Nenunnanu Full Movie | Nagarjuna, Aarti Aggarwal, Shriya | Sri Balaji Video
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Nenunnanu Full Movie | Nagarjuna, Aarti Aggarwal, Shriya | Sri Balaji Video

What do you want, baby?
– l want red roses. They’re out of stock.
l’ve other flowers. Take them. No, l want only red roses. l had only a few of them.
Just now, a boy bought them. Will you give me those flowers?
l’ll give you money. No, l won’t. My mother
likes them very much. My friend also like them.
Today is her birthday. lt’s okay.
Take them. Take money.- No thanks. My mom won’t scold me if she knows
that l’ve given to a small girl. Mom, l didn’t bring you flowers today.
Don’t feel bad. Sruthi has come. Look, they like each other very much.
– Yes. Anu, go & get pudding for her.
– Okay mummy. As Krishna Murthy said,
they are born for each other. And this boy…? Of these 2 girls, don’t know
for whom he has taken birth. To whom he’s going to say
”l’m there for you” Hey… Get up… Where is the old man? My father’s name is Narayana Swamy.
– Your father…? He found you on the road. He took money from us
& now, dodging us. Where is that bloody thief? lf you again abuse my father,
l’ll not be quiet. What will you do? Venu stop. Sathyam come. l went to get money
to give you. What are you doing?
What’s all this? He abused you.- So what? Why did you stop me
from hitting him? Hit them when you grow up. Study well & hit them
with your intelligence. Come. The light said to the dark,
l’m there for you. Victory said to the defeat,
l’m there for you. l’m there for you…
And nothing will happen to you. And l will change the fate. Make defeat your stepping
stone to success. Consider your enemies as challenges
overcome & march forward. Use your tears to
fulfill your dreams. Use fire to give light. My heart gave me courage. My eyes showed me the path. My step showed me my destination. And said l’m there for you. Kamal, are these sweets enough? Why have you brought
only one packet? This is enough for you only.
Get more. Go. Why did you tell him?
He might eat them all. What are you doing there
with that garland? Venu is really lucky man, Like us, he was also a worker,
working with us. And now, he has opened
an office against Simhachalam Naidu. lt is his good time.- lf Simhachalam
Naidu comes to know about this, he won’t be able to sleep.
He’ll drink a full bottle of liquor. There is no kick.
– Do you want another bottle? Get me a cup of tea.
– Tea…? Venu is eating up my mind. Like pouring kerosene to a petrol car,
you’re having tea after liquor. Tea is not to drink
but to gurgle. When Venu was 5,
he used to get me tea. Boss, why did you pour
hot tea on you? When Venu was 10, he cleaned
when tea fell on me.- Boss… When he was 15,
he cleaned my office. After that, he was not seen. Since he was an orphan,
l thought he had gone somewhere. He did MBA
& said ”how are you?”. l thought he was asking for a job,
and made him the manager. Boss. l thought he would be supporting me. But he has opened a company
challenging me in the port itself. The bottles might be empty,
but my power hasn’t gone yet. No seed can germinte
under the shade of a Banyan tree. Even if it germinates,
no plant can grow. Even if it grows,
it can’t survive. His company must be closed
on the opening day itself. Behead him
before the ribbon is cut. Bring that ribbon. The decoration is over.
Tie the ribbon & the job is done. What are you doing? Hey, where’s Venu? Why are you hitting my boy?
– Tell me, where’s Venu? Stop. Beat them until they tell us
about Venu’s whereabouts. Beat them. Beat them all.
Spare none. Venu, look at them. What’s all this Ravi? You were a labourer
in the port till yesterday. And today, you’ve opened a company
& have become a contractor… Will our Simmachalam Naidu
keep quiet? Ravi, better arrange them properly
& go. Will you hit me
if l don’t do it? l don’t know to fight. Go. Don’t know to fight…? He says that he doesn’t
know to fight. Though you don’t know to fight,
you’re trying to show off, l’m Waltair Ravi.
How proud l should be feeling. You said you don’t know to fight. Yes. l know to begin the fight. But l don’t know
to end it. Whom are you searching for? One man said he doesn’t know
to fight, But he has beaten all my men
& is now hiding. Where is he hiding?
– That’s what… Mother…father… Grandma…Grandfather… Mother…father… Brother… No brother. Do you know to fight?
– Fight means…. What else do you know? l know to make garlands,
cleaning the house, to wash clothes.
l know everything. l’ll be back in 10 mins.
Get everything ready. Okay brother.
You go. l’ll decorate like the canopy
in the marriage. You go… Greetings sir.
– Please sit. Greeting sir.
– Greetings. Mr. Jayaprakash met the
Home Minister, and has come in a flight,
that’s why he is late. Sorry for making you people
to wait. lt has been 2 yrs. since our
Visaka Power project was started. My thanks to you all
for co-operating with me. Despatch it by tomorrow.
– Okay. You’re Venu, right?
– Yes. Your style has changed.
What’s the matter? l’m opening a transport company
in the port. l’ve come to take him
with me for the function. Go. A boy who had worked under you
is coming up in life, You must also be a happy man.
Go. Come. Come. Tie it fast.
– l’m tying it. Why are you hitting me? Venu is here…. Tie it. lf we don’t tie
it properly, he’ll beat us. Sir, please come. Everyone
is waiting for you only. He has come to cut the ribbon.
Still tying…? They only know to fight
& not to tie. Fight…? Some idiot has sent them
to spoil the garlands & break the chairs. He is not telling me
that idiot’s name. You being an elder,
he might tell you if you ask him. Who is it?
Who told you to do this? He won’t tell you if you ask
so gently. Slap him twice… Who told you to do so? He must be the king of idiots
for trusting this idiot. Ribbon…
– lt’s scissors & not ribbon. Let’s go.
l’ve not seen an idiot like you. You’ve made me to
inaugurate. Hey, get that Manmadha Rao out.
– Okay uncle. Shit!
Will you get me out? l’m nearing my century.
– Century…? Yes. l’ve already scored 2 runs.
Only 96 more. Put the ball. You wait. Going to hit a century…?
Let me see how he’ll do it. What are you doing, uncle? Bowl. See the center stump. Bowl. You’re out… Go.
l’ll hit you with this bat. There must have been
match fixing. Get lost. A small boy has got
you out. lt would’ve been a century
if l had hit 96 runs more. You’re absolutely right.
There is nothing in his head. What is it? Great shot!- Sorry friends. Lets go.- Where’s the ball? Let’s go & get it. l think the ball might be there. Stop.
Step aside. Where are you going?
This area is mine. l’ll go & get it. You stay here. Okay go.
– Go. Did you see a ball?
lt’s Venu who hit it. The cricket ball is missing. Why are you staring at me?
ls the ball in this? Don’t hit me.
l’ll go away. You boys go & find the ball.
– Go… l doubt the ball is in this pot. Hey girl! l’m thirsty.
Will you give me some water. lt’s me who is thirsty
& not him.- Go. Okay, pour it. Did you get it?
– No. But the girl is dazzling. The ball is with her. Hey girl! Stop. Do you want the ball? lf you come to this damsel, Why do you need a ball? Ask me anything you want? Will l deny you? Can’t you give us?
– Why would she give you? ln a rally at Ravulapadu…
from the weekly market of Relangi… l bought an ostrich… O dear, make a tasty deep
fried curry for me… O boy…mischievous boy…
clever boy…boy from Waltair… When you are requesting so much,
won’t l cook a magic for you… won’t l give you the old junk
box kept on the lintel… ln Kurnool town…
in a goldsmith’s shop… l’ve brought you silver anklets…
Give me your right leg dear… Shall l give cone milk to you
after going home? l’ve brought railway tickets
in the Ministerial quota, Pack the bed my dear… When you request me,
won’t l pack the bed for you? Shall l give you a Ganta brand cigar? Refusing to take that is offered…
Failing to ask what is with me… You’ve become nervous…
Shall l give you a tonic? O girl…beautiful girl…
proud girl…scheming girl… Dance to the rhythm of local beat…
dance to the sensational beat dear… From a seth’s shop in Shamirpet… l’ve bought a book…
write and give me your beauty dear… Won’t l give you if you ask me?
