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Naana Koochi || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

You just about scored pass marks?
Now, I’m proud of you. None in my family ever even scored pass marks but you.
– Thank you, dad! Your mom was always miles away from pass marks.
– Like father, like daughter. Instead of chiding her for her poor marks
you’re still pampering her? That is beyond me. And my dad marrying someone like you is beyond me too.
– I was the best your dad could ever get. Your dad and his dad persisted with my match.
– I’ve seen your wedding photos. Grandpa had specs then. Maybe that’s why he persisted.
– Only later did I realise even I was blind then. Hell with you both!
Keep pampering her. How dare you plan on a Goa trip with friends!
– Come on, mom, it is just a trip. Here is your dad.
– Mom, please, ask him to let me go. – What’s the matter? She has exams and yet she wants to go to Goa.
– When are your exams? – They are three months from now. They are only three months from now
and you want to while away your time like a lunatic? She isn’t as lunatic as you are.
Anyways, not Goa but go to Tirupati. Dad, who goes to Tirupati with friends?
– Why? You think Lord Venkateshwara would mind? He looks after everyone in need.
So, go to His shrine and pray to Him. Anyways, you aren’t focusing on studies off late.
Go to your room and study. Go now. She deserved such a dressing down.
– So do you. Dad, I’m going.
– Okay, bye! You got money on you? Yes, I do.
– Alright. Have fun in Goa. Bye! Not on your bike again.
– All my friends drive cars and I can’t even drive a bike. One shouldn’t compare with people around.
– Why did you even buy me this bike in the first place? Let’s go on my bike! Nothing doing!
– No! Riding pillion with you is so dangerous. Lord, please see to it I survive this ride.
I love you but I don’t want to reach your abode this soon. Ready?
– I guess. Watch out, watch out! I’m so pissed at you. I don’t want to drive this anymore.
– Dear, hear me out! I’m sorry.. Thank God, I survived. Dad, you know what happened?
We all mass bunked the commerce class.. What’s wrong with you?
– I’m running a temperature. – Are you? Alright, take rest.
We’ll talk in the morning. Dad, what is wrong with you?
Aren’t you unwell anymore? I’m fit now. Now, get ready.
– What for? I’ve no college today. Just get ready like I said.
– Are we going to movie? – You wish! Your mom found you a match.
She set you up a date with the boy. So, get ready. Found me a match? I’m still in college.
– It is just a mere formality. If you like him, nothing like it. If you don’t like him, even better.
– ‘Even better’. I’m doing this just for you. I’ve seen this guy somewhere?
You still have your head? – What! I mean, didn’t Bahubali
chop your head off? Then Shivagami ordered Balladeva to fix my head.
– Why wasn’t it shown in the movie? – It was edited out. You are Prasad Rao’s daughter, right?
– Of course! Can’t you see I’ve gone on him? I’m here only because my dad asked me to go.
– Give me a minute. He isn’t a Prabhas but he is as tall as Prabhas. Cool!
– So, where were we? W-Well, do you cook?
– Yes. I’m a good cook actually. Why do you ask?
– At home, my dad cooks. He is like the best cook. So, you can’t cook?
– I have this knack of messing things up. So, fearing I’ll mess up the dishes, my dad never let me
inside the kitchen. I make great half boiled eggs though. No wonder. Do you have
any plans on working after marriage? All 20 years of my life, I never lifted a finger.
Also, my dad doesn’t want me to work. Anyways, how is your job? You get incentives and all?
– This is what I like about girls. They go out, for that matter, even speak
with only those guys who are financially sound. You are sounding too opportunistic.
– I’m opportunistic? You can’t cook, you don’t want to work and you seem
like your dad’s pet. You seem set to ruin my life. Lovely! That’s a good joke.
I like the fact that you’re hilarious. She doesn’t even know
what is a joke and what isn’t. Screw my life. Alright, do you atleast know basic stuff
like performing a puja or sweeping the floor or folding the clothes?
– Well, Rakesh.. We’ve a vacuum cleaner to sweep the flooor.
My mom performs the Puja while I hold the aarti. And clothes, we give it to the laundry guy who irons it
and folds it. I know how to place holded clothes in the cupboard. Hell with this.
It is time I told her the truth. There is something I wanted to tell. Don’t tell it to anyone..
– Are you a homosexual or something? What! No!
– Any caste issue? Don’t worry, I can convince my dad. I can’t convince my mom and I don’t want this marriage.
– Why? Weren’t we hitting it off really well until now.. Cut it! I’m not buying your over action.
I already have a girlfriend. So, tell your parents that you didn’t like me
or that I’m a homosexual or whatever. Coming up with lies come so naturally to you girls, right?
So, do what you can. See you. Hey, wait up!
– Bye. Ballaladeva shouldn’t have saved him.
Anyways, my dad should be blamed for sending me here. You know what you did? Rakesh is getting married.
He asked you to keep a secret and you shared it everyone.
Her mom heard it too and is now getting him married. You’ve crushed that bone enough already.
Sitting and eating is what is making you put on weight. Where are you going?
– I don’t want to put on weight, so I’ll stand and eat. What did I do
to deserve such a daughter, Lord? Greetings, people! Look who is here. Rakesh! How are you?
– I’m good and you? – I’m good too. So, Rakesh’s new movie titled ‘Evariki Cheppadu’
is set to release. I’ve a doubt. Why did you go for such a unique title like ‘Evariki Cheppadu’?
– Well, it is because, we all have secrets which we ask our friends not to share with anyone.
Our friends say they’ll keep it a secret. Then our friends share it with their friends
and ask them to keep it a secret. This keeps going on and finally it again falls on our ears.
– Yes, I experienced this. So, this film is like that too.
There is a secret which keeps getting leaked and no character knows who is in the secret
and who isn’t, but for the audience. And that is where the humour comes from.
– I’m so excited. When will this be out? ‘Evariki Cheppadu’ will be releasing on 8th of October.
So, go and watch it with your friends and family and haVe fun. So, see you all in the theatres
and I hope you liked this video. Do like, share, comment
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  4. Same I am also dad's princess I have a silly brother if he tells me anything I will shout dad then my father will give my brother a tight slap and then he will stop making me angry till now I am 8 th class my father didn't scold or at least beat small also I love my dad when my dad will not be in this world next second I will not be

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