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Why are we still here? Hey, guys, how you doing? So, today, we’re going to be looking at Instagram, uh… More specifically, Instagram chefs, Instagram, uh – cooks. Only the finest food that, ‘that guy’ from Ratatouille, uh – the little blue guy, yeah. He could learn a thing or two from this – uh – in-in fact; It’s the way he learned everything he knows. You guys know that, – um – at Instagram, they actually have, just a massive warehouse of thousands of people on computers, just making sure that only the best content is uploaded to Instagram? It’s true. That’s how we ended up with… *Pause* this. [Screaming Intensifies] Alright, so we’re gonna be having a look at the account “Food of Chefs” – uh -and now on food of chefs… I mean, I mean it’s a food of chefs Obviously. Okay, now on the Instagram account, food of chefs, right, only the finest cuisine from all four corners of the map *clap* are put into one account for us to behold. Let’s have a look. *No music* Okay, okay, I’m gonna have to stop you right there, right – um. Normally, I would complain about the the music. You know that music the… *THAT MUSIC* But I think it’s even worse and creepier without it; I can almost hear the person breathing behind the camera just… *Inhaling sounds* Alright, so, salt pepper and eggs, um, very exotic so far, but, I mean, let’s see what else they’ve got I’m sure it’ll get better as it goes on, right? Just begin with the basics, ramp up as you go. Let’s see. Rice bran oil – very specific, okay, don’t talk to me about that “olive oil”; pff, get the FLIP out of here, buddy. Wait, I’m sorry, what…What was that? Hotdog. Nothing like some hot dog – food of chefs, guys, food of chefs. *Still no music* Okay right, so you make an omelet out of *Pause* Hot dog, egg, salt and pepper, and then you slap it on some rice. Ah Food of chefs. Ah yes, Chef Ramsay was it? I-I-I’ve had a long flight, and I’m afraid I’m only going to take your finest cuisine, um, the Hotdog omelet on the rice was it? Thank you sir, much appreciated. and um… I hate to say this, but it’s not the last time we’re gonna see the appearance of, um Hot dogs. Hot dogs are a bit of a favorite of this account Let’s see what the next one is (At least this one has music) Okay, okay, so first item is just a cherry tomato in half rearrange it a little… and spike it. And that’s it (Its ok I guess) Okay now this one’s actually the best so far, I mean It’s just a cool little flower design out of strawberry. The fact that it’s by far the best is pretty telling though (Again with the hot dogs?) (Then you spike it -_-) You’ve cut a Frankfurt in half, a mini Frankfurt Rearranged it, put a stick through it and um fried it up, put some salt on it and then finishing touch Some tomato sauce. Okay, yeah, um every other “chef”, yeah, I need you to hand back those Michelin star Awards well We’ve seen real cooking now You don’t deserve them (Ok) Yeah, I mean it’s cool visually, I guess, but I mean if you bring any of these to a family gathering or a get-together That’s gonna be the food people are avoiding, because it’s well. It’s a piece of carrot… And some zucchini or something, like, come on. (Another hot dog. Great) (But in the shape of a heart with a toothpick holding it together) Come on! it is- it’s a hot *Breathes* it’s a thin Frankfurt, from the deli aisle you’ve… *swoop sound* Cut it in half. You’ve.. Put it into a sweet little love heart They’ve just chucked an egg in it with a toothpick, like… *Glances down repeatedly* Like half a million views, come on! The egg isn’t even cooked well and as soon as you take the toothpick out It’s just gonna fall apart *Zooms out* this is sad ;-; (Alexa play despacito) (More cheesy hearts) (With a toothpick through it) And then they get like a Mandarin, put it into a love heart with it like, who cares, what do you think Saitama? OMAE WA MOU SHIN- Yeah, yeah, no one asked you, buddy, ok? And the rest of it is just “put love hearts in things! YAY” (CIRCLE BREAD) (Oh hey, are they making PB&Js?) (Nevermind) (More hearts) (No. Just no.) And, and what would you know it’s stolen from some other account *Pause* like do I care? Do you care? No, you don’t. Okay, so moving on to the next one, um My patience is running low, we have an alternative way of melting chocolate. Alright, fair enough. You know, I mean *Wut* There’s a microwave, sure, whatever, who cares. Oh, there’s also cheese, right? Uh-huh okay, and then uh? *Slaps* And then the hot dogs! (HOT DOGS?!?!?) And it’s just like an alternative way of cooking a billion hotdogs at once in case you have an American friend over (Why bread?) And then we have bread, and a potato in a slow cooker… like it’s literally just an alternative, like… Instead of doing it in an oven, we’re gonna do it in a slow cooker It’s different, and of course the music The music. *Idk* Uh, in this one we have some… Uhhhh… deep fried eggs, or just eggs with way too much oil along with some diced chicken and… (Words.exe not found) It doesn’t look good. And then we have just some.. Frankfurt’s in pastry with, with salt And that’s it I mean a lot of the food isn’t the worst, but it’s like Like is this meant to be teaching people? Is this meant to be like “food-porn” like, no, it doesn’t… Why are you proud of that? You should not be proud, be unhappy, thank you. Like, it’s not the worst, not everyone’s a chef I’m definitely not, but I mean, food of chefs, is it, is it the food of chefs? Is it? I mean, maybe it’s the food they have when they go home? After they’ve had their work at the kitchen and don’t want to cook anything else But is it the food they make at the kitchen? No. Okay, we’re gonna be having a look at one more by some other account Because why not, right? So the first one is just some waterproof case life hack. Who cares, skip that one. Alright the second one If you can’t eat yogurt with a fork (Wtf), I think we found our problem. Are you- when I have soup I just get a fork put tape around it and just Eat it with that. What’s a spoon, dude? What are you talking about? You’re insane. (W-W-What are you doing? WHY?????) Yeah, yeah, you want to heat this thing up, melt the cheese a little or whatever? I’m sorry, oven? Grill? Microwave, what’s, what’s that? Hairdryer, dude. That’s where it’s at. Okay, okay, I wanna. I wanna ask you guys. If your shoelace is broke What would you do? Would you buy more shoelaces for like 50 cents? What are you, an IDIOT? No, just cable tie it, that is clearly the logical solution here What else would you do? Oh yeah, I love me a pair of shoes that I need scissors to loosen. That’d be, that’d be great. Anyway guys, that all about have to do this video Um, if you liked it, be sure to leave like and subscribe if you’re new, if you have any video ideas on things you’d want me to talk about go and leave them at r/slazo or in the comments below Thank you. If you would go follow me on Instagram and Twitter That’d be great, and my patrons who support what I do here are always very appreciated Thank you guys. And without further ado, see you in the next one. Bye! (Lemaitre – Not Too Late: Then some guy says it, Not too late my friend! To get up and try again! I’ll stand right here. While you walk to face the end… As the skies clear up again! Ill disappear…)