Won’t l massage you with oil? You’ve lost in debate and in play…
with a girl… remove your… Remove your moustache
and give it to me. You want me to remove the
moustache because it hurts you. Hey, who are you?
You bloody thief. Hey girl! Stop! Theif… Theif… Oh my flowers! Stop. l’ll call you now. Leave me.
– Purse. Get lost… My purse.
– Yours…? What happened? She broke my car glass.
– Really? What about you?
– She stamped all my flowers. And you..?
– l fell down because of her. You’re great. How much?
– Rs. 3000. Why did you park your car there? Where else do you want
me to park it?- Rs. 3000. How about you?
– Rs. 500. Rs, 500.- See you.
– Rs. 1000, sir.- The mistake was hers… Look, l got hurt.
– You’re still alive, aren’t you? There is no money. You’ve damaged their properties
without money in your purse. Who are you to give
them my money?- Me…? What else can l do
other than giving money to them? Take your purse. God gave beautiful hands to women
to put vermillion, to apply lipstick,
to give flying kiss to their lovers. How much?
– Rs. 1000. Here is your Rs. 1000. Hey, my chain.
– Yes, it is your chain. l gave him money. l’ll have this
till you repay my money. That’s my house.
Come & give it. l’ll teach you a lesson.
– With pleasure. Now l took only your chain. Next time, l wonder what l may
take from you. lt’s upto yours. He seems to be a
much clever theif. So, you’ve lost the chain
which l gave it on your birthday. Oh my god! Lost that chain!
lt is 6 sovereigns. File a case.- Case..? Forget about what had happened
& keep quiet. Keep quiet…?
How can that be possible? Will you file a case
or shall l find another lawyer? What will you file? Now, he only took
away her chain. l wonder what he’ll take from her. And more over
she is a girl. From when have you become
a coward? The day l became your
mother’s husband. You don’t worry, mom. l know how to get back my chain. Where are you going? l’m not going to him.
l’m going to Anu’s place. She’s going to Tanjur tomorrow,
for a music competition. lf l don’t wish her good luck,
she might feel bad. You’ll bag the 1st prize in the
Tanjur carnatic music competition. Uncle, you’ve produced a
good successor. l’ve no properties
to give to my successor. l’ve given her music which was
given to me by my fore fathers. As you said, if she bags
the 1st prize in Tanjur competition, it is like my life attaining
salvation. Why doubt, she’ll bag the
1st prize. Your words must come true. Anu, pack your clothes.
We’ve to start early morning. Please forgive me, daddy. Come, lets go. Are you tensed?
Shall l get you some water? You go this side. Water bottle please.
– Rs. 12. lt’s him.
– Catch him. Stop him.
– Catch him. Are you blind? Leave me. Hey, leave me. Why did you hand him over
to the police? Police were after him.
So, l handed over to them. What was his fault? We had planned to get married. Since our parents didn’t agree,
we are going away. ls it wrong? Sir, l beg you.
– Get lost. Please leave Arun.
– Leave me. Look at her.
– She’s like soft butter chicken. Come with me. Leave me. Greetings. What are you doing
in the station now? What bothers you? She is my fiancee.
She eloped from her house. My aunt phoned & informed me.
l’m taking her home. But she said that
she fell in love with someone, and she has eloped
to marry him. What? You fell in love with someone
& eloped from the house! lf your aunt knows this,
she’ll have a heart attack. Come. Fall at her feet
& seek her forgiveness. No. First you’ll fold your sleeves. You won’t remove your shoes. You’ll say that you don’t
know to fight. After that, you’ll beat us
black & blue. l’ll tell you the truth. She fell in love with
J.P.’s son Arun. She is very talented. Take a sip of tea. Since the girl is beautiful,
we’ve planned to rape & kill her. Shall l proceed? Boys, take them out. Bye. A wonderful chance.
But we missed it. Greetings sir. Who are you? l handed a boy to you in the
railway station 30 mins. back. Where is he? lt’s you. He’s son of J.P. We handed him to J.P. then itself. You’ve safely handed a 25 yr.
old boy to his father. But left a 19 yr. old girl
stranded on the road. Superb sir. Speaking logics! Do you know what will happen
to her if J.P. files a case? l’ll find that out from J.P. itself.
Bye. Sir…
– Where is J.P.? He is out of station.
– And his son…? Both of them are out of station. When will they come back?
– l don’t know. Sleep.
– Okay sir. Look, l very well know
where J.P. will be. You don’t worry. l’ll hand over Arun to you. Okay…? Listen to me. l’ll drop you in your house. You parents will also be
worried about you. They won’t tell you anything. Stop. Though you don’t feel ashamed
to come back home, l feel ashamed to be your father. Just a minute…
– You’re no way related to this. l won’t allow this nonsense
into my house again. l wanted you to be a great singer. But you have broke my heart.
Get lost. l’ve 2 more daughters.
l must perform their marriage. Get lost from here. Come. Come in. Hanumanthu, get up. We are bachelors.
So, friends do come here & enjoy. lt’s alright.
No problem. Come. Shut up. Please sit. Don’t feel sad for your
father’s words. Any father will talk like that only. l’ll find out where Arun is. l know Arun’s father Jayaprakash
very well. When l was in teens,
l was also going after girls. But never fell in love, like you. l used them & left them. Why are you bowing
your head in shame? You’ve done it, now forget it. Now you’ve only choice,
forget about that girl. Go… JP? Please tell me sir. What happened to my job? Won’t it be done once
you entrust me a job? Wait for few days,
what about my contract? Meet me on 25 th. l’ll get the contract for you. Like a paddle to the boat and
a scorpion under the shoe, l’ll always be loyal to you. l don’t want your loyalty,
l want her death. Tell me just news
about her death. lt’ll be done sir…
wait…my man has returned. What happened? Tell me quickly,
JP sir is in the line. Job is done. Didn’t l say your
job will be done. Okay, bye. – Okay sir. l’m as happy as Chandrababu
giving Hi-Tech city to me. For the job done, JP is sanctioning
5 crore worth contract to us. l didn’t say share is finished,
l mean we are finished. What are you saying man? We almost killed her
near the station, Then? Venu entered and took her away,
our plans went haywire. How did Venu enter the scene? What to do sir? Like Earth revolving
around the sun, l’m also revolving around him. She must die today! There will be many problems, we must bring it to home, moreover the man she loves
is not an ordinary man, JP’s son, what if we face
problems from JP? First let me solve the problems
she’s facing because of me, later we’ll think about others.
Come. – Please listen friend. Go to Manmadha Rao’s shop and
bring clothes for Anu. – Okay. Why don’t you respond even
after abusing for half an hour? Not only height and hair,
your brain is also little. That’s why you experimenting
with these foolish designs. Rotten pumpkin face! lf you design anything
foolish like this again, l’ll design your death. Be careful. Get lost man, you need
a design for your face. Go to roadside tailors. Why is he blessing you? Nothing, he’s little mad. He came here to get his
wife’s blouse stitched, generally blouses are stitched
with back windows, for a variety l stitched it
with front windows. Everyone who had seen it
say it’s fantastic. He didn’t like it, so over reacting. Can you give that man’s address?
– Why? l’ll go to his house
in his absence. You don’t know about him, he’ll suck your entire blood. Creators like me have
to face these. Do you consider yourself
a great creator? Any doubt? – Yes. l can make an ordinary
shirt into a T-shirt. Make my shirt into a T-shirt. That’s all? Wait there. Don’t move. What’s this? This was ordinary shirt
earlier, wasn’t it? – Yes. Now it is a T-shirt. Never get smart with me,
l’ll finish you. Mind your work. Nothing, Venu has a girl guest, she needs few good dresses. She’s not in UKG but
studies in college. Not this type but long one. That type? Then select in that wing. Go. What’s the price? Price is… Sorry Kareena, l couldn’t attend
your sister Karishma’s marriage, please don’t take it serious. Didn’t she like the dress? Was it up to here,
lift it little up, Oh Mamma! Oops!
l’ll talk to you later. Swapna, look how beautiful
the fishes are. Shall l tell you why they
are so beautiful? Why?
