My Classroom: Media Graphix
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My Classroom: Media Graphix

Animation is storytelling and it could be
the most basic form. Media Graphix is a student-runned design agency
as part of the University Communications for Central Michigan University. I’ve been able to make a couple of GIFs through
media graphix. One is a “Fire up Chips!” confetti image. The other one was a “Mother’s Day” graphic where
it was story a calligraphy, revealing “Happy Mother’s Day” with some nice, tulips, maroon
and gold tulips kind of floating in the wind. Media Graphix is My Classroom,
mainly because of the people, where I know that I can learn something from everybody
here. Whether it’s other designers or people above
me, I’m always learning something new. The graphic design and animation programs,
they give you all of the skills you need to complete your projects, but then once you
start doing real-world projects. You have to deal with things like client meetings
and in-voices, billing. So kind of more of the business end of everything. My name is May Napora and Media Graphix is
my classroom.

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