  1. I legitimately was surprised that the bread at 6:57 didn't have hot dogs just randomly baked into it. It was almost disappointing.

  2. That hot dog+egg thing is actually a breakfast food in turkey. It is delicious, the video is just using the wrong sausage and it is missing quite a few ingredients. I know because I myself am Turkish

  3. in australia, this is how it’s said, for all us idiots
    Ketchup: Tomato sauce
    tomato sauce: tomato paste

  4. This account changed alot and they're actually hella good now. One thing the uploaded was fries topped with cheeseburger meat, cheese and bacon bits….. Fucking hell that sounds good

  5. Iq 40: hotdog

    Iq 140: cut meat stick

    Iq 180: the product that comes out of a animal's intestine

    Iq 500: eDiBlE dIcC

  6. the waterproof case hack was useless because the phone was an already waterproof Sony Xperia(M or Z series)

  7. Well I mean the way they melted the chocolate tempers it? But you can still temper it without a slow cooker (freeze dried cocoa powder?)
    Edit: freeze dried cocoa butter. NOT cocoa powder

  8. Actually I’m pretty sure olive oil is hard to find in Thai
    I mean IF they are trying to help Thai people make food which is not really necessary

  9. Okay wtf I’m almost sous chef level I just need work on beef Wellington from scratch and I honestly want to destroy instagram’s cooking account

  10. I wonder if they went on “Hell’s Kitchen” and Gordon just being disgusted and confused by this person’s cooking skills.

  11. Somehow this video has -200% negativity

    I don’t know why but

    He gives a kill joy to people who has joy😂😂😂😂

    P.S no offense it’s just my opinion don’t go mad ape about it 😂😂😂

  12. they sound like they’re preaching hotdogs to be the most nutritious food in the world, when in reality its just processed pig butt thatll give you heart disease.

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