– Because they are naked. Eat chicken and mutton,
you’re very thin. Won’t you leave any girl? Okay, pack them and bill it
to Venu’s account. Will he pay? – Venu will pay. Do one thing, take it like that. Go now. ls it true what your sister told me? She said your father is upset over
your eloping with your lover. lt’s true, but l want to
meet you immediately. Where are you now? l’m in the house of a port
contractor known as Venu. Okay, l’m coming now. l’m going to office. What girl? Where’s that Venu? He has ran away fearing me,
he’ll not save you anymore, come with me. l’ll show you heaven
and hell at a time. Hey Stop! Stop… She’s going away, go fast. Sruthi, go fast. Those rowdies
are chasing us. Go fast… Venu is following us,
can’t you watch behind? lf watch my behind
and drive, you’ll not live. Like the Red flag not
leaving West Bengal, l think Venu will never leave me. Turn the jeep. lf you don’t turn the
jeep immediately… What if l don’t? l’ll jump from running jeep.
– Do it. Turn to right immediately. No need to fear anymore,
we’ve raeched the home. What’s it Sruthi? Lawyer…you here…? This is my house. Just now a gas cylinder
came in with a girl. Gas cylinder? Like a cylinder wearing
T-shirt and pant. She’s not gas cylinder
but my daughter Sruthi. l didn’t know she
was your daughter. No problem, she just went
in with her friend. ls she inside? – Yes. Venu wants to undo the mistake
by getting me & Arun married. He’ll not try, he’ll do it. l now Venu from childhood. You needn’t be scared, come out. Sorry, l thought you were also one
of those rowdies following us. Now you know l’m not, don’t you? Very clearly. From today Anu will stay with me. Dear…one sec.. – Where? What? She has eloped with a lover
against parents wish, if she stays here, will our
daughter get married? Shut up! She’ll feel if she hears it. l’m not bothered if she feels,
she’ll not stay here, that’s it. Venu, please don’t mind it. My wife has a big mouth
but very small heart. l’ll manage her,
let Anu stay here. No sir, Anu will stay with me,
you know about JP, you’re a legal man and
he’s a illegal man. Anu is better of with me
in this situation. Bye. What’s your idea? Will you walk out if
my mother abuses you? How many times didn’t l get scolded
by your mother since childhood? Did l stop coming to your
house getting angry? What are you looking at? Nothing… Memories of my childhood are
returning looking at you both. We had a small stove, a large sized gas cylinder
in my neighbour’s place. So what? You both look like that. You mean…she’s stove and l’m… the cylinder. Are you calling me a cylinder? A festival is in progress there,
friends are waiting there for us, come let’s go. Priest, give me some more. Have it praying goddess. Mother! l never expected the drink to
be so tasty in the festival. For me. – For me too. Priest, a peg for me. Offering is fantastic! – Yes. A cigarette now will add fun to it. You know about my mother
very well, don’t you? Why are you pushing me? Women are standing before me.
Don’t you have manners? Can’t you understand
if l tell you once? Not to me but to them. Sorry sister. Get lost! Venu, tell me who are they,
We’ll finish them off. l’ve understood one thing Venu, a beautiful girl like me needs
a body guard like you? She’s not only fat but arrogant too. She must have the offering. Have you taken goddess’s offering? Taken it? Offering? Don’t you know?
Come l’ll take you. Venu, you’ll not stop
if you start once. Go man. You’ll fall if you drink so much. You just watch me. Oh god! l’m getting strange
feelings, my dear… Overcome with strange emotions… Oh Dear! You’ll feel like that only… Overcome with strange feelings… l feel cold in hot sun… My heart is skipping a beat… When you come cat walking stiff… l feel l’ll my honour today… Fall into difficult times… Arresting me with your looks… Don’t ruin my life… Don’t incite new desires in me… Why do you rake up
passions in me funnily? When you get heated up in pasion… where will your sari go flying? Eyes are drowsy… Legs are moving fast pace… l’m all fired up and taking chances… Softness in your youth… Firmness and shine in your youth… lt’s trapping me amd
making me go mad over it… Don’t totter lazily… Don’t jump in mischief… To lose yourself… Shaking your plait… Shaking your hips… Showing your youthful bounties… When you dance merrily, my dear… The town went gaga over you… Anu, l’m leaving to office. Can you please take me
to the temple? Temple? Okay, come let’s go. You’ll get peace. Dear… l thought she came
here to pray god, but l’ve understood you’re her god. lf not as your daughter, can’t you at least offer it
as to some unknown girl? l thought of making her
a great classical singer, the day she left my home, l’ve given up music
which was my lifeline. Lost my respect and honour. l’ve forgotten l’m her father. Come Anu. Greetings sir. Oh Venu! Please come in. How is your business going on? l’m not here to talk about business. Your son must live with this girl. l’m here to talk about it. Who is she? Anu, l’ll say just her name. lf you call your son,
he’ll introduce her better. What’s the connection
between her and my son? Lovers…your police brought him
when they were eloping in train, ls she that girl? They said a music
teacher’s daughter, so l had underestimated. l never expected
she’ll be so beautiful. lf you bring a girl from the street
and say she’s your daughter-in-law, will l accept her? l abused him wildly and
got really angry. He left home. He’s always like this, if he get’s angry on me,
he’ll vanish for six months. He’s taking six month time. You don’t worry sir, l’ll bring back your son
where ever he might be. Anyway you liked the girl,
l’ll get them married. lt’s enough if you come
and the bless them. l’ll give some more time, it’s okay if he comes on his
own and marries her, otherwise l’ll be forced to
show my power and style. You’ve made my honour go
to the dogs for this girl only. Venu has warned me, and
l remained mute like a fool. Greetings sir, you promised
contract after killing her, l’ve come for the contract. What’s this? Why are you giving
a dead girl’s photo? Do you want me to publish it
in news papers? lt’s your photo that has
to be published not hers. Lying to me about killing her? You can’t do anything
till she’s with Venu. lf Arun comes to know she was here, he’ll definitely try to run
away from here again. Give me one more chance,
l’ll kill her this time. lt’s impossilbe for you. Where can l find Durga now? Why do l find 10 kgs short in sulphur? lt’s hot, it might hav got
evaporated in heat. What was your weight
when you joined me? 60 kgs brother. Now? – 70 kgs. How did put on weight? l’m eating your salt, brother. Not just salt you’ve eaten teak,
sugar even sulphur too. Borther! Get up man! Please spare me brother,
l’ll never do this again. His ashes will be around 10 kgs,
mix it with the sulphur. Account will tally. – Okay brother. Greetings sir. – Greetings. Take his son in. – Come in sir. You don’t worry sir. When he’s with me he’s
safe like in a mosque. l’ll take care of him. He’s not the only one
you’ve to take care, take care her too. l’ll be out of station for 2 days. l’m going to Malaysia. Send 20 of your men. Why to send 20 men
to kill a woman sir? There’s man behind that woman. ls your lucky number 3?
You are always moody. Hey stop! What are you thinking? ls it about Arun? He’ll come definitely, don’t worry
about the 6 months his father said. That’s a lie. Let him hide Arun anywhere,
l’ll find him for you. But on one condition, you mustn’t be moody,
always keep smiling, your smile gives me energy. lf you don’t smile,
it’s allergy for me. What? Didn’t go to sleep yet? l’m on way… Did you eat food? l’m not hungry. Aren’t you hungry or
did they finish everything? No not like that… You’re hesitating. l’ll make few good dosas for you. Run out of gas. You do one thing, there’s a
pickle bottle, come with it. l’ll make dosas for you, come. Anu, come! lt’s ready. Making dosa on hot iron? Good!- You want more? Enough…thanks. l must thank you, if you’d said they’re small & want more
l would’ve spent all night making dosas. Who ever marries you
is really a lucky girl. Anu, you look great smiling.
