My Mixed Media Secrets ~ Revealed in this Full Length Art Journal Tutorial
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My Mixed Media Secrets ~ Revealed in this Full Length Art Journal Tutorial

– [Artist] Today I wanted to walk you through a project step-by-step, starting from my inspiration which is this book by Loish, all the way to the finished project, which is this Mixed Media girl which I did in my altered book that I
started a few projects back, which I am absolutely in love with. So I went to Durham on a
field trip with my kids to go to the Scrap Exchange and I picked up this old art book from, I don’t know, god knows when, the 80’s I think, and it was 25 cents. And since I have patched it up, all the ripped pages with
just plain old masking tape which just so you know is
fantastic to paint over, it accepts paint very well. So any torn edges, anywhere
and any loose bindings, I just simply patch it up with my tape and it is ready to go over. I start off a ton of my
projects with collage, I always use Matte Medium
because it is super easy to use, you can buy it in bulk, it
is also made specifically for gluing things down,
coincidentally enough, because that’s what I like to do. I am using, actually this
beautiful scrap book paper, actually I think it’s wrapping paper, I’m not sure what it is
but it’s gorgeous paper that I bought when I was
in Scotland this past May. I went with Ivy Newport and
some other outlander artist friends and I love storefronts
and facades and this paper was just gorgeous and so I
picked it up and I actually haven’t used it until
now, so I’m very excited. And I’m planning a trip
to Scotland with my family probably coming up in
September, I’m just a little Scotland obsessed so when
I’m using this paper it kinda throws me back. So
anyways the Matte Medium is fantastic for collaging because you can paint over it very easily, it’s made specifically to
work with your paints so I highly recommend using that or gel medium would be great too. Right now I’m picking out my color scheme, this is another Mix Media secret reveal. Okay the way I usually
pick out my color schemes is generally, and actually
this goes for my house decor, as well as my art projects,
I usually pick out a curtain or a rug or a pillow and
then I base my paint colors off of that and this is no different. So I literally, you saw me a minute ago, saw me holding up the red paint to the red in those cute little,
what are those called? Little awnings on the buildings, to match them up, so I’m
literally just pulling, it takes all the stress
out of it, you pick out your paper and then
you just take your paints and then you match them up. Sometimes I use a brush,
sometimes I use my fingers, sometimes I use a credit card, today I was in the mood for a brush. And what I’m doing is, I’m
just simply adding some color here or there
because I didn’t collage over all the pages and I
want to see the storefront peaking through because I love that paper. So normally I’m a little
bit more liberal with my paint and I end up
covering like everything up and you can sort of see
the paper loosely underneath. And in this case I’m
really making an effort to keep it exposed
because I want to see it because it makes me so happy. So I’m just dotting the paint
around, I’m literally using the same exact main colors that I see. Oh there’s my Zar Zar! There’s
Zoey, she’s in literally all of my videos, but I’m
using the paints that’s exactly that I see, in my paper. The one color that I hadn’t
used yet was that green and so I thought instead
of brushing it out I would just kind of you gotta
use a stencil in Mix Media, It’s kinda like a rule. And so I actually had this
stencil that I bought like a billion years ago that
I have also never used so I just used it to
incorporate that green that I see in the paper again
in just a different way. Just to kinda add a little
bit more interest and texture. And now I take my book, I
love this girl, I don’t, (artist coughs) – Excuse me, I don’t want
to make her look exactly the same but when I use other people’s, especially digital art,
for inspiration the things that I’m looking at are
the tilt in the face, where they’re choosing
to put their shadows, okay, and so you can learn a lot by seeing what other
people do and so those are the things I’m copying.
It’s not necessarily the girl, like if you notice the girl
you know is reminiscent of the girl at the end but
you wouldn’t necessarily know that that was even my
inspiration. She completely looks my own when I’m finished
but just so the things that I’m looking for and
using are the head tilt and usually just the
shade and the shadows. Now do I always use
references? Totally not. A lot of times I just
make things up as I go but I love it now and then
especially if I’m stuck on something, I’m just like, ‘ugh I don’t have it in me to come up with my own anything today but
I really wanna get creative,’ then a lot of times I
love to use digital images because I know I can’t recreate it exactly even if I wanted to then I
make the rest up as I go. So I started out with a
water based color pencil which you can activate but
actually wasn’t working on the paint very well.
So I grabbed my favorite utensil in the whole entire
universe which is the black STABILO All pencil and another
one of Mix Media secrets revealed is my love and
obsession over the black Stabilo you will notice
that I use it in 100% of my Mix Media projects and I’m not sorry. And the reason that I like it
is it draws over everything so that paint wasn’t allowing
me to use my older watercolor pencil that I was able to
use it with huge success with my black Stabilo. So now I am using Gesso.
