NEVER DO ANYTHING AT 3AM (Jaystation Reaction)
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NEVER DO ANYTHING AT 3AM (Jaystation Reaction)

What’s up Greg, it’s me, Danny, back with another episode of… spooooooooky stuff! Guys, if you’re easily spooked, I would recommend definitely not watching this video. It’s going to be very spooky… stuff. I just found this dude on YouTube. His name is ImJayStation. He’s got like 2 million subscribers. The “About” section on his YouTube says “vlogs, overnight challenges, 3 AM challenges, box forts & more.” I’ve done videos in the past about people who will make these like “scary videos” where they’ll get attacked by killer clowns, but those are usually like vloggers like Logan Paul or Lance Stewart did that, and the Dobre twins, but this dude, This is all that he does. If you just look at the thumbnails on his videos, you can tell that he lives a very difficult life. He’s constantly getting taped up, he got his head chopped off, got kidnapped by this guy, he’s homeless… He basically just makes these videos where he does these like supernatural things Like he’ll do an “ancient Indian ritual,” or he’ll play with a ouija board, and then, something spooky happens, and then he runs around in the dark for a while and scary stuff happens to him. All of his titles are like exactly the same “DO NOT PLAY 11 MILES RITUAL AT 3:00AM IN A BOAT!!” I wasn’t planning on it. “Do NOT play 666 Ouija board challenge at 3:00 AM!!” “Do NOT play the white kimono game ritual at 3:00 AM Challenge!!” I don’t know how many times he has to tell you guys not to be doing this shit! There must be a lot of people doing all this shit because he has to put it in every single title. Do not do it. “Do not disrespect Robert the Haunted doll!” Man don’t tell me what to do! Fuck Robert! Oh, nO AAaAaHhH So some of his videos are pretty standard. He’ll just like stay in a place overnight, like a haunted warehouse or something, and he’ll hear spooky noises and they walk around in the dark, and nothing interesting really happens. And then there are some that are just fucking BONKERS. Like this one, “Do not headless real-life voodoo doll 3:00 AM Challenge *actually worked* (gone wrong)” “What’s up guys, back with another 3 A.M challenge, guys.” “I am FREE I literally escaped a serial killer!” “Link in the description, guys.” So I think this is part of like a longer series that he’s doing, where every video sort of connects with the last one and he’s running from a serial killer, I guess. “Today we’re at my grandma’s house guys, we are hiding from the serial killer.” “It’s 3 o’clock in the morning guys, we’re doing the voodoo doll challenge.” He seems really stoked about it for some reason WHAT’S UP GUYS!! I finally escaped from the serial killer! My life is in serious jeopardy right now! So make sure you go ahead and smash that like button guys. Why is he so excited about hiding from a serial killer? That sounds terrifying. “And since we’ve done it like 50 million times, tonight we’re doing something CRAZY” Tonight they’re doing something crazy! They’ve never done anything crazy before! I mean just look at their thumbnails, nothing crazy here. “We’re cutting off the HEAD of the voodoo doll, guys!” “This is going to be INSANE, guys!” “SMASH that like button RIGHT NOW” “Let’s get 40,000 likes! We’re going to make a real life voodoo doll with my DNA” “Ring that bell button right now guys, more bangers are on the way” More bangers are on the way fam! I’m scared for my life and my friend’s about to cut my head off! So you better believe this is gonna be a banger! “The serial killer is still on the loose.” “We have no idea where the hell he’s at, that’s why we’re in the middle of nowhere guys.” “Right now, we’re in my grandma’s house, guys.” I’d just like to point out that it’s selfish of him to go to his grandma’s house while he’s being chased by a murderer. If the murderer finds out that he’s there… the grandma’s toast. Let’s not kid ourselves and act like the granny’s getting out of this scot-free. She’s done for! This kid’s a bad grandson. He’s gonna get his grandma murdered. “We are savages! G nation for life, guys!” “All you need to do this is something to make the voodoo doll with, guys.” “We got this weird material kind of stuff, it’s like a potato sack.” “And you need red thread guys, this symbolizes blood vessels.” “This is what we’re gonna use to sew the voodoo doll together.” “You’re gonna need a Sharpie to trace the voodoo doll image.” “You’re gonna need some scissors, also gonna need some googly eyes, guys.” Yep. That sounds like an authentic voodoo doll. You’re gonna need to go to Michael’s craft store, and you’re going to need a Sharpie