Keep smiling always. May be Arun would’ve
fallen for your smile. We’ll call you. Did you also come to
attend the interview? – No. l came here for my daddy. Just now your daddy went out. There’s another interview,
l’ll finish it, please be seated. Greetings sir. – Greetings. l struggled a lot from
my childhood sir, please be merciful and
offer me this job. l don’t have anyone,
l’m an orphan. Orphan is not a qualification
like MCA amd MBA, anyone will show mercy
if you say l’m an orphan, they’ll not offer job, god has given you hands,
legs and brain to work. Use them. Never tell about
your difficulties to others. Work your way to top,
now get out. Sruthi! Where are you?
lnterview is over. l took your chain for fun,
now that we are friends, take it. Come let’s go to your father. Now we are friends,
if we still get closer… Why do you feel shy
after coming here? When the love bug has bitten you,
no need to fear it anymore… No more stopping after
coming up to here… Once drowned, you needn’t
worry about the bank… No need of wealth
when you don’t spend it… No need of beauty
when you can’t enjoy it… O my dear, bribe your
way to the bed… O my dear,
play the game of love… You wanted to remove
a speck from your eyes… then you wanted to
pinch your cheeks… You said you can’t hold
back after that… kissed and squeezed
my chubby cheeks… Reaching your neck
from your lips… After playing with your
chain for some time… Slipping on to my heart… Stealing the secret… Not to miss an oppurtunity,
if you cross limits and take liberty… O my dear, a moment of
pleasure passes away… O my dear, with your love play
the cot gives away… You wanted me to remove
a thorn from your feet… After that you wanted me
to touch your anklets… You didn’t stop with
touching the anklets… You climbed up from it
holding my sari end… After getting struck between
the sari folds… Finding myself all at sea there… Dusting you off my sari… Catching you from falling down… Draping you as my sari… lf l make you my life partner…. O my dear, my madness
for you grows with it… O my dear, with this
it’s curtains down… Well said. Your turn only, don’t worry
l’ll drop a card. You drop a card. Who is he? l’ve seen your cards. l’ve also seen your cards
but l’ll not drop the game. lf you see my cards l’ll kill you. Very good!
l want that card only. Why are you tearing it? You want my love…
l’ll kill you. Oh No! This isn’t our home! Hey Kamalhasan! Come in. Finding you putting a motif,
l thought l entered wrong house. How did you get
this great idea? What’s so great in it? Women have to put designs
in the forecourt… Men must gulp down pegs! Don’t take it easy.
Putting designs is very difficult. Okay, it’s great and Anu is much
greater for designing it. Why are you taunting Anu? l’m not taunting her but showing
her how to put designs. Let me see how you do it. You’ll break your back and
take bed rest for a week. After hearing this we mustn’t
take it easily, we must do it and show them. Take this. Look, don’t underestimate him. l’ve not yet finished it. Go man! Nothing…l want to know who
started this design making. We women! Looking at the stars,
anyway it’s impossible to join them, they drew the stars on the
ground and joined them. They ended up as designs. Now what do you say? This will look more beautiful
on Katrina Kaif’s dress. l like man who can put designs,
because l can’t do it. But women who can’t put designs… You like them? l hate them. l wanted to know the brand… Why are you bothered
about the brand? But the girl is firebrand! l’m thinking of changing this set up. What’s this? You just
started with Rathalu… Bloody fool! You’ve grown
tall like light house, but absolutely no brain. You couldn’t get that girl from Venu, you made me a fool before JP, no use in depending on you,
l’ll enter the arena myself. l’ll chew that Venu like chilly fry. We both look very ordinary, but very hot and spicy to eat. lf you eat chilly in jealous,
it’ll burn your stomach. Eat! You said you’ll chew him up!
Come on go ahead and bite. Where are you running away man? You’l beat me if l stay here, so… lf you know l’ll beat, you should
be knowing the reason for it also. Okay, l’ll not beat you. l’ll offer
a chilly fry, tell me the truth. l’ll tell brother, Simhachalam told to wait outside
your home and kill Anu. You’ve told the truth
for a chilly fry, lf he had beat him, he would’ve
planted a bomb in your pocket. Actually l came here to know
Arun’s whereabouts. But he told me a different thing. That means you’re
still trying to kill Anu. lf you interfere in Anu’s life again, your name will vanish
from Vizag voter’s list, you’ll float in the backwaters! l’m giving you one day’s time,
tell me Arun’s whereabouts. l know about you. l don’t know about you and
l don’t want to know also. JP’s son’s lover is with you, you are in way
connected to her, Handover her to me. Are you JP’s henchman? You too have no connection
with that girl, go away. How do l look like to you? Apply oil to your hair,
have a neat shave. Then you’ll be visible. Are you going overboard
because it’s your area? l’ll come to your area, your den
putting my feet on your chest, l’ll talk to you like this. l think you don’t know
my style and strength. l know how bring her to me. Release her or else both
will die brutally. Don’t forget, l’m Durga! Go man! You don’t know about me. Showing off too much! l’ll show you my real self. Who are you? Where are your parents? Leave me. Who are you? What’s this injustice? Dear… Mother! Mother! Where is your daughter? l don’t know. You shouldn’t say like that. You must say she’s with Venu. We don’t have any
relationship with her. No relationship? You’ll not say… lsn’t she telling you?
Can’t you understand? Father! What does he think of himself?
Getting angry on me. Am l his student? Arun is in my custody only. Tell Venu to come to me
with your daughter. lf he doesn’t come,
l’ll kill your entire family. Dear…. Father…father…
– Dear…say something. Mother…sister. Mother…mother. How is father? Doctors say he
had a paralysis attack. Durga came for you and created
a havoc in the house. He beat your father to bleed. He has warned to handover
you by tomorrow. JP’s son Arun is in his custody. l don’t know how you do it, you marry the man you love, your father may forgive you then. Come man! l knew… you’ll react if l beat
up her parents. l knew you’ll handover her to me. Your crooked way
of looking is okay, it’s a curse of god. Your crooked mind is not okay. l’m not here to leave Anu with you, but take Arun with me. Will you take Arun from me
walking into my area? lf you bring Arun yourself,
you’ll stay alive, if l take him myself, none of you
will be left alive including you. Come Come, your head will roll down. What did l tell you? Didn’t l tell l’ll come to your area and
putting my leg on your chest, and talk to you. Remember that? What did you say? Sruthi, come! Did you bring the clothes?
– Yes. Everything is ready. You go change the dress quickly.
– Go fast… go… Priest, is everything okay,
you want anything else? Everything is here. lt’s very thrilling for me. – Why? Come sir, you’ve come
at the right time. Please bless your son
and daughter-in-law. Didn’t l tell you l’ll find your son
wherever he might be hidden. Accepting defeat is
a great man’s character. That’s why you’ve
become a great man. Come and bless them. What’s this? Will you marry a girl
from the street? Are you really my son? Mr. JP, please stop! This is a matter between
me and my son. You’re an orphan, how can you know
the value of a father? Police brought you from
the railway station. Where did she stay all these days? Venu’s house.- No, with Venu. She slept in the
same house with him. That’s why he’s getting you both
married hurridly in a temple. JP, don’t accuse Anu unnecessarily. lf l say anything on her,
you must be getting angry, but why is he getting enraged? Do you want my son
for your dirty face? You lived with this man all these
days leaving your parents. lsn’t it enough? Why are you still looking on? Shall we take her home
as the daughter-in-law? Or will you come with me
breaking this marriage? Come man! Don’t believe your father’s words. Please don’t belie Anu’s hopes,
who left her parents for you. Accept your defeat,
you’ll become a great man! Anu, open the door! What’re you doing? Open the door! Don’t think about
what had happened. Where did you find this
third rate cheap face? How did you fall in love
with that fool? You’ll know the day
you too fall in love. l didn’t fall in love with
a third rate man like her. My lover is first rate! Arun is also not a cheap man! A university captain
who won the gold cup. But afraid of father,
so he went away. He’ll come back knowing
his mistake. Till then wait for him,
forget the incident. lf you can’t forget it, take 2
sleeping pills and go to sleep. Why are you shocked? Even l do the same
when l don’t get sleep. What’s this half bottle of
sleeping pills is empty? Did you take half of it? lf you really had taken,
you should be sleeping by now. You wanted to mix it in water,
drink it and die. Shall we test if it can
take a life or not? lf you had really died, JP’s accusation would
have become true. Falling in love, failing in love,
life doesn’t stop with it. You are not an orphan like me, everyone has problems,
l too have many, if death is the only solution to it, do you know how many times
l should have died by now? lf you want swim against the tide, first believe in yourself, Arun who went away leaving you
must come back for you, your father who has disowned you, must accept you as his
daughter with pride. You must become a role
model to jilted lovers. lf this has to happen,
you must come good in life, join music college again, make people to accept as the
best singer in this country. l’m with you. Sir…have coffee. l’ll not have.