And what happens is, when it hits the Stabilo
it is activating it so it is turning it literally from a solid on my paper to a liquid
and then I can drag it out. And I like to use it because
I can use it for the shadows, so I don’t worry about
that one bit when it starts activating and smearing
everywhere, just adds to the layers of my portrait. Another
thing I wanted to talk more at length about today and
expand upon was all the layers that go into blending and shading a face. I know a lot of my students
at Awesome Art School struggle with this,
and a lot of people who aren’t students of mine
will struggle with this. But the key to successful
face shading is really just layers and layers and layers. Now the process that you’re
going to see me do today is definitely my own
process, you can 100% emulate that if you want to or you
can run off and do your own thing. But what will
remain the same no matter what materials you use is
that you are absolutely going to have apply a lot of
layers to make this happen. And if you notice I just
did two layers of paint, I did the light layer and
then I did the dark layer, and then you saw me add in some Gesso. Okay so the reason I
always have Gesso in a mix is that it really helps
smooth out and bond together those two other layers, so. Here it is, this is my second
full layer of their face that you just saw me do, and
then followed by the Gesso. So that’s a good rule of thumb, okay so you’re going to do light layer, dark layer, followed by Gesso everywhere, and then you repeat that again. And now I’m going over
with the medium layer and there is no hard and
fast rule you can start with the dark and then go the
light or go the light and then go the dark. So
the most important thing is you keep repeating
those layers until you are satisfied with it and
there’s no hard and fast rule. You might bang it out in two layers or it might take you 17. But just be patient with
yourself and keep going. I’m losing the features
so I’m taking my Stabilo and I’m redrawing those
to my satisfaction, and I’m looking back at my
reference to just make sure that I have things the
way that I want them. And again you don’t
need to use a reference at all if you don’t feel like it. I think another reason that I use references from digital art
is that it takes the pressure away of having to be super realistic. I actually don’t enjoy
painting realistically. I like to do more whimsical
and fantastical girls, so that’s nice, takes the pressure off. So now what I’m doing is I
have added a darker brown it’s actually the same
brown that you see right to the left of her face that
I used in the background, and I wanted to go ahead and
darken her shadows even more. So I start putting that,
first I put it on her nose and again indirect with
that Stabilo which I am totally okay with. If the
idea of the Stabilo freaks you out then don’t use
it you can just use a regular graphite pencil, that’s fine too. And that’s the beauty with Mixed Media, also mixed media secret reveal number four is that use whatever you
want, there are no rules, play and have fun and experiment. So again I’m just doing a
tiny bit of the dark brown and if it’s too dark and
it freaks me out then I’ll run and I’ll grab some
of the lighter one and if that to is not working
then I always blend, blend, blend with my Gesso. And my brush is really dry here, no water, I’m just using a tiny bit it’s really dry brushing the whole entire time, and that’s kind of key
too I think some people when they get really
started they over saturate their brush, I’m just using a tiny bit. Alright now I’m a really impatient person and to hurry things along
if I get bored and annoyed I just switch products
because I get annoyed. But because this is so dry
I went and I grabbed my Gelatos and my Distress
pens from Tim Holtz. And they really work, they’re
kinda one and the same in my head. And this is a
really fast way to shade. So I had like a base
and I was like Ma Ma Ma, I could do 59 more layers
but I’m bored and I wanna pick up the pace so I grabbed
these and I just color them on and they’re just like
butter. I just use my finger and I just blend. They are
water soluble, 99% of the time I do not actually activate
these, I always use them dry. So that’s another great
cheat or secret of mine. Is to just use these
Gelatos, they are just bang, quick and easy. And I just have no patience
for hours and hours long project. This project in
total took me exactly one hour and 30 minutes to do,
and that’s very typical, almost 99% of my projects
take me 90 minutes or less. Cause I have three kids, I’m
busy and I have a ton of stuff to do and I just don’t have
time for days long projects. I also don’t film my work,
I do this entirely for pleasure and for teaching.
