My Mom Reacts To My Instagram Pictures Part 2
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My Mom Reacts To My Instagram Pictures Part 2

So second video that I had to force my mom to shoot hello everybody Another shocking day for me. Another shocking day for her Last week You guys gave so much love on the reaction video to my dance video and…thank you so much. Yeah Thank you and I thought why not do a reaction video to my Instagram pictures part two because you guys loved part 1 and Also, I feel like my pictures recently are really different now because I’ve been feeling like I’ve been working on my fitness I’ve been working on my health. I’ve just been feeling better mentally and physically and The more happier. I felt the more my pictures kind of changed Some might be a little bit too revealing for her but… I haven’t seen your Instagram lately, so Let me go through it My first picture is this one…this one is okay. Yeah This one is okay but Translation: If your blouse was a bit longer you’d look even better. Translation: If the blouse was longer, oh you mean I should have put my pant a bit lower Translation: If your pant was lower then from behind you’d get this from me. Started off yes, start off very nice. This brand It’s meskhi and I love their clothing It’s super super comfortable and this was super silky and I was freezing when shooting this picture but good Second picture is this one… This shirt needs to be taken to the tailor, and alter it Oh you mean make it tinier. It needs alteration. Make it tinier. Yes Yes, it needs to be tinier good. You know what I’m talking about and you know what I’m talking about. No If you got it flaunt it Guys my mom is lying to you. She saw the outfit when I Was wearing it when I was leaving the house. She was like you look nice. She’s being all sassy, okay Okay, I think I’m getting to the point where I’m pissing her off now. Okay, third photo …the one of me and Deepta But this is fine but Deepta is too close to you Yes, sorry, I wouldn’t have approved the skirt if you wouldn’t have worn the leggings. Well, that’s why I wore the legging so mommy can approve yes. Thank you so much Don’t say no no no This one was in New York as well Okay And I did a photo shoot with this and I really like it’s the same skirt that I wore in the picture with Deepta except There’s no leggings underneath this one.. there’s high boots Translation: This much is fine…but it’s better if you would have worn the leggings. No mom then the style wouldn’t have worked. Translation: then it wouldn’t be stylish? Translation: Style is shown with legs? No obviously not you do style whatever you want, but I wanted to do this Just admit I look cute. I see it in your face. Just admit look stop smiling. Translation: Swear on my life I don’t look cute. See there you go guys There’s the truth She’s like you do. It’s like my mom. She sees these pictures here and there and or like she sees The way I’m dressed and she did you look so cute and everything But I know like it also gets to her at the same time. Yes Okay, okay I’m very protective over you. I know you okay. The next one is a good one. Okay, show me something good Proud of you Yeah, yes, so I got flown out to Ottawa by Results Canada And I got a wonderful opportunity to speak on World Toilet Day about issues of not having sanitization, washrooms and restrooms and all of that and I Also got very lucky because I got the chance to meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and that was amazing I remember walking into his room and he was like hi TIA. I’ve heard so much about you and I was just like I don’t get starstruck or anything, but it was just that he’s very charming. He was very kind and it was just he’s very tall Yeah,I can see that. Yeah, I know. Well, I’m short it’s given, but he is very tall But you and dad were very proud of me that day. Yes It’s so funny I was like to my dad I’m like dad Guess what? I met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau before you did my dad goes. Oh, yeah… I met President Obama before you Okay. Yeah, I have a long way to go but Yeah Very nice picture. I know so this picture was taken..this is Steph Curry my dad and I and Two very special people in my life. Steph Curry and dad? So fun fact is is…it’s crazy to know that like people that you might have met or just kind of were passing by in your life and they end up becoming somebody so amazing so big because um Dell curry his father used to play for the Raptors and Steph Curry also went to the Vince Carter basketball camp and I was there too. So that’s pretty that’s pretty cool of course, I was not gonna go into the NBA but Or WNBA, but yeah It’s a very nice picture. I told people