Who are you to order me? l forgot. He’s a man of
reverse gear. Sorry sir, you don’t drink
coffee, do you sir? Who said that? You are Principal, aren’t you? Shouldn’t a Principal drink coffee? l’ll drink everything, coffee, tea,
beer, brandy, whisky…etc., Go and tell anyone, l’m least
bothered about it. The route l’ve taken is bad,
l’ll follow his route. ls having more wealth happiness? Okay, sing a song
after having coffee, my leave letter is on your table, l must go to attend
my sister’s marriage, please don’t sanction leave to me. l’ll sanction leave to you, you are going to attend
your sister’s marriage. lt’s okay if you grant me leave, but if you give your Rayban glasses,
gold chain, ring…etc., and force me to go to
the marriage, l’ll not go. Please come again. Your rayban glass, your neck chain…
– You were right! …car key…your
watch…your bracelet… You are going to the marriage
with these things. Don’t you like me getting
good name in the society? What a nice man! He gave eveything
he had for the marriage. Won’t he feel bad if
l don’t invite him? Principal, you must come
to my sister’s marriage. Taunting me? Do l look like fool to come
if you invite me? l’m the Principal. You took my car, my money,
my jewels, how do you expect me
to come without these? Return everything to me. Take out…cash…chain
…watch…bracelet. l’ll take leave now sir. No way, l’m cancelling your leave. Go out. – l spoiled
everything myself. You won’t like people
wishing you ”good morning”. l’ll greet & stand. Saying ”good morning” is right.
Say good morning & sit. Greetings sir. Sit down. Yes, what can l do for you? Her voice is not at all good. But she wants to learn music. l didn’t agree
but she is not listening to me. Who are you to disagree? Her voice is as sweet as cuckoo. When did you listen to her voice? She greeted me a while ago. l heard the 7 notes of music. But still, don’t admit her
in your college. l’ll admit her. lf you say so, l’ll also agree.
She will join from tomorrow. Who are you to say that? l’ll admit her today itself. l’ll pay the fees & come. Did l ask you to pay the fees? l don’t even need a penny. Just go. What’s this, everyone is
trying to spoil my name. Do l look like a fool to you all? Enough of your thanks. But don’t phone me to pick you up
after college gets over. Who are you to tell me
not to phone you? l’ll phone you.
And you will pick me up. Anu has joined this college
just like the second release movie. l could not sing that song. His first mistake was
that he stood against me. By conducting my son’s marriage
he did the 2nd mistake. By giving her shelter,
he did the 3rd mistake. lf we leave him freely, he’ll commit 4th mistake by
making my son live with her. To stop him from following
my son, we must do something. You decide what to do. Take Arun to him.
– Have you gone mad? Won’t Arun beat him? No, Arun won’t beat him. He’ll ask him to live with her. By this time,
my men would’ve killed him. Will this plan work out? What Durga said is right. l’ll send Arun to port.
Finish Venu there. But my name should not
be involved in this. lf Venu knows about our plan…? How will he know?
Who will tell him? Who will tell him?
First lock him up. Arun, l want to talk to you. Stop. Arun, listen to me. Stop. Go. What happened to you, Venu? Oh my god! Blood!- lt’s nothing. Excuse me!
l’ll call for a doctor. What happened?
Tell me. What are you doing?
– You keep quiet. You keep quiet.
– Why are you getting so tensed? l’m fine.
l’ve got hurt many times like this. There is one here, one there…
l’m used to them. My body is made up of Vizag streel.
What do you say? Sruthi, l’m hungry.
Get me something to eat. l’m hungry.
– Okay. lt’s paining… Then why did you act infront of her? Let me sleep before they come.
Move. Apples for you. l don’t want apples.
l’m not hungry. Just now you said you were hungry.
– l’m not hungry. He’s not here.
Where else has he gone? Asking sorry after
falling on me? Where has he gone? Say sorry again. He’s not here. Don’t you have any other job? Whether it is Nuzvid or New Zealand,
taste of kiss will remain same… Whether it is outside or bedroom,
pleasure of union will be same… Whether they stop or love,
love will remain love… will the madness of love come down? Will the intensity of youth go down? Whether your right eye winks
or your left eye winks… can it change the desire of the eyes? Whether you serve it
on a leaf or in a plate… Can the food’s taste change? Even if the city changes
will the force change? Even if the outfit changes,
will the relationship change? Cell changes, you change
and girl’s body changes… will the tinkling soung
of anklets change? will the coolness of in the
love of two lovers change? Whether you wipe it
with cloth or towel… will it fulfill the desires
of a young girl? Whether it’s a fight or s kiss… will it reduce the agony
of passionate nights? Will the desire get satiated even
on giving my beauty? Will the pain be reduced
even it is shared? Looks and kicks are different,
as many times so much happiness. Will you ever get bored
of love making? Will you get bored of
the nail scratches? Sir, don’t forget to get me a
watch while coming from Malaysia. Okay, l’ll get you one. Don’t go to Malaysia
by believing your father’s words. Your father is playing a big game. Talk to Anu once.
You’ll understand everything. Arun, l’m telling the truth. Please listen to me. What are you going to say? Unable to see your illegal relation
with her, l’m leaving lndia. l know very well about her. You’ve misunderstood. She not only cheated her parents, she also cheated me
& is now living with you. Arun, Anu is not that kind of a girl.
Please listen to me, Arun. Leave me.
– Anu is not that kind of a girl. Where will you go without
the passport? Actually, l lost my passport.
– Passport is compulsory. Ticket is confirmed. – But still you
need a passport compulsorily. Go. You can get another passport
if it got lost. But how to get rid of Venu? As long as she has the auspicious
thread which he had tied, Venu will be after him. Wonderful idea! lf we cut the auspicious thread
without anyone’s knowledge….? Cutting the auspicious thread
is like killing me. That auspicious thread
has no value. l’ve fixed the alliance
with Minister Rao’s daughter. l’ll conduct his marriage again. After that l’ll finish Venu. Where are you Anu? Boys, lets make fun of him. He is searching for someone.
Who will that be? That girl…
Arun’s lover. She was staying with him. May be, she has eloped with
someone else. He was having her all these days. He could have handed her over to us
if he got bored. We don’t want her for free.
We’ll pay him money. Why are you staring at us? Fight with us if you have the guts. We’ll insult you.
Where are you going? Venu, why are you fighting with them? Come, lets go. Where did you go?
Why did you go? Can’t you inform me while going out.
Do you’ve any sense? lf they had harmed you…? Anu…stop. What did l say?
You have packed you lugguage… lf you got hurt,
l’m very sorry. You don’t have to leave. l’m not leaving the house.
These clothes are for washing. Why are you doing all this?
You’ve exams. Come on, practice. l’ll do that work. Go… Why did you stop? lt’s raining outside.
– So what? Come l’ll teach you a game.
– What is it? Come.
– What game? Games in the rain? Whenever it rains,
l & my sister used to play a game. What game? We must pass through them
without a drop falling on you. Come on, do it once.