and googly eyes. Those are all things that are real voodoo, which you would get back in the 1700s. “And lastly the most important ingredient. You know what we’re gonna use?” [Jeopardy theme playing] “If you say your blood…” “He’s got it guys! The right answer is blood, bro, you said blood, bro!” Oh man, he’s gonna maim himself for this video. This really is a banger, I can tell. “That’s the only way, you gotta use some sort of DNA.” “Wait, we’re actually using your blood? “We’re actually using my blood guys. This can’t be shown on YouTube, but we’re putting my blood in the voodoo doll.” “This is gonna be insane!” This guy’s so excited about this. Like, he’s really keeping this whole Youtuber persona up while he’s in a very dark situation. He’s just like, “All right, now I’m gonna slit my hand open, and drip some of my sweet, sweet blood into this voodoo doll, and then chop my own head off! If this wasn’t fake, this guy would be a sociopath. And if it is fake… He’s also a sociopath. “We’ve got my DNA in this voodoo doll guys. It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. This is official!” [noise of disagreement] No, they didn’t use the googly eyes, so it’s not gonna work. Everybody knows that voodoo dolls need googly eyes! This guy’s a fucking amateur. Amateur hour! “This is an official voodoo doll, bro. You ready to cut me up? You ready to like, cut my head off?” “All right, here you go, bro. I trust you.” Why is this dude, like, borderline giddy to get his head chopped off? Like, “All right, dude! Are you ready to chop me up, huh?” Ugh, it’s so creepy. “Oh, bro. Oh my god. Yo, don’t even do that, bro!” “Did you actually feel that?”
“Yeah!!” “Do you wanna test this stuff out?”
“All right, I’m down.” “I’m gonna go ahead and put the doll on the table.” Okay, so before they try chopping his head off, they just want to make sure that the voodoo doll works. So he sets the voodoo doll down on the table, and then he presses a few areas, [spooky sound effect] And he’s like, “Did you feel that?” and the guy turns around, he’s like “BRO. I felt it.” So, now they know the voodoo doll works. They know that somehow they have this magical doll that transfers the feelings to him. So now, knowing that, they decide it’s a go. We’re gonna chop the head off. It’s crazy how it makes, like, an Instagram comedian sound effect every time he presses the thing. [spooky sound effect] That might just be the spookiest part of this whole thing… “Alright, wait wait wait wait wait.” “If you’re doing this, and my head actually gets cut off, this video is definitely getting demonetized, so I’m gonna go around the corner, alright bro?” This dude’s about to let his best friend behead him and his biggest concern is getting demonetized when he posts this on Youtube. It just goes to show how bad this adpocalypse has gotten. If we can’t even show a beheading on-screen in 2018, then what’s the point of even making Youtube videos? “Are you sure man?”
“I-I’m positive!” “I don’t want to be reliable for anything.” “I swear my head’s gonna get cut off, man. I might die.” “Are you really sure you want to do this though?” “Jay? Are you sure man? I have this thing around its neck.” “I’m sure, bro. I’m gonna get too scared bro, so just hurry up.” “This is your last chance.” “Are you ready?” OOOOAAAAAH AAAAaaAAAaaaaaAaaAa [Danny screaming extremely loudly] It worked! It worked! It really worked!! Man, I didn’t think it was gonna work, but it worked! His head got cut clean off and he grew like a foot somehow. Also, he grew like at least eight inches. [screaming] “Sew it up! Sew it back up! Sew it back!” [chuckling] Hey, let he let go of his head for a second and it stayed there. He like let go for a second. And he was like, oh shit, wait, I’m supposed to be holding this. I like how this is how you would hold your own head, too, right? If it fell off you just be like, “Oh no, my head fell off! I better walk around holding it by the chin!” “Sew it back up bro! Sew it up!”
“Are you sure bro?! I don’t know what to do!” I like the little dance he’s doing. He’s doing a little dance while he says, “Sew it back up.” This is the “I just got my head chopped off” dance! It’s like he wants him to sew it back up, but he’s also got to go potty. So he wasn’t cool with showing the actual beheading on camera because he was worried it was gonna get demonetized, but he was cool with like, him running out holding his own head and being like “OH FUCK” That’s cool. That won’t get you demonetized. Apparently so, actually this dude’s got three midroll ads on this 11 minute long video. “Sew my head back on! Sew it back on! Oh my god!” “I got it sewn back on, did it work? Yo, you okay?” “Oh my god, bro.”
