Natalya & Lacey Evans vs. The Kabuki Warriors: Raw, Oct. 14, 2019
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Natalya & Lacey Evans vs. The Kabuki Warriors: Raw, Oct. 14, 2019

100 thoughts on “Natalya & Lacey Evans vs. The Kabuki Warriors: Raw, Oct. 14, 2019

  1. This made NO sense last night. After everything Lacey has done to Natalya recently I just don't see them just suddenly teaming up like this.
    The Neidharts and the Harts never EVER quickly forgive someone who insults their family lineage.
    If they had a common enemy I can understand..but this just….blah.

  2. This was a pretty good match . Asuka and Kairi were allowed to look much more legit here than last week when they had them job almost the entire match until the mist spray at the end. They are the 2 best women wrestlers in the WWE and should be presented as such. Not only are they great in the ring, but are well liked and respected backstage. At some point I am sure Vince will mess things up, but we might as well enjoy them while they are getting a bit of a push. Asuka is at the age now when most female wrestlers have already retired ,so hopefully they will let her have another great run like she had in NXT ,before she hangs up the wrestling boots.

  3. I’d like to see Lacey Evans turn babyface. I think it’d be very good for her, especially with Nattie as a teammate.

  4. WWE's booking is absolutely ridiculous!!! Nattie and Lacey have been feuding for weeks but yet they decide to put them in a team lol.

  5. This is the best match ever for wwe women tag team championship. My match of the night. But Asuka to raw with all the women heavyweight is bad for business.

  6. Lacey and Natalya are now a friends and a tag team… WWE this just goes to further prove you don't care about anything making sense at this point.

  7. Lacey is something special. Asuka and Kairi are better off as singles pairing them up is an insult to their respective talent IMOs.

  8. So Nat puts her thru a table and wins the last woman standing match. WWEs logic: Forget that ever happened. Put them in a tag team and make them the best of friends. Really wwe? Really?

  9. The Women matches our on point.. These ladies have to do this again…brutal and beautiful.. the Natalia still needs a Championship she's is Amazing!!!

  10. I for one like the Nattie and Lacey team up, both are amazing and the last woman standing match was great. I hope they keep this feud going with KW's, it was a good match but too short. So tired of Becky vs Charlotte. Where have the Iconics been and where are Fire and Desire (besides jobbing and eating donuts?)

  11. I refuse to learn the names of those 2 new RAW announcers, they suck,, and why were they pulling for Nat and Lacy over the The Kabuki warriors?

  12. Really happy for the Kabuki Warriors, love what I'm seeing from them. Becoming a fan of kairi, I think they should make a mask for ashka instead of the paint, although it is kinda weird

  13. (Sees the Kabuki Warriors on screen, and gets hyped)

    OH SNAP, HERE COME ASUKA AND KAIRI. Surely WWE has something BIG planned for them after that HUGE WIN over Becky and Char—

    (Sees Natalya)

    …. never mind.

    (Changes channel)

  14. Did someone noticed that lacey throw her tissue at the fans while at their entrance she got that inside her boobies. Id like some of that too

  15. When Natalya said she chose someone who pushed her to the limit and seeing this match…
    I’m like if that’s your limit then wow are you underwhelming

  16. LMAO, I love how 90% of the comment section is wondering why former rivals are tagging together in a tag match lol. Anyone else here remember when Stephanie paired Angle & Benoit together as a tag team during their feud and they won the tag team titles on SD? The same thing happened with HBK & Cena, they feuded and then when paired together, won the World tag team titles on Raw. Anyone remember when Rock & Mankind had that vicious feud and then later, they became a tag team, The Rock n Sock Connection.

    That's happened countless times in WWE, Rated RKO, Two-Man Power Trip, MVP/Matt Hardy, Cena/HBK, Rock/Hogan, Angle/Benoit, the list goes on. All of those teams feuded with each other and then were paired together as a tag team. Lacey & Nattie aren't the first, they won't be the last. This was the way of ending their feud, slowly turning Lacey babyface so when she's officially on SD, she can feud with now fully heel Bayley for the SD Women's title.

    Also, the reason why talent that was drafted to SD were still on Raw Monday was because the draft was a two-parter. Started on Friday, concluded on Monday, Monday was the last time we'll see those wrestlers on Raw, that's why you still saw Lacey, Braun, Bray etc over on Raw. Hopefully this helps for those that were confused by all of this stuff on Monday.

  17. Wouldn't Asuka use the Asuka lock when sneaking up behind the unsuspecting Lacey Evans?
    Or because they're "heels" are they not allowed to win with badassery anymore?

  18. These roll up finishes have to stop. On another note, Lacy’s shoulder was clearly up off the mat and these “controversial shoulder up” finishes also need to stop. It’s ok to use every now and then but when it happens almost every week it becomes boring and stupid.

  19. I was expecting Ronda Rousey when Natalya was announcing who would be her mystery partner to face the kabuki warriors for that main event

  20. One of my WWE Women roster's dream match is "Asuka VS Natalya in Submission match".
    Or make them a tag team "The Royal Submissioner".

  21. This is ridiculous. Weren't Lacey and Natalya tearing each other apart last week? Isn't Lacey part of Smackdown now? This company sure forgets things very fast. 🤦🏻‍♂

  22. Why the Japanese wrestler always use the dangerous and hard skill in wrestling, it's can give their opponent serious injury

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