– Okay. Look, l’ve won. How can it be a victory
when you’re the only competitor? Two people must play.
One must lose. Only then you win. Then you play.
We’ll see. Me..? Okay. Have l won? Win…?
There is water here. Power cut.
Let’s light a candle. Be careful. lt’s slippery.
– Okay. Where are you Anu?
– l’m upstairs. What are you doing upstairs?
ls it raining? No, it has come down. Come here. Anu, is this another game? What all this, Anu?
– lt’s your birthday. l don’t know when is my birthday.
How did you know that? l knew this 15 days back
after few inquiries. l didn’t tell you
because l want to surprize you. My gift for you. What is this?
– See for yourself. A man leading a solitary life
has got a new friend. Though l’ve many relations,
you’re the closest one. You’re showing affection
which l never knew. We’re sharing affection
which will last for ages. A breath said to another breath, A heart said to another heart, The answer said to the question,
that l’m there for you. l’m there for you
& nothing will happen to you. And l’ll change the fate. Light said to the darkness
that l’m there for you. Victory said to the defeat
that l’m there for you. l’m there for you
& nothing will happen to you. And l’ll change the fate. l’m already late to exams
and this rascal… The other day,
when l expressed my love, you slapped me
infront of my friends. Today, infront of the same old
friends, you’ve to kiss me. Raghu, l’ve to attend the exams. lf you want to attend the exams,
you must kiss me first. Kiss me… lf Venu comes to know this,
he won’t spare you. He’ll kill you. Venu…? Who is he?
ls he a hero…? Call him…
ask him to come here. How dare you hit me?
You don’t know about me. Do you know how influencial l’m? How influencial..?
Phone them. Take it. l’ll be here till they come. Brother… Who hit him? Did that idiot hit you?
– No. The boy wearing the stripe shirt?
– No. The boy with curly hair?
– No. The boy with ugly mouth?
– No. Aren’t you ashamed to
get beaten up by that eunuch? lt is not him.
The one sitting in the chair, it’s him. You mean him…?
– Yes. Do you know who he is? Greetings sir. lt’s been very long since we met.
You’re seen rarely. lt is just a wrong information. He has no brain.
Beat him… kill him. lf you don’t,
tell me, l’ll do it. Do you know about him? The matter has been solved
before he could fold his sleeves. Or else, you would’ve been admitted
in some hospital by now. Seek his forgivess
& greet him. Go & greet him. Sorry sir.
l was wrong. No need to greet me. First learn good manners. Since Anu is alone
& has failed in life, don’t try to tease her. Though she is not with
her parents, l’m there for Anu. l’m there for her. Why have you organised a party
all of a sudden? lnfact, even l don’t know about this. Only yesterday, my wife returned from
Bombay & told me about this. To introduce you all to her,
l’ve organized this gathering. Where were you saying? My close friend. She is not his wife.
She is his friend. You call everyone his wife…! She’s not wife. Where did you get him? He stitched a perfect
jacket for me. That’s it.
We fell in love. What is she saying? She is a big model in Mumbai. ln the lndian dress competition, no one was able to stitch
a perfect jacket. Manmadha Rao stitched it. lt was a perfect fit for her. And she married him. So, you’re not the designer. You were bluffing. Actually, my wife is the designer. l’m only a tailor. Then, you’re not living together
in Mumbai. Do you know Chota Shakeel,
brother of Dawood lbrahim?- Yes. He called me once & asked
me to stitch a first class suit. With my intelligence l stitched
a Kurta instead of a suit. He is searching for me
all over Bombay. l got scared, escaped from there
& came to Vizag. So, you’re staying alone
in Mumbai. What bothers you? Do we have to discuss
such matters now? Venu likes milk sweet very much. Then, give it to Venu. l said he like it
but l didn’t say l’ll give him. Venu, milk sweet for you. How did you know l like
milk sweet very much? l know it. Who are they? Manmadharao’s friends. Manmadharao’s wife is
very beautiful. lt won’t be nice
if he hears you. Nothing wrong in discussing
about it. l heard you talking about
something wrong. Don’t feel shy.
Ask anything you want. Nothing. What is your wife’s name? Why aren’t you allowing him to talk? Talk. l told you before.
Don’t you remember.- l forgot. Why is he gesturing like this?
– lt is a disease. My wife’s name is
Malaika Chopra. Malaika…
– Chopra. How does it sound?
– Wonderful. Do you have cigarettes? Cigarette…? O yes.
– Give me. Match box… Stop it man… Will you give anything
he asks for? l’m the principal speaking. Anu has been selected
for Nightingale of lndia Competion. Really…?
Okay. Thank you. Listen everyone. Anu has been selected for Nightingale
of lndia Competition from Vizag. l heard that you’ve
left German company tender. Financers agreed to give you finance
only because you got that tender. How will the financer trust you
in future? He is going to take Anu
to Hyderabad. To him, concert is more important
than contract. You please shut up. Contracters like me
will get many oppurtunities. But for Anu, such an
oppurtunity comes only once. You know that l’ve come up
from the scrap. l can again come up in life
from the scrap. Because those l’ve climbed those
steps before. You served us very well.
What’s your name? My name is Tip Sundaram. l’m very frank & open. Will you stop scratching her? l’ll serve you anything you want. l’ll get what l want openly. Why Rs 10?
– lt is a tip. Rs. 10?
l never take tip less than Rs. 100. You must take what we give you.
You shouldn’t demand. Have you been to Tirupathi?
– Yes. Have you put money in the
charity box?- Yes. Why did you put money in it? Because god fulfilled
our wishes. This is very simillar to that.
Give me Rs. 100 as tip. How can they be simillar? Why won’t it be? l fulfilled all your wishes. You asked for coffee.
– l served you. You asked for tea.
– l served you. You asked for a roast.
– l served you. l was never idle, was l? So, give me. Take it.
You’re very strange. Thanks sir.
– Go man. Putting money in Tirupathi
& giving me tips is the same. Now you can scratch her. Why are you so dull?
– l’m angry with you. Why? To accompany with me to
Hyderabad, l heard that you left
a big contract. Sruthi told me. That’s nothing. l don’t mind losing
the contract. This competition is a rare one. You must sing
& bag the first prize. What are you still thinking about? Stop thinking. You become a great singer & l’ll
take the contract amount from you. Go… l think it is a family problem… Keep that bag there. l’m frank & open. Are you staying in 2 separate
rooms because any fight? No. We are good friends. Stop smiling. She has come to participate
in Nightingale of lndia competition. She is a very good singer. Keep that bag there. Do you want me to convince her? l’ll slap you
if you talk more. Give me 100.
– 100…? l mean tip. Very strange. Take this…this too. Did you call me?
– Yes. How can l be your friend? ln this world,
everyone is my friend. From servant to Prime minister,
all are my friends. lnteresting sir. Remove that. Remove what? l don’t like to be
addressed as Sir. Call me idiot, stupid & so on. Call me ”Hey” once.
– l can’t. Then, l will go away. Hey stop.
Don’t go. That’s good. You’ve addressed
me properly. You idiot! Go & get me 2 large
scotch whisky. Okay stupid.
– That’s good. Hey, do you want anything more? The way you address me
sounds so good. l don’t want anything, you idiot. The liquor in this hotel
is very good, you stupid. Hey, thanks. You idiot!
Bring me hot water, stupid. Okay. That’s right. He is insisting that
he wants to pay the bill. Are you paying him
huge salary? Tips he gets is more
than his salary. So, he is adamant. So, that is the reason
why he is ready to pay the bill. Very stingy! He never spends for anyone. But he is spending so much for you. l can understand your
how strong your friendship is. lt is strong as cement. Do you know how much l had
spent for him before he got a job? Take the bill. Leave the bill. Anyway he is going to pay. You take the tip this time. Where has he gone? He left. What about the bill? He said that you’re going
to pay for the bill. He said that you both
are close friends. Friend…?
l met him only now. lf you had met him only now, how could you abuse him
idiot, stupid & so on. He deliberately wanted me
to abuse him. Don’t say that he isn’t your friend
just for the sake of the bill? His bill amount & my tip
will be deducted from your salary. ln the premilinary rounds, you’ve been watching the participants
singing with lot of enthusiasm. Among these contestants, we’ll know about those who
have been selected for the semi’s in a few moments. Greetings sir.