“Holy crap bro, that was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.” “Oh my god, we are never messing with a voodoo doll again, guys. Smash the like button right now!” We’re never gonna do it again? Why did you do it in the first place? You knew exactly what was going to happen. You made the doll, you put your DNA in it, you verified that it worked, and then you still did it anyway! You were in the bathroom being like, “I’m gonna die probably! Go ahead, cut it, pussy!” Let’s check out the comments on this video. “Oh my god. Did you die?” “Oh my god, Jay. Are you okay? I don’t want you to die.” I like these videos because they’re the most like, ridiculous “3 AM Challenges,” and the guys in them just have the the weirdest reactions to things. There’s this video where they’re like, canoeing around the lake at night, and they have the funniest reaction to seeing candles. “Oh, there’s no way.”
“What the hell?” “Dude, there was definitely– we definitely left a light on in the house!” “That’s definitely candles.”
“What the hell??” BRO. Those are definitely candles. Yo, I’ve seen candles before. Those are them! I think we can all agree that those are candles and that’s spooky! But I think that without a doubt the absolute most ridiculous video that I’ve seen by this dude is called: “(OMG SCARY) DO NOT FACETIME MICKEY MOUSE AT 3 AM CHALLENGE! *CALLING SCARY MICKEY MOUSE GONE WRONG*” “Do not FaceTime Mickey Mouse at 3:00 AM Challenge” sounds like Mickey Mouse is like, gonna try to booty call you or something. It sounds like something your best friend would tell you about a guy who’s been trying to hook up with you. Oh, do NOT FaceTime Mickey Mouse at 3:00 AM. He’s gonna be drunk, and he just wants to hook up with you. He doesn’t give a shit about you. Okay? “What’s up guys, back with another one. Today we’re calling up Mickey Mouse on FaceTime!” “They just kicked me out of their park, guys, I just got all cut up, I can’t even raise my arm anymore.” “Guys, that is totally unacceptable. Today we’re calling Mickey Mouse himself! So the video starts out with him like, just sort of glossing over the fact that he got kicked out of Disneyland, and he got all scuffed up. So I googled it, and apparently he did actually get kicked out of Disney World because he said like, security stole his bag or something? And they had to, like, forcibly remove him from Disneyland ’cause he was throwing a big fit. A weird thing to bring up and just sort of glossed over in the video, but now he’s really gonna get back at them because he’s gonna FaceTime Mickey Mouse. “Mickey Mouse is not gonna like me tonight, guys!” So, you’re probably wondering how he got Mickey Mouse’s phone number in the first place to FaceTime him, right? I was very curious about that too. But apparently it’s super easy and something that anyone can do. Let’s listen to him explain it. “I’ve FaceTimed everybody from Jesus to Santa Claus, guys.” “And I get a lot of comments like, ‘how exactly do you find these people’s numbers?'” “Well today, we’re actually gonna show you how I find these numbers.” “I couldn’t find an actual number to Mickey Mouse himself, but we can find the Walt Disney customer support.” “We found this number easy, guys. All you have to do is this simple Google search and you can find this phone number.” “So I’m just gonna put this number inside of my phone right now, and we’re gonna call up customer support and demand we talk to Mickey Mouse himself.” Those poor customer service people at Disney… There’s probably so many dumb kids who have called them trying to get Mickey Mouse’s phone number. Also, he said before that he FaceTimed Santa and Jesus in different videos. If this is the way you get people’s phone numbers, how the fuck did he get Jesus’ phone number to FaceTime? Can you just like, contact the customer support of any church and they’ll just give you Jesus’ phone number to FaceTime? “Let’s just give them a call guys. We gotta find out what exactly Mickey Mouse’s phone number is.” [dial tone] [dramatic sound effect]
“Thank you for calling Walt Disney World…” That was a really scary sound effect for Disney customer service answering the phone. [gasps] Disney actually answers their customer service line?! This is way spookier than I thought! “…how can I assist you today?” “Well, about time you picked up! I need to talk to the highest in charge, which is Mickey Mouse himself.” [in a child-like tone] “Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! You want to speak to Mickey Mouse?” ‘Does this dude know that cartoon characters don’t really work at Disney? Like why did it–it sounds like another cartoon character answered the phone. He knows that the characters at Disneyland are just in costumes, right? And it’s one thing for them to be like, walking around Disney, but the thought of like, Pinocchio sitting in like a corporate office fielding Disney’s customer service calls? What does this guy think Disney is? “Well, that’s very hard! But, it is possible. Um, can I ask you a few questions? “Sure, sure, sure.” “Well, you’ll have to have the official Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse ears!” “I think I do have those! I think I do have the actual Mickey Mouse ears!” “Well, the thing is, Mickey Mouse is very, very busy, and he doesn’t have a lot of time, so the only time he can take calls is 3:00 AM! Is that possible?” So in order to talk to Mickey Mouse you have to: one, own Mickey Mouse ears, and two, you just have to be available at 3:00 AM, because that’s the only time Mickey Mouse is free. This is a booty call! I was right at the beginning. “Also, you must not, cannot, WILL NOT mention anything about pussycats.” “About pussycats??” “Yes, you cannot say that word!”