So it doesn’t behoove me to make masterpieces other than
what makes me happy inside. So the light gelato is exactly
the same as that white Gesso and look at the luminousness
that using the white Gesso at the end has brought out. It’s like a little bit magical actually. So couple of gelatos in
skin tones will be your best friends. I actually love
her shading right now and it makes me regret doing all
this other stuff afterwards, she looks great. So now
I’m just using regular old acrylics, that green that
I’m using is the same green that you see in the dots
and the whites of the eyes is just white acrylics,
nothing fancy there. And again you could use
markers if you want to as well. And again there’s the red that I used. This is really only the
red paint that I use and I really could’ve
thrown it in the background as well but that’s the
red of the awnings that I had picked out to begin with. Again I will activate a
little bit in the Stabilo and you just kind of gotta get over it. That is just fine. I decided that I liked her
hair being so transparent and so rather than using
acrylics to paint it I would just use the
Stabilo, knowing full well it would be activated later
to create darker lines. But I did that on purpose. Normally I do paint the hair
but I just wasn’t feeling it today and I just liked it as is. That big giant blob is Mod Podge. Again for my Mix Media projects
I do this 100% of the time. It is just part of my personal
signature move in process. I am obsessed with the juicy
way it activates my Stabilo, I can never get over it. I
just can’t, I love it so much. It’s so satisfying and I have to be honest I think it freaks out 99.9%
of the people that know me and watch me. It also pisses off
a lot of true artists because Mod Podge is more of a craft
supply than an art supply, but again I’m not really
in to like, so much in to caring about what other people think. So it’s not their art, you know? They can do with whatever they want. So if you notice I used
that sponge brush to really manipulate where things were going. There was a big like hunk
that got smeared across her face I just grabbed
a fresh sponge and I was able to pick it out and
move it away from her face. And that’s really the
key to using Mod Podge is just having a couple
or different fresh sponges so then in case something
goes in the wrong spot, you can just move it and
brush it to the side. I also kept this whole hair
drying process in real time, quote unquote real time,
I know it’s fast forwarded times four but I just
wanted you to see how quickly this goes. I’m already, bang, that
was quote unquote real time and I’m already back to drawing. It’s so super fast and look at this. This is like a little magical as well. So this is just me
doodling with my Stabilo. I wanted her face, and
then activating with more Mod Podge, boom. It’s like magic paint, you
just have to be careful because it will go everywhere. So I had to be very careful not
to get it on her face. But I’ve never tried
this before, it was very exhilarating, doing like
a giant swathe of an area with just a Stabilo but I
wanted her face to pop out. I know that area would’ve
been shaded because it’s dark where her hair is
so I was just like ‘I’m gonna try this,’ normally
I would’ve totally grabbed my black Jessop but I
just was loving my Stabilo and so I kept doing that. This is is one of my also
big time signature moves as well which you will
always see is that following my Stabilo activation by
the Mod Podge I always grab my pit pens, always, always, always. Again the pit pen over the
slick Mod Podge surface and I use matte Mod Podge by the way, is like is just magical really. It’s the only way I can describe it. It stays wet for a minute
so if you want to blend it on to that slick
surface so you can just take your finger or a Q-Tip
and just mush it around like paint, it’s like so crazy awesome. And so I do this every time
cause you can paint over Mod Podge and other Mod Podge
obsessionists will be like “oh I Mod Podge everything I
don’t even use matte medium” and like I hear you guys
because I’m obsessed with Mod Podge too but it’s kinda yucky
to paint over to be honest because it’s like such a
slick, plasticy surface even the medium, even the matte
sorry that I prefer not to. But if you use these pit
pens and they’re made by Favor Castell and they are
permanent but they have this window of like slickability, I’m pretty sure that’s
not a word but if you get them right in the
window you can really do some insane blending techniques. And I’m going to show
you that in a second. What I just do is I find
my colors that match up to the paint colors that
are already on my page and then I just add details. I love to draw as much or maybe even more as I love to paint and
so I feel with my own Mix Media style I get to do
both in each project, which is amazing. Alright so here you can
really see I’m swashing I’m like painting with
these pens, I paint them on using like the side of my brush tip and laying down like a
big, wet, juicy layer. And then I’m just taking my finger and then I’m like smearing it in, so it almost looks like
it’s being painted on right? But it’s not, and when
it dries it’s permanent. So again, it’s rather magical. So she’s coming along and
I’m just doodling my little heart out right now and just
like going to town and this just, this is like where
I’m at my apex of happiness, is when I get to just draw
and go nuts over my painting, this is like when I’m experiencing kismet or whatever the word is. I just love this part of
it, and I’m kind of like ‘yes, yes I’m on the home stretch.’ This is something else
I hadn’t done either which is really painting
now with my pit pen in the same way that I was
painting with my Mod Podge. I had never done this either,
so I’m using that same technique that I had used
with my Stabilo which is kind of like drawing
and then dragging or activating and it actually
worked out pretty well. Normally I would just paint
that but again I wasn’t feeling the paint. So
I just, I don’t know, I was really just experimenting and trying something new and you guys,
I encourage to be brave, try different things. It helps a lot to know the
order of operations when you’re doing this kind of
thing which is exactly why I’m bringing this video to
you. To show you that there definitely is an order or things
can get a little bit dicey. But if you watch enough
videos, you can learn enough to basically be safe and you
can always ask questions. You can leave a comment
for me, anytime in any of my YouTube videos
and I’m more than happy, I’m like always, I make
it my life’s goal to get back to each and every
person, even if they’re like “I love your work!” I always make an effort to
come back and say ‘Thank you!’ Cause I really do appreciate
all the love so much. You guys are the best. So sometimes you can see,
I’m just, this is still a white pit pen which
actually is amazing as well. And normally you could also
use a Posca or a Sharpie but those, because they’re
acrylic and not ink, don’t have that same window
of wipeability that the pit pens do. And I’m using
just a baby wipe, again if you hit it in that same
window you can wipe off everything so it’s like really
forgiving these pit pens, and magical because you
can erase which is haaaa! So not something you can do with acrylics. So, I love her shading right
here, kind of wish I had stopped, again sometimes
you just gotta throw caution to the wind and go for it,
so I am just giving her super drama right now.