– Greetings. Where is that idiot?
– He is in the next shift. l’ve a small doubt. Sit.
– lt’s alright. What’s your doubt? Sundaram is 25 yrs. old. You are 50 yrs. old. Around 50 yrs. old. How did you became friends? What is 25 + 25?
– 50. What is 50 – 25?
– 25. What is 25- 25?
– 0. That is our friendship. l didn’t understand your calculation. Do one thing. Deduct this bill amount from his salary.
The accounts will become equal. l’m drunk. Why are you confused? lt’s very strange. How could he understand
when l myself didn’t understand? Greetings sir.
– Greetings. What a great friendship! You never used to spend from
your pocket. But you’re spending so much
for him. Spend…?
– Your friend was here. He drank & left. Did he come again?
– Yes. He said that you’ll pay the bill. How much?
– Just Rs. 1000. Shit!
He is not at all my friend. Don’t think l don’t know. What is 50 – 25?
– 25. What is 25 + 25?
– 50. What is 25 – 25?
– Don’t l know that. Zero. He also said the same thing. But you say that you’re
not his friend. You don’t worry. l’ll deduct his
bill amount from your salary. Venu, it’s Anu. Why have you called me at this hour? l’ve cold & soar throat. l’m scared that l may
not be able to sing tomorrow. l’m coming. Anu, open the door.
lt’s me. Venu, what’s all this?
– Medicine for cold is ready. All these are for you. All the waiters are sleeping. So, l brought it myself. Drink milk. Milk with pepper. ls it very strong? There is lot more. Come. Breathe herbal vapours. Cold will disappear
if you breathe once. Come on. You’ll be fine,
do it again. lf you inhale it,
you’ll know the difficulty. Will you inhale it
if l inhale? Come. lnhale. lnhale. lt’s enough. ls your throat okay? By morning, your voice will be alright. Cover yourself with
a bedsheet & sleep. Have you both compromised? No. She is having cold.
l made her to inhale herbal vapours. Then, why are you sweating? Don’t mistake me.
l’m frank & open. How is your throat? Fully gone…? Oh my god!
l’ll bring a doctor. Your salary Rs. 3000.
Take it. Where is that idiot? He has not yet come to duty? Tension is killing me. Why hasn’t he come for the duty? Are you on an important matter?
You look tensed. Yes. l’m tensed. l must go to Kukatpalli immediately. He promised to give me
Rs. 3000 & asked me to come here. But where is he? You don’t get tensed. l’ll give you Rs.3000. l’ll deduct this from his salary. No thanks.
– lt’s alright. Carry on with your work. Go to Kukatpalli, finish all your work
& then come. Remove that.
– Remove what? l don’t like to be addressed
as sir & so on. From today, we are best friends. Call me ”Hey” once. lt won’t look nice.
– Won’t you say? Take your money back.
l don’t want it. Take it you idiot! That’s good. Now, l like you very much, you stupid. Stupid!… Give this slip to him.
Don’t forget, you stupid. As you say. You’re kind of idiots!
– As you say, you king of stupids. King of idiots! Sundaram, your friend came now. Did he come again? Did he drink? No, he didn’t. Did he eat?
– No. Did you take any parcel? No parcels & no bills. Thank god! l’m getting tensed
if l know that he has come. After deducting the bills
from my salary, if you give me the remaining salary, l’ll take my girlfriend to ”BOYS” movie. What is this?
– Read it. You idiot!
l took Rs.3000 from your manager. You give it to him, idiot. Oh no!
Did you give him Rs. 3000? After deducting his bills,
this is your salary. l’ve never taken a low
salary like this. That idiot is not my friend. That idiot is now my friend. My name is Tip Sundaram. l’m frank & open. My name is Simhachalam Naidu. l’m a big rowdy in Vizag. l also commit murders openly. What do you want, sir? Blood.
– Which group? Blood means Red Label. What else do you have
for munching? What do you want? You said you’ve an open heart. Chop it into pieces & bring it…. Anu, you go.
l’ll be back in a moment. l thought scotch won’t suit you. So, it is for him.
lt goes very well. Drink. Anyway you’re going to beat me
after drinking. The entire kick will go down.
lt’s a waste. You drink. Why would l beat you for nothing? Don’t l have any other job? You won’t leave me
if l make any mistake. What was your mistake? You want to unite Arun & Anu. But JP has arranged his son’s
engagement with another girl. Will you come aside
or shall we discuss in public? Will you say engagement is
cancelled or want me to say? Will you unite Arun & Anu
or do you want me to unite them? Are you talking knowing my power? lf you don’t go out,
l’ll crush you. l’ll go. l’ll take your son with me. lf anyone tries to stop me,
l’ll bury him. Look, he is already married. He is prepared to ditch that girl
& marry your daughter. Don’t spoil your daughter’s life. What’s all this? ls he telling the truth? Why didn’t you tell me
about this before? Who is that girl? They won’t tell you.
lt is me. Do you want Venu to
convince you? Does he have to take my burden
for the mistake you had committed? Why should he unite us? You said you truely love me. lf l don’t marry you,
you said you’ll die. You were after me like a dog. l believed you
& ditched my family. After marrying me, you went after
your father wagging your tail. From that day onwards, l was holding this auspicious thread
in my hands. lt is not because
it would fall. l waiting for the day to
snap it myself. lnstead of being a wife of a coward
like you, it is better to be Venu’s servant. lf your son was a rogue,
you should’ve brought him under control. But you are trying to
conduct second marriage. From this l can understand
how good your family values are. l’ve lost my honour. l’ll leave before my daughter’s
life get ruined. Mr. Rao, what happened is… Let’s go. Only now, l’ve understood
everything clearly. l’m frank & open. You’re a worst fellow. How did he come here? He didn’t come. We came here searching for him. Why did she come here? He brought her here
for singing competition. Tomorrow is the final. lt’s me Lakshmi. My sister’s programme
will be telecast on T.V. now. l’m scared whether our father will allow
us to watch the programme or not. You want to watch that programme,
right? You come here
& do something. Leave it to me.
l’m coming. Come. Do you have power in your house?
– Yes. Thank god!
Switch on the T.V. quickly. What is it? Sister’s programme is being
telecast on T.V. Her voice shouldn’t be heard
in this house. You lie down. Sorry uncle. l’ve come to your house because
there is a power cut in our area. lf l don’t see her programme, she’ll ask me about the programme
as soon as she comes here. How can l tell her that
l didn’t watch her programme? Though you’re not interested to listen
to her song, since l’m her best friend,
l want to listen to her song. l prayed to god that she must get the
1st prize, & uncle should praise her. Come Anu. ln this Nightingale of
lndia competition, out of the 2 finalists, we listened to the song sung
by Ms. Keerthana from Hyderabad. Now, we request Ms. Anu of Vizag
to come to the stage. Anu, you go. Ms. Anuradha, wherever you might be
please come to the dais. The breath which turns air
breeze into lilting music… The flute which turns silence
into a holy hymn… l want to be absorbed
into that breath… l want to be the silence
on the flute… Let me reach you, Madhava… Has the flute done a penance which
no great Sage in past knew it? ls it a boon of it’s past
life’s good deeds? Getting itself drilled with
wounds of holes… ls it considering it as a boon to produce
never ending wealth of music? lt reached you, Lord Krishna… Turned into the basic eight notes… How did a humble bamboo
found this treasure… of being in your divine hands? Hey Stop! Don’t run away! You must never again play
with another girl’s life. Unable to see your cool smile… won’t it plunge my world
into darkness? Without hearing your foot sounds… won’t my heart turn into despair
and totter in distress? You’re my motivator… You’re my beat… This is the time l’m dedicating
my heart to you… Radhika’s dedication
of her songs to you… they are flowers offered
at your holy feet in reverence… my medley of songs… Greetings madam. – Greetings. My name is Tip Sundaram.
l speak openly. l’ve understood one thing
ever since you came here, you’ve been cheated by
a man after marriage, Venu bashed him up and
taught him a lesson, he’s man, he’ll live as he wishes, what’s your future?