“Why, why?” “Mickey is a mouse! If you mention cats, he’s gonna get scared!” “That makes a lot of sense!” You know what? Actually, that does make a lot of sense. Mickey Mouse would not want you to bring up a pussycat around him because mice are scared of cats. That’s actually–that’s actually a very realistic point. Good work. “So the number is, 407-391-2[REDACTED]” “Okay guys, it’s 2:56 AM right now.” “I set my alarm five minutes early, ’cause Mickey Mouse said I need to call him at three o’clock in the morning exactly.” “And just in case you guys think I’m lying, guys, check it out right now.” “2:57 AM in the morning guys.” Why did he Google the time? Why did he have to Google what time it was? Is that how he checks the time on his phone? By googling it? “I actually had to go out and buy these ears, guys, look at this.” “I want to know in the comments guys, hot or not. You guys like the ears?” Hot. HOT. Those are HOT. “All we’re gonna do now, guys, is hit that little FaceTime button right here and call them up, guys.” [FaceTime dialing noise]
“It’s freaking ringing guys!” It’s freaking ringing! Whoa, phones work?! This is too spooky, man. When you type a number into your phone and then you press the call button, it rings!? “I hope he’s actually as nice as he is inside the show, guys.” “But man, how long can this thing actually ring for, guys? It’s still– Whoa!” [accepting call sound]
“Oh boy!” “No way guys, it’s Mickey Mouse!”
“It’s me, Mickey Mouse!” SHIT “Mickey, are you mad at me?”
“Well, yeah!” “Whoa, guys, he’s moving! Mickey, do you like cats?” No! Dude, what the–he asked him about cats! The dude asked him not to talk about Pussycats! Fucking idiot! “I’m a mouse, I do not like cats.” “Whooaaa. Mickey, we want to know why you kicked me out of Disney World. Why did you kick me out of Disney World?” [demonic voice] “Because I hate Youtubers! I should come there right now.” “Oh my god guys, he’s walking now!” “Everybody better like and subscribe before I get to your house!” Wait what? He just said he hated Youtubers, what is he–he’s like, I hate you and I hate Youtubers. So everybody better ♫ subscribe and like this video for more fun content! ♫ “Oh my god, guys, smash the like button right now. Oh my God, he’s attacking me. Oh my god, guys.” Look out, dude, he’s attacking you! Oh my God, he’s attacking me. He’s on my phone and he’s attacking me! He’s nowhere near me and he’s attacking me guys, help! “I’M GONNA GET YOU, I’M GONNA GET YOU” “What the heck?! Oh my god, guys, what’s wrong with his voice? It’s gonna come for me guys.” [call ended noise]
“Whoa.” “Guys, it’s just hung up. I think I got him mad by talking about cats.” [knocking on door]
“Oh my god. I hope it’s not Mickey Mouse, guys.” [scary music]
“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HECK?!” “What the heck?! What the heck? WHAT THE HECK?” “Is that Mickey?! Oh my god, that’s Mickey guys. That’s Mickey right behind me. Oh my god.” “Oh my god. Guys, Mickey Mouse is straight-up mad at me.” “Do NOT call Mickey Mouse at 3 o’clock in the morning guys. I do not know how to end this ritual.” This guy’s not very good at hiding. Mickey Mouse like teleported into the apartment and he ran to the other room, locked it, and then he starts talking to his camera loudly. “Yo guys, I really hope that Mickey Mouse doesn’t come into this room. I really hope he doesn’t know that I’m in the bathroom.” “I hope he doesn’t come into the bathroom and find me in here, in the bathroom.” “I do not know how to get Mickey Mouse away from me. Like I just want him–” “I’M BEHIND YOUU!”