caption this but you know, what was really happening here? Dad goes Steph, let me introduce you to my little daughter. Steph looks at me and he goes… Nav I don’t think she’s little. I couldn’t stop laughing Like my dad every time he introduces me to people or talks about me He makes me come off like I’m a four-year-old little baby and people are just like Oh we want to meet your little daughter and then…but still for us you are 4. I know… you’ll always be a baby. I love you. Doesn’t matter how much you grow So mom you’re gonna like this one it’s really cute I want To say something but I…don’t mind. I Like your face I like your smiling face, yeah I think you’re thinking about me. But you know what it seems like you slept in these jeans and the rad came out Translation: and it openly ripped your jeans She’s saying that I Woke up and basically when I woke up, you know, your pants kind of like comes out. All the fluff and everything. But I have a way better picture than this. Sorry I’m laughing because …I’ve been dying to do this picture. I have tears in my eyes….ready? NO Translation: this is definitely not good Translation: Mom look when I woke up I didn’t know what happened to my pants. They ripped by themselves… No …I’m telling you…No you ripped it by giving money Mom, but one thing. You should be very proud of me about my fitness. I Am. You’re doing it regularly and religiously. Yea. Which is very good for your health and everything On the other side…I know you know that you can cut your picture from here and post it. Translation: It’s like 3 blackboards where someone can write on I was like, what do you mean blackboard? We used to say blackboard in India. I think they still do now I’m not sure maybe I yes. Yeah, I think it is blackboard. So basically you can sign. Yeah Mommy I love you. Give me hug. You’re a cutie pie. Mommy you’re adorable Okay, next one is this one I took on Diwali yea this is an amazing picture Yeah..I was trying to be like Aishwarya Rai in Devdas So what am I when I wear ripped jeans I’m dad’s daughter? When I wear covered clothes I’m your daughter? This one I took in brampton area we found a place by had all these like stables and all that so Went near the fence wore an oversized sweater Yeah, it’s fine You can’t say anything on this one Translation: Your thighs can be seen Translation: Mom I have these thighs for a reason Okay next… last picture guys, I thought giving my mom a little bit of a shock not too much of a shock. It’s fine Look, mommy I’m wearing a skort. So it’s not a skirt but it’s not a short Skort. Translation: I just told you it’s a skirt and short But mommy don’t I look like I’m so happy No mom, I don’t know why me because I was feeling myself My mom’s the best, you know one thing about her is that like I said, she’ll say these things and I know she kind of feels it at times but she also Admires how I look probably 95% of the time. Yes 90 percent of the times. Yeah, cuz I know there were a lot of comments But there were some comments even in the last Instagram video Oh Oh like your mom’s mentality this and that My mom comes from a different generation, but she doesn’t stop me from wearing anything, but she’s allowed to give her opinion. Yes That’s what I believe. Plus I know how to handle my mommy Thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed my mom’s little sassiness and thank you so much and Thank you again for giving me so much love and respect in the last video. Yeah, guys. My mom doesn’t like videos because she just feels what do you feel like Why are you scared be on videos? I’m not scared just not comfortable sometimes. Yeah But mommy is so pretty you should be comfortable. Thank you so much Yeah, I love doing videos with my mom She’s life can you do the videos with dad. I’m like no I want to do them with you mom There you go Thank you guys for watching I will see you very soon I have some exciting videos coming up I have another dance video and I have a video with Dan and Riya, which is not your typical skit So that one will be pretty exciting. Okay? Okay now can I go that’s what my mom’s saying. Okay love you guys bye. Bye

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  1. And my savage mom is back at it again! Also there is something important I talked about in this video near the end. So make sure you hear that out. I read many comments in our last Instagram react video, where people said my mom’s mentality is so old school etc. One thing, she is allowed to have her opinion when it comes to me but she always allows me to wear what I want to. She doesn’t stop me. So just wanted to quickly talk about that. Sending you all love

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