My Favorite Apps For Editing Instagram Photos
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My Favorite Apps For Editing Instagram Photos

My favorite Instagram
apps are always changing. I’m Sue B. Zimmerman,
and today, I’m going to share with you my
favorite apps that I use to enhance my Instagram post. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m excited to share with you
three different apps that I use in addition to
Instagram to edit my photos. Now, like many of you, I have
tried so many different apps out there. And I always say, only use
the apps that you enjoy and the ones that are
easy to navigate and use. As you can see from looking
at my Instagram folder, I do have a lot of apps in here. And there’s three
things that I want to keep in mind when
you are choosing apps to use for your business. Number one, how does this
fit into my Instagram theme? As you can see, my
theme is very colorful. I follow the colors
in the Instagram logo when I’m posting. And you see overtones
of a nautical vibe when you scroll through. Number two, does this image
visually represent my brand? And number three, finally,
the most important is, is the photo a
North Star photo? Meaning, is it of
the highest quality that you are posting each
and every time you post? All of the apps that
I’m going to show you can enhance your photo. They all have great
filters and they all have creative ways to do that. So let me dive into
each one and show you. So the first I’m going
to– all these apps are great editing
apps, in my opinion. Let me start with
showing you Camera Plus. Now, you’re going to
upload by just clicking that little flower icon,
click on the plus mark, and then choose a photo
from your camera roll– and I’m going to
go in and I’m going to grab the one of
Tina and myself. When you click on
it, you just import. Now, you can click on
more than one photo at a time to bring
them into Camera Plus. When you bring it in, you
see this Editing Tool. I’m going to click
on the Edit Brush. And this brings us into
all the different options to edit the photo. So depending on
what kind of photo you’re uploading– whether it’s
a beach, cloudy, sunny one, there are different
filters for that. Now, I like to go
right into the Lab because the Lab gives me
a way to manually adjust the clarity, which is
typically what I do. So I go in here–
and sometimes I play with the intensity
to bump it up a little because as you can see
from my Instagram feed, I like bright, vibrant colors. And then I go into
the Vibrancy Boost and boost it up a little
bit there as well. So I really like
the way that looks. It’s bright, it’s
colorful, and the energy is there that matches
up to my Instagram feed. So I’m going to click on Check. And I’m going to then
click on Done to export it. Now I can share this. I can save it to my camera roll. So I’m just going
to Save this to use for another time to
upload to Instagram. FX also has great filters and
a lot of different options for exposure, and saturation,
and contrast, and tints, and a lot over here. But what I really focus on
in this app are the Overlays. So let me show you an
example of an Overlay. So we’re going to
grab that photo again. I’m going to move it a
little bit with my finger here to position it. And choose the photo. I’m going to go into Overlays. Now, when I’m doing sunsets,
I really like it for that. I’m going to show
you that in a minute. So that Light Leaks is what’s
really good, especially when there’s a
photo like the one that you’re looking at
here with Tina and myself on the deck
overlooking the marina. And I really want to
add some Light Leaks. So there’s all different
options for those leaks. Right? That makes it feel like
the sun’s beaming down. And this is just a
little bit of a leak. And obviously, the intensity can
change from a different area, depending on what you want. So again, because I like
the vibrancy of color, I am going to stick to a subtle
leak over on– let’s do– yeah, below. Like coming up. I think that looks cool. And that’s it. I’m going to Check
it and I’m going to Upload it on the top right. Now remember, there’s all
these other options as well. So I’m going to Save that
one to my camera roll. But what I want to show
you inside of Instagram is a photo that I used for
the sunset overlay, which is this one right here. I took a sunset photo
and I used the Overlay. And I had options of a
color combination to use. So let’s go back into
the app and I’ll show you the sunset Overlays right here. Really cool, right? You guys know, obviously,
this doesn’t work as well on this kind of photo. But I want to
point it out to you because I’m sure if you’re like
me and many other people who have success on Instagram, you
are showing at least one sunset photo every now and again. So definitely play
around with this app. It’s a good one to use,
especially for sunset overlays. After Light is a great
app that you can also use to edit your photos. Lots of options here. What I like to use
After Light for is more of the options of the
filters within these categories here– Original,
Guest, and Seasons. You have to pay extra
for the other two. But let’s go into Seasons
because this is where I like to spend some time. And because I like
the nautical vibe, I like to look at
the Sailor option. It definitely tones it down
a little bit and I like that. It feels good. But let’s also go into
Bay– another word that is on point with my branding. And then I can Adjust here. So I like the way
that those look. I’m going to press Check. And I want to point
out– like Deluxe FX– there are those Leaks. So a lot of the apps
have the same features and then they have
a unique feature. And this is where I find
using different apps is helpful and creative–
as long as they’re on point with your branding. And I just want to take
you down to the final tab on the right, where you can do
some cool things with frames, as well. So I’m going to press
Done on After Light. Now you can share it directly
to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or you can just Save it. Of all the apps, to
be totally honest, where I do spend my
most time editing my photos are right
inside the Instagram app. Typically, what I’ll do is
use just two of the features. I want to show you all the
filter options– there are so many that you can choose from. I do organize my filters and
keep my favorite at the top. But when I want to edit a
photo, I click into Edit. I go right into
the Brightness Tool and I bump up the brightness. And then, I go to Saturation. And these are the two places
where I spend the most time. Now if, for any reason,
I have a photo that is not as sharp as I want it
to be and I love the photo, I will go into the
Sharpen tool and use that. So Instagram is where I
do spend most of my time. Let me know in the
comments below what your favorite
Instagram apps are. I really want to know. And be sure to grab my free
Instagram strategy guide. This is where I share tips,
tools, and strategies to help you get started on Instagram. And I will see you on Instagram. Have a great day.

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