And at this point too I’ve stopped looking at my
reference and I’m just kind of taking it up to the next level by myself. Just when you do enough
of these with references and you buy books like mine
and you learn how to shade you can really go off on
your own and you don’t need to rely heavily on other people’s work to understand what you are doing. You can come up with your own system. So that’s where you can see
your work really take off. Those white, and you can see
I’m actually drying the ink cause that’s, so it stops moving. Those white lashes get
a little over luscious, so I’m just taking my black
and just tampering them back down a little again,
I never actually put little eyelashes on the inside like
that but she was just begging for it. So now I decided again I kind
of wanted more green hair. And so I just grabbed
a darker hue and again it just matches the green in
her eyes and I’m just painting with the side of that pen and
you can see how juicy it is. And you just stick your finger
in and wipe, wipe, wipe. It is magical! So I hope this video answers
some of your questions about the processes you
see over and over and over in almost all of my Mix Media projects, these are really the
reasons why I am doing all the things you guys always
see me doing and I hope that this helps a ton. And I do have to confess
I went back to this, this area, oh I struggled. I should’ve just stopped
and then I did over work. I’m super good at not over
working, usually because I’m so ADD and I’m like “I’m
done!” And I call it a day, but this time, ugh, she almost
got me, because I went back for more and then I started
screwing everything up. And then I really had to just, I mean I was panicking right here, because I couldn’t ease
the transition anymore. It was like Waaaaah.
Total freak out moment. But just goes to show you
that, it happens to everybody. So don’t over work your
work, if you love it, stop. Don’t worry about it, just love
it and hold on to the love. And so I really had to be
patient and rework and rework as you can see what I’m
doing right now but I was totally freaking out panic mode. And I think what happened
was that new layer was really juicy and that old layer
was totally dry and then they didn’t like play nicely together so once you have settled,
so obviously you’ll see I finally left that left part sort of like just let it sit for a minute and see if it would finally relax and then
the new layers would stop fighting and you can see,
you can actually see it now starting to dry and they
do start to come together. A little bit more. But see her shading on her nose, I would not have gone that
delicate shading had it not been for that reference
and so don’t be afraid to use references. Not for copying but
for educating and using it to tell you and where things can go. I super hope you enjoyed
this video as much as I did giving it to you and if
you have any questions please feel free to pop them
in the comment questions. If you want a link to my
free tutorials they’re on the description box, if
you think anyone else would benefit from this video I
encourage you to share it in your Facebook groups and
with your artistic peers. And as usual thank you
so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, I have new videos every
single week and new free, full length tutorials like this one every month on Thank you so much for watching, bye! (upbeat outro music)

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  40. Karen I love love love and love this beauty. She caught my eye in your book so I had to watch you make her and now I'm going to try for myself. Thank you so very much for everything you do and draw/paint/etc because you are like a breath of fresh air, and I have learned more in 6 months than a lifetime of seeking and learning. Hugs and mwwwgh x

  41. Great video. I learned some new techniques. I am new at shading on a girls face. Thanks for sharing. โค

  42. Iโ€™m at the 19 min mark….you couldโ€™ve stopped like 6 steps earlier & I STILL wouldโ€™ve been WOWED by this page.

    I also wouldโ€™ve had a lot more confidence trying to create something similar about 6-10 steps ago ๐Ÿ˜‚

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