My INSTAGRAM Followers Decides my WORKOUT
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My INSTAGRAM Followers Decides my WORKOUT

Yo guys, today the video will be different from usual, because you have decided what I have to do in my next workout! It is my rest day, so I take advantage to record something new. I used my Instagram Profile to ask to my followers some Core/ABS and Push/Pull exercises. I choose 4 options per exercises, and then I did a survey to see the most voted one. About the Core/ABS you asked me tough circuits and some people asked me to do legs instead of core. leg presses, pistol squats etc. a lot of unrelated things (LOL). At the end, the options I have chosen for the survey are: L-sit to V-sit 10 times. (10 toes to bar + 10” L-sit hanging at the bar + 40” Hollow Body Position) x 5 Times. Without rest. 3rd option: 10 Knee Raises + 10 Leg Raises + 10 Toes to Bar + MAX L-sit hold. And then, Dragonflag, since everyone asked me “Dragonflag, dragonflag, weighted dragonflag” etc. And the winner is… The Dragon Flag! So, now I will go to the gym, I will do a quick warm up and then I’ll do the Dragonflag. I will do some sets with extra weight and some bodyweight sets, so no one will complain! The number of Sets and Reps wasn’t indicated, so I will do a classic 5 x 5. Let’s go to the gym!… …But first, press the “Like” Button, if we will reach 15.000 of likes, I will record another video like this one. Also, subscribe to my channel, you only need 3 seconds to click the “Subscribe” Button and it is a HUGE help for me. I have extra weight now, it’s +3kg (+6,6 LBS). But is going to be difficult for sure, since all the extra weight is on my ankles. Let’s see what happens, 1st time ever. I’m feeling the pressure ahah. The only problem is, my back compression. The extra weight is perfect the exercise is way harder now, but not over my limit, so I can control every repetition. I will point my feet for the last set, otherwise I will receive the classic question “WhY Don’t YoU pOint yoUr FEet?”. The truth is, that I like doing the dragonflag without pointing the feet, it’s cooler to see. Of course if I point my feet, I can engage better my muscles, but aesthetics before everything. Sometimes I like to point my feet like gymnasts, sometimes no, that’s it. Now… …I need to take my phone, so I can see the Push/Pull exercises you have chosen. About the “Push” and “Pull” Exercises, I received A LOT of messages! You asked me to max out push ups, pull ups, dips someone said “MAX Push ups + MAX Pull ups + MAX Dips without REST between each ex” One Arm Front Lever, Maltese Presses etc. But at the end, I have chosen the 4 most interesting options for the survey: 90° Push ups on Rings and Front Lever Pulls. 5 reps of 90° Push ups + 8 Handstand Push Ups + 10 Muscle Ups + 10 Pull ups. Then someone said “Sleep” ahah. Last option was 100 push ups and 50 pull ups. The winner of the survey is… …SLEEP! So, my workout will be all about sleeping! Random Guy: “Sleep” is not the winner! Andrea: “Yes, sleep is the winner.” Well, at least I tried… the real winner is 90° PU on Rings + Front Lever Pulls. No sets/reps indicated, so I will do about 5 sets. Let’s start the interesting part of the workout. I think, I have one ring higher than the other one, so the stability wasn’t 100%. I don’t know if the execution was correct, but it doesn’t matter, I will count this as my 1st set anyway. I can’t reach the full handstand, because I have the bar, and I don’t want to touch it. So, today I will focus more on “strengthening” my muscles rather than the “quality” of the movement. I started with 5 repetitions per exercise and now I’m decreasing 1 repetition set after set. (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) I keep feeling a slight asymmetry between my right and left arm. I don’t usually feel asymmetry, so the problem is either about the rings position or about my body ahaha. To do a superset like this, is quite challenging, especially for the core and the nervous system, because there is no rest. If you are able to do 90° Push ups on Rings and Front Lever Pulls, you have to try it! It’s a good way to decrease the length of your training. One Last set to go. I finished my workout, now it’s time to recover! I received a lot of funny suggestions like a pizza, porchetta sandwich, McDonald, a Blueberry 1 Apple…because an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, classic whey proteins. Since you guys love me, you almost all voted for 1 Blueberry ahah. You could say something like “10 Blueberries” at least ahah. Please click the “Like” Button if you enjoyed the video if we reach 15000 likes, I’m going to record a new video like this one where you will choose what I have to do. Also, don’t forget to leave me a comment under this video, so I can have a honest feedback. And follow me on Instagram @larosa_sw so you can see all my future posts, stories and decide what should I do for my next youtube videos.

100 thoughts on “My INSTAGRAM Followers Decides my WORKOUT

  1. Yo guys, please click the “Like” Button if you enjoyed the video. If we reach 15000 likes, I’m going to record a new video like this one where YOU will choose what I have to do.

    Please, leave me a comment under this video, so I can have a honest feedback and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @larosa_sw so you can see all my future posts, stories and decide what should I do for my next youtube videos.

  2. Sleep is actually better than any training beacause without it ur muscles wont repair lol.

    BTW great vid keep up the good work strong AF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Can you do a video about front lever in low bar (or high) like you did with planche please it would be great. Also great vid

  4. A chiunque chieda consigli di Calisthenics su "Yahoo Answer > Sport > Sport Altro" gli dico di dare un'occhiata ai tuoi video non solo per ispirarsi ma per motivarsi.

  5. Could you do a one arm handstand progression ? it will be very interesting cause those videos are rare and of course because i want to train it 🙂 Anyway, thanks for everything you do .Be Strong !

  6. Your amazingggggggggggg 🙂 90 degree push ups on the ringssssss for repsssss whatttttt !!!!! 🙂 I knew you were amazing before 🙂 but I'm like speechless Lol 🙂

    Ho visto questo video a pomeriggio prima del workout, valido come ottimo prewo invece della polvere 👌
    In tutto ciò tua vena ironica è Top ! Keep grindin’

  8. Ciao Andrea
    Volevo chiederti, capita anche a te qualche volta di non sentirti troppo in forma durante gli allenamenti e se si cosa fai per recuperare meglio.
    Ciao grazie e sei fortissimo

  9. ma invece di fare sta roba, nella quale già sappiamo che sei forte, facci vedere come te la cavi con le powerlift, con la OHP, con pull-ups e skills zavoratte, visto che hai una genetica da paura e mi sembri una persona molto molto disciplinata e determinata, mostraci e mostrati quanto ancora puoi fare.

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