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Nenu US Velthunnanoch| Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Passport, please. Jaythri Makana, right?
So, tell me, why do you want to go to the US? Jaythri, what are you doing?
– I’m playing. – See what I got for you. How is the chocolate?
– It is so good. Can I get another one? That was the only chocolate I had.
– Then let’s go and buy more. – It is an American chocolate. Then, let’s go to America.
– After growing up, go to the US and buy these many chocolates. Shobhan.. – ‘Why didn’t you come to work today?’
– Like I told you, I ran errands for my visa. ‘What about me if you leave for the US?’
– I’ve always told you I’ll leave for the US. ‘I pray to God that you don’t get the visa approved.’
– Whatever. I’ll talk to you later. Jaythri, remember him? He is my colleague.
– Yes, I remember. How are you? I’m good. How is your job? – It’s good.
– So, when are you getting her married? – This coming year. No, dad. I’ll be leaving for the US.
– US? – What do you mean? I want to do MS in the US. I want to achieve
something big in life. So, I’ll be applying for the visa too. What for? Be happy working here. Also, don’t forget
that we aren’t well off enough to send you to the US. I’m currently working only to earn enough
to leave for the US. This is my dream, so I’ll bear all costs. I’ll leave now, bro. Jaythri, we don’t want you to go to the US.
– Dad, please! I can understand your apprehensions You know this has been my childhood dream.
– Oh, no! Your mom never even stepped out of kitchen
and you want to step out of the country? – Please, dad! What for are you crying? She can’t leave for US so easily.
She needs to apply for visa and get it approved. It isn’t easy. Dad, my visa got approved!
– What? Visa got approved! – Oh, no! Stop crying!
– Ask mom to stop crying. I’ll come home soon. Hello, Shobhan!
– ‘Yeah?’ – Gods didn’t hear your prayers. My visa got approved!
Is he upset? Not an issue, anyway. You seem happy, sis?
– I’m leaving to the US. You called for me, sis?
– Yeah. As I’ll be leaving in two days.. Mom! Here are the things I should do in these two days.
– Shopping, meeting friends and colleagues going to temples, eating favorite food?
– Yeah. – You don’t forget about food, do you? I’ll miss our food in the US. That is why
I’ll have biryani and all my favorite snacks before leaving. All is cool, just that there is no mention of documents.
– My bad. This is why I asked you to read. Make mom stop crying. Jaythri, I thought you’d leave without meeting us.
– When are you leaving? – The day after. Done with packing?
– I still have shopping to do. – Where did you get the admit? In Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
– What? – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massa..
– Masa Chinos. MIT, I mean.
– Oh, MIT? Nice. Where is Shobhan?
– He has been on leave for 5 days. I’m unable to get through to him on phone.
– Neither are we. Are you sure we packed everything?
– Yeah, I guess. Oh, crap! What?
– We didn’t pack your make up kit. – Oh, no. I’ll call you back later.
– ‘No, just get those pickles parceled.’ – Alright. ‘Also, dad, I sent you a list of dishes. Get them all.’
– Fine. Now, bye. Yes, Mr Mahendra?
– Sir, I need an off tomorrow. My daughter is leaving for MS. Why do MS now? She already has a job, right?
– Yes, sir. But she says it is her dream. She didn’t even take
a single penny from me for the expenses. Nice! I’m sure she’ll succeed in life with such zeal.
Also, I’m glad you didn’t stop her from going. Do take a leave tomorrow
and wish her all the best from my side. Dad, how come you’re so late?
Where are the pickles? Where are the snacks? Sorry, dear.
– You always do this. If not now, when else can I have the snacks?
– We’ll go now. Hurry up! Hurry up, Jaythri!
– Dad, we’re going 12 hours in advance to the airport. Nothing wrong in going there in advance. What for are you crying?
– Even I’ll come to airport. – No, mom, you’ll make a scene. She’s crying and you aren’t even sad.
– Well said, son. – Why should she be sad? She is going to the US to achieve her goals.
Learn a thing or two from her. Let’s go, now. Two minutes, dad.
I’ll pray to God and come. Ask your sister to hurry up!
– Sister! You should’ve started an hour early to avoid this panic.
– I said the same, but who pays heed to me. You’re so late. What if you miss the flight?
Whatever, get in now. Who is this Sotari? Hi!
– Hell with your hi! Where have you been all these days? You, idiot!
– Why are you hitting me? Actually, I should murder you for leaving me.
How happy you sounded when you said your visa got approved. Don’t you feel bad about leaving me and going?
I didn’t even want to see you again. – You shouldn’t have come then. I anyway can’t come to the US.
So, I thought I’d rather come here. What is this?
– All my feelings. I’ve been writing this the last few days. ‘Jaythri, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to meet you
as I was pissed you were leaving me.’ ‘You don’t even go to the office without me
but you’re going to US? Fine, but remember’ ‘that a guy will be waiting for you here.
And for that guy..’ ‘get iPad, iPhone X and a Macbook.’ How long is she going to take? We may miss the flight.
– I’ll try to get you there on time, sir. When is the flight, btw? At 5AM tomorrow.
– Tomorrow? Then why are you leaving so soon? Just to be on the safe side.
– This safe? What nonsense? Bye, then! All the best. I’ll miss you.
– So will I. – Take care. Finally, she is here. You took so long! What if we miss the flight?
You hurry up. Hurry up.
– Yeah, I will. – I hope she doesn’t miss the flight. Drive faster. We don’t want to miss the flight.
We’re running late already. Are you carrying everything needed?
– Yes, dad. – Passport and visa? – Yeah. So, you’ve all the documents? – Yes.
– Carrying the admit letter? – Yes, I am. No, I didn’t.
– You didn’t. Sure, I’ll learn a thing or two from her.
– Shut up. Please, make a U turn. What if we miss the flight because of this?
– Yeah, right. I hope nothing else goes wrong, unless we want to miss the flight.
– Sir, do not worry. We’ve so much time that we can make multiple trips,
to and fro, from your house to the airport. Still, it is better to have time on hand.
– Good Lord! Actually, the admit letter is right here.
– Is it? Please, make another U turn.
– Like father, like daughter. Dad, I’ve reached the US.
– Whatever. Ask the viewers to subscribe. – Yeah, fine. Incase you liked this video, let us know in the comments.
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  3. I pity you..Director script writer and actors for not writing a ,"Telugu letter" in "Telugu script" which jaithri reads in last scene !!
    Learn to write and read in Telugu…or else write the same in english. please …please…for God's sake don't popularise a hybrid and ugly language called.. Teluginglish !!! It only shows that you neither know how to write it in Telugu nor confident enough to scribble it in English !!

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