Multiple Twitter Accounts – Vlogust Day 10
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Multiple Twitter Accounts – Vlogust Day 10

Welcome to WeCreateEdu. Today we are talking
about Twitter. I already had a SciJoy account and now I wanted to create a WeCreateEdu account.
You can see that I actually used a different name originally, but it was really easy to
change later. And I wanted to know how could I manage both accounts. And how could I also
add other moderators, because there is more than just me running this channel. So I used
something called Tweet Deck. I had to log int to Tweet Deck using the WeCreateEdu account,
because I wanted to add SciJoy as an Admin and I wanted to add a bunch of other moderators
too. There are a bunch of features on the side too. You can look at your feed, your
notifications, your messages you have from other people, your activities, you mentions,
and you can play around with the things that you want to see. You can also create specific
lists as an individual column. But I wanted to go down to the manage team section and
add myself. I wanted SciJoy to not just be a contributor, but I wanted them to be an
Admin. So I can control more things. Then I added a bunch of other people as contributors
so they can tweet on behalf of WeCreateEdu Then I had to sign into tweet deck as SciJoy.
And that is the one that I mainly use now. After I accepted the authorization, I can
now tweet from either SciJoy or from WeCreateEdu. I can write a regular tweet, add images, or
I can schedule a tweet to go out at a later date. I can also direct message people from
the WeCreateEdu or the SciJoy. And I wanted to take a brief look at analytics. If you
go to your twitter page, you can go to your profile. Go down to analytics, and you can
look through the different ones that they have. It kind of gives you a snapshot of ever
month. What is your top mention, your top tweet, maybe your top tweet with media in
it. And you can see how many people looked at it. How many people clicked on it or favorited
it or retweeted. And you can also look at each individual tweet in your own feed by
clicking on the little bar graph. And it will show you how many impressions or engagements
and link clicked is pretty cool to know too. But you can only look at that on the ones
that you originally created. Anything that you’ve retweeted you can see. So if I wanted
to look at this WeCreateEd tweet and its analytics, I would have to go to that individual account.
Analytics is something I just stated using a few months ago so I wanted you guys to see
that. Thank you for watching, and I will see you tomorrow.

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