– Hey you… What’s this?- Keep this. Give me a tip about her future life. Think over it sir, she has told in public, she
wishes to be at your feet. Think once she may
be in love with you. Why did you stop the car? We’ve reached the airport sir.
– Really? Dear, read this diary. lt’s bad manners to
read other’s diary. This is our daughter’s diary! Even then it’s bad manners. You are becoming grumpy
as you grow old. What’s wrong in reading
our daughter’s diary? Read it. Has she abused you in it? No, she’s in love with Venu. Mad girl! She could’ve told us
instead of writing in diary. Okay, now that you know,
talk to Venu immediately. Anu, your family is here. Father! Congrats to you also Venu. Son, whom l didn’t consider
as daughter, You made me proud of being
Anu’s father. l gave her birth, brought her up
so l’m her father, but you made her famous though
you’ve no relationship with her. l can never forget
your help in my life. l’ve not done anything, whatever she had achieved
it was her own effort. That’s it. You went as my daughter but
came back as a goddess of music! Come dear, let’s go to home. Why’re you lost like going from
ln-law’s place to parents home? Come. Come sister.- Come… Dear, tell Venu about
our daughter’s love. They are discussing something. Aren’t you happy to go
home with your people? Call me at time if you need me. Okay? Why did you stop? Just to know if you had
forgotten anything to tell me. What have l forgotten? lsn’t there anything really? Yes there is.
– What is it? lf it rains don’t forget to play
in rain with your sister. You must win, okay? Dear! There’s something between them. Yes, a bag! Not the bag, but something
in the background. Yuck! You’ll never reform. Sister! We are very happy for your return, but why are you so sad? Tell me, why are you dull? l’ve a doubt, you’re more sad to leave Venu
than happy to be with us. Yes sister, you committed a blunder
by trusting a man in life. Are you in a dilemma to
trust another man or not? No. Venu is a god who made me
to restart life after a set back. l lived for sometime in his house, but he’s in my heart now. Can’t you tell this with Venu? Flower must wish to be
with god for a day only, it mustn’t wish to be with god
eternally like an ornament. Look how the windows are
moving in the breeze, your heart is also in
the same condition, if you want Venu open the
windows, or else close it. Think over it. Like moonlight in summers…
streams of water in rains… For whom this youth is destined? Like sun light in winter…
Like the harvest festival… For whom this beauty is destined? O Handsome man… O Cupid! One who lords over me… For you…for you…for you. ln your shy threshold…
leaving my mark of kiss… l present with you as
the fun riot continues… For you…for you…for you. The desire doesn’t want to remain
suppressed any more in the heart.. Though it showed up now and then… it never crossed the
boundary of decency… When a maiden makes a request… l’m always available…. Don’t suppress your natural
feelings into unheard music… l blossom in your presence only…. Shall l play mischief on your body? After the fun is over…
like a garland around your neck… l’m offering myself to you… For you…for you…for you. My tender beauty your
shyness hasn’t left you yet… You can’t carry off your beauty
without outside support… My arms are inviting you
my golden prince… Won’t l find liberation
in becoming your wife? l’ll leave the mark of kiss
on your tender lips… l’ll become the beauty
of your smile… ln sleep…in my kisses… l’ll come to you and force you
to cross the limits of decency… and flood you with my kisses… For you…for you…for you. Why are you hiding the diary? Your mother and l’ve
already read the diary. We are planning to talk with
Venu after informing you. No daddy. – Why? Anu too loves Venu. But you too love Venu, don’t you? Anu had been cheated once,
she needs Venu more than me. l’ve always made Anu happy
ever since my childhood. But this one is
the most important. Aunt, you?
When did you come aunt? Just now…l’m extremely
happy seeing you happy. l prayed to million gods
for your happy life. Where are your parents? They have gone to the temple. What’s your opinion about Venu? Nothing, he’s a good man,
l want to know your opinion. You can’t find a better man
than Venu in this world. Any girl will be happy after
marrying, won’t she? Not only happy, it’s her luck. Then my daughter is really lucky. What are you looking at?
Didn’t she tell you? Read this diary, it is Venu
all over the pages. She loves Venu madly. She has decide to remain unmarried
if Venu refuses her. Anu, you are a good friend
to my daughter and Venu, get them married, bye. lt’s long time since
we had a session. Venu, come and have round. What are you looking at?
Come quickly. …it’s long time since
we had a drink on the roof. l don’t want. Don’t you want? We’ll finish it. Put it there and
give me the bottle. Up…up…up… Pour it in a glass and drink man. Glass will make me throw up.
Bottle is the best for me. You’ll never come good in life. Ever since that lady
stepped in here, we lost our freedom, the moment l saw her face l knew
she’ll never go from here, But Venu brilliantly got rid of her. Venu is really intelligent! Get up! What’s Anu’s mistake?
Did she ever abused you? You know she is also a good
friend of mine like you all. Can’t you say this
without beating me? How can he say?
He loves her. Swear on our friendship and tell,
don’t you love Anu? l love her. But… lf you really like her,
why can’t you tell her directly? How can l? Anu considers me as a good friend. She got cheated by a man and
is recovering just now. l told her one love is not life,
one wave is not sea. How can l express my love to her? l know Anu from childhood, if you tell you love her,
she’ll never refuse your love. You gave back Anu what
she had lost in her life, give back her lost love also. She’ll be more happy. l know Anu loves you… Doctor…my son. There’s no guarantee that he’ll
come to normal condition. He has third degree burns
in the electric shock. Doctor, say something different. Tell me how many millions it’ll cost, tell me how man millions
you want as fees, tell me my son will get better, doctor. Please don’t get excited. You may be ready to spend millions, but he’s not in a condition
to recover. He has to remain like
a vegetable all his life. Why are you here to say this? What for this hospital is here? l’ll ruin you all. Leaving the one who had done it,
why are you after us? Will you ply to the temple?
– Yes, get in. Sister, come. Come! – Leave her.
– Sister! Come… Come… l beg of you, l’ll meet Venu only once,
tell him a thing and come back. What? Will you come back
after meeting him? l’ll definitely come back. Her story is fantastic
like cow and tiger story, What’s the story?
– l’ll tell you. Once upon a time a tiger was about
to eat a cow roaming in forest, cow said l’ll come back after
feeding my little calf, Did it come back?
– lt was cow so came back, she’s a woman,
may or may not come, anyway this story will
not match you, Durga.- Why? Because you’re cow in this
story and Venu is the tiger. Tiger has come. Sruthi, take Anu to
hospital immediately. Nothing will happen to your sister. Sleep without moving.
– Please don’t move. No…- Please don’t move.
No…l want to see Venu. You all go out. – Hold her firmly.
– Yes doctor. l must see Venu. What’s this sir? Patient is
not co-operating with us. Already there’s a heavy loss of blood. We must transfuse blood immediately, she insists on to meet Venu. l don’t want anything. Allow us to…
please co-operate with us. Or else your life is in danger. l must meet Venu. l thought, l’ll die before seeing you. Now l’m not scared to die. Don’t say like that Anu,
you must live, you must live for me, l’ll become an orphan
again if you die. You must live… An orphan has found a life partner… Though l had everyone,
you became my close friend… You’re showering a lifetime’s
love in a short period… You’re making this relationship
to last for eternity… Breath to breath… Heart to heart… Answered a question with a reply,
l’m there for you… l’m there for you…
Nothing will happen to you… l’ll change the fate… Light told the darkness,
l’m there for you… Victory told the defeat,
l’m there for you… l’m there for you…
Nothing will happen to you… l’ll change the dead past
with bright future…

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