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Mr. Sundhara Vadhan | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Check out the link in the description
to watch Kailasapuram exclusively on Zee5.’ Even I can’t watch myself in the mirror.
Why would girls want to watch me? Nevermind, I’ll still keep trying.
– Sundar.. – Yes, mom! Look at yourself. You don’t even know
how to make yourself presentable. Let me help you. This is how you should comb your hair.
Your dad and I are planning on getting you married. Get me married? Why?
– People ask me how old my grand kids are. No girl would want to marry me.
– Why not? You’re a nice guy and a teetotaller. You’ve a very well paying job
and to top it, you are handsome. I am handsome? Don’t ever say
this unless you want peope to burst out laughing. Forget people, even I want to burst out laughing.
– Don’t think so less about yourself. Yes, your complexion may be on the darker side
but you got a heart of gold. People only care about my complexion.
– No, they won’t.. Forget it. Being my mother you’ll always find me
good looking. Anyways, I’m leaving for work. The coast is clear.
Better I get in now. Is this guy Sundar? Hey, Sundar!
– Shit! I better flee before he calls again. Hey, Sundar! No one spotted me sneaking in. Here is my makeup kit. Mother always tells me apply face powder.
– Dude, come on out! What is the matter?
– He’s occupied the washroom for 30 minutes. Is he dead? I guess Sundar is inside putting on his make up.
– Make up? Bro, you over did it.
– You’re jealous that I now look fair skinned than you. You should’ve added
a little more face to the powder. Happy birthday, sir!
– Thank you, guys! Why isn’t he wishing me? Why aren’t you wishing me, Sundar?
– I’m just not in the mood to. Then do attend my party this evening. We’ll rock it!
– Sure, sir. All of you, do attend my party!
– Sure, sir! Sir, I’ll attend too!
– What’s the matter, Sundar? I won’t attend if she attends.
– Why not? – She is poking fun at me. Nobody dare poke fun at Sundar.
Sundar, you are the chief guest at my party. Cool! Hell with this traffic!
I’ll put on my make up before anyone spots me. My make up should be spot on. Because today is my birthday,
I want you all to chill and have fun. Who is this girl? She looks cute.
We never saw her at the office before. Excuse me! Hi, I’m Kiran. You know what, you are so pretty!
– Whatever. Who contacted me for stash? Stash?
– Stash? Yes, that is me. Did you get it? Yeah.
– Give it to me. – But first, pay up. ‘Oh, shit! I’m out of cash.’ Can’t I pay you online?
– No, you can’t. Does anybody got cash?
Anybody? You can keep this watch.
This is a Rolex. Is this original?
– Don’t you believe me? What crap! Why did you place it in bottle of face powder?
– So that no one finds it on me. You are a smart girl.
– That I know. – Let’s test it. All you guys, come here.
Hurry up. This smells like face powder. ‘Yes, this is face powder.
Then where did the stash go?’ This is flavored stash.
I imported this specially for you from out of India. Is it? You imported it specially for me?
– Sir, let me try. ‘It is better I flee from here.’ Atleast someone got high. This party is sure rocking! Why is everyone in a huddle?
A huddle without me? Something is amiss.
This does smell like face powder. Sundar, what is wrong with you?
– Get lost! Here she is.
Come here, miss. This morning you said
I am as black as coal. Now see me. Am I not white?
– Sundar, what is going on? What is going on you ask? Sir..
– What is wrong, Sundar? Everyone says I’m dark skinned!
I am not dark skinned, see, I’m fair skinned. I agree, you are white!
– You are white, you know that? I’m glad atleast someone understands me. Sundar Vadhan is white, sir! Guys, Sundar Vadhan has passed out.
Help him to the hospital. How is Sundar Vadhan, doctor?
– Multiple organs of his failed due to drug overdose. Even his heartbeat slowed down.
He may recover if he is admitted in a rehab center. If you liked this video, let us know
in the comment section below. And do like, share and subscribe to Wirally.
Also, a web series named Kailasapuram is being streamed on Zee5. We’ve seen it and we’ve loved it.
It was produced by Tamada Media. Watch it right away.
The link is in the description below.

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