“Oh my god! What the heck?!” Okay, well at least Mickey Mouse isn’t very sneaky either. “I’m behind you!” That’s what people do when they’re trying to sneak up on you. “Where did he go? Where did he go guys?” “What the heck? Guys, I do not know what’s going on. Does Mickey Mouse have superpowers?” “He is straight-up teleporting!” “I know he’s from Disney and it’s a magical kingdom guys, but Mickey has straight-up got powers.” “I think a couple times I saw Mickey Mouse dressed up like a wizard, too, guys. I do not know what’s going on with Mickey.” This video’s so weird. It sounds like a video that this like, 30 year old dude is performing, but it was written by like, a five year old, because instead of just showing you things he’s explaining everything that happens in the dialogue. He’s like, “Oh my god guys, now Mickey Mouse is teleporting around, now he’s right there!” “Look at him, look at him in the camera I’m showing you Mickey Mouse now, and now I’m getting scared!” “And now, I think I saw Mickey Mouse dressed up as a wizard one time and he might have freaking superpowers guys!” “Okay guys, I’m gonna call him one more time. But first, I’m getting underneath the blankets guys. I am so frickin’ scared!” Mm, solid move. Bad guys can’t get you in there. Everybody knows that. “Okay, I’m gonna call him one more time on FaceTime and we’re gonna say we’re sorry, guys.” “Oh my god, he picked up guys. What the heck guys, he’s coming to the door.” He’s just–he couldn’t be an easier target! He’s just a sitting duck laying in bed yelling, “I hope he can’t hear me talking to the camera!” “He’s walking right up to the room that I’m in!!” “Where are you? Oh my god, guys.” “What the freak do I even do right–AAAHHH!” [continues panting and yelling] “Oh my god guys, what the heck!?” “Oh my god guys, what the heck, he jumped on my neck guys!” “I am getting out of here, guys! This is too much for me to handle, guys.” “Smash the like button right now, let’s get 30,000 likes! Make sure you guys subscribe!” [chuckling] He gets attacked by Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse leaps out of the darkness and attacks him, and he power walks into the other room, and then pauses right in front of the door to let everybody know to like and subscribe. This guy is a true Youtuber if there ever was one. “I’m getting out of here guys–OH MY GOD!” Aw shit, and Mickey Mouse is right there. Well, I think it’s safe to assume what happens next. Mickey Mouse gets him. He kills him, tears him limb from limb, and then steals this dude’s camera, edits this footage and then puts it on this guy’s YouTube channel…? Wait, what? “Okay, now I’m scared. I’m going tomorrow to Disneyland Paris!” God, this girl thinks that Mickey Mouse is really going to attack her… in broad daylight. How dumb can you be?? Mickey Mouse only comes out at 3:00 AM. He’s busy. Didn’t you watch the fucking video? “Meeeeeee!” This is totally me. I’ve been stalked and murdered by a magical Mouse more times than I can count. This is me. You know what? I think one of the weirdest things about this is is this dude gets into these traumatizing situations every time he makes a video, but he still keeps making them! Like, that’s real dedication to the craft right there. He experienced having his head chopped off and then sewn back on and he’s still like “Let’s keep going!” He got attacked by a magical mouse. He saw candles, but he’s still cranking out content for us. And I think that that’s pretty inspirational honestly. Alright, well, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you’re not Greg yet, and you’re wondering why my shirt says “Truly Greg,” it’s because Greg is our family here on YouTube. It’s the name that I chose for my fanbase, because I couldn’t come up with any interesting puns off of my own name, so I just used someone else’s name. If you want to get some of this merch, by the way, it’s linked the description below. It’s at, you can go and get some of this merch. Join Greg! We’re the strongest family on YouTube. We’re the fastest growing channel on YouTube. Please don’t look that up. I swear to god, it’s true. And if you really trusted me you would just take my word for it. Thank you Maggie Trout for turning out my notifications, you are truly Greg. I’ll see you guys next time with a really interesting video where I eat my own goddamn face. Bye!

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