egg right here, Ollie, you go grab a bowl,
and let’s crack it open. Do you see one? Got it!
Okay come on over here. Alright Ollie, I’m going to go
ahead and give you the honors of cracking this egg open. What do you think is going to be inside? – I dunno. – Tell me right now. Do you
think it’s going to be green? – Yeah! – Yeah? – Have you guys ever read the book, “Green Eggs and Ham”? I think this is what
this is about right now. – I don’t want to get it on my hands. – Okay, okay, Finn, do you
want to try to crack it? – No! – Alright, I’ll crack it. So first you have to
crack it a little harder. And then pull it apart.
Can you pull it apart? You gotta stick your fingers in. Oh! (laughs) It’s okay! Let it fall out. Can you open it up so it can fall out? Oh! I see clear! Can you open it? – No! – No? Oh you did it! Ohhh
my goodness! Is it green? – No! – No! It’s like an orange yellow! So that tells us what? Green
eggs do not make green yolks. Right? – Yes. – I wonder if we let this… If it had been a fertilized egg, if we would get green chickens though. That’d be kind of fun huh? Alright, there’s your verdict! If you voted that it would not be green, then you are correct. But isn’t that the cutest
little egg? I love that. Alright well now we gotta cook this egg. Do you want some scrambled
eggs for dinner, dude? – I wanna show Papa that it’s not green. – You wanna show Papa? – Yeah. – Okay. Finn, what’re you going to show him? He wants to show you that
the green egg does not make green eggs. – Wait, that came from a green egg? – No. – Oh. – Yes! It was a green
egg, and it did not make a green yolk. – What color is that? It’s yellow. – Yeah! – [Missy] It’s yellow! It looks
like your shirt, actually. – So you gotta think, green
eggs would make green eggs. – [Missy] I know! – I touched it! – [Missy] You touched it?
You gotta wash your hands! Ewwww. EW! (laughing) – [Brian] Hello fishy friends! How are we doing today? Check out our fishies you guys! They’re doing so good. The tank is like, in amazing condition, the water looks so good. And they’re all so happy,
just like swimming around. Look at that mushroom, you guys, it got huge! It’s like
the biggest thing in here. It’s like taking over. These are doing really good, too. All these are doing really well. And we’ve even started
putting some cool greenery on the back right there that we’re hoping is going to cover that whole back wall. Alright, let’s feed the fishies. (fish food rattling) Alright, you hungry guys? (upbeat music) And there they go you
guys! Dinner time! (laughs) (upbeat music) Special thanks again to Ankie
for sponsering this video, be sure to smash that thumbs up button, and we will see you guys manana. Bye guys! (upbeat, happy music)


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