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Hello. I’m Halpert Evans, and I’ve starred in more film-to-stage adaptations than anyone in the history of the theater. So come along with me on this journey of MOVIES, MUSICALS & ME. All right Courtney, give me a beat. [COURTNEY BEATBOXING] [RAPPING] I’m Halpert Evans and I’m here to say
I’m happy to sing for you today Rap music. Once a small and obscure genre, as far as I’m aware,
has now been elevated to the state of high art. Why? Because it has been on Broadway. So now, I like it. I can’t get enough of all of my favorite rap artists: Lin-Manuel Miranda… and the rest. When I saw Hamilton, I thought to myself, “What other historical figure could I
turn into an edgy hip-hopera?” CARRIE: Oh, when the social network
musical thing came along, I mean, oh… We begged Halpert not to do it. Begged him! You know, I- I said, “I don’t think an elderly white man rapping about some tech genius is really gonna go over well with the critics.” But he insisted. “I have a nephew on Facebook,” he said. “I rap for him!” But I’ll admit, when Halpert became Zuckerberg… something magic happened. That show broke all the Broadway
pre-sale records and… from what I hear, Facebook has
been pretty popular ever since, so… But of course my favorite rap artist is… me, in this next song. Ladies and gentlemen, in this next song, Halpert plays a
computer hacker… with attitude. Performing the chart-topping single “Zuckerberg”, this is Halpert Evans as Mark Zuckerberg from
“The Social Network: The Musical”. Erica… break up with me? Ha! You really are public school, aren’t you? You know, the average human being lives 27,375 days. If that’s true, then I’m spending the rest of my
17,509 making sure you regret this one. ♫ Want to leave, Erica? Be gone!
You can find your boy Zucky at a hackathon ♫ ‘Cause hackers are the future, and I’m the best one. Yeah, owning the world is gonna be fun ♫ ‘Cause all my life I’ve been called a nerd,
but no one knows the real Zuckerberg. ♫ I got a GPA that’s a 4.5,
but the fellas wish they had my big hard drive ♫ The smartest at Harvard with a top-notch brain,
Computer Science – my code’s insane! ♫ I’m a human calculator, but the girls I wanna date are
just a sorry bunch of haters: sayonara, see ya later! ♫ The clubs don’t want me, Erica dumped me,
all the other girls here don’t wanna [GASP] me, ♫ but soon enough they’ll feel ashamed,
’cause the whole wide world’s gonna know my name ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck Zuck Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ M-A-R-K Zuckerberg ♫ I’ve been coding all night, I haven’t slept a wink,
’cause I’m crushing adderall into my Red Bull drink ♫ I got the processing speed of a supercomputer,
like Neo from “The Matrix”, I can see the future! ♫ HTTP colon, backslash, backslash,
when I made FaceMash I got some backlash ♫ The Winklevii got nothin’ on me,
with their HarvardConnection and their muscled bodies ♫ My code’s superior, they’ll see,
in the real world, they’ll be working for me. ♫ I’m a monster, I’m a code zombie,
And they’ll feel my wrath when my hands hit the keys ♫ It’s gonna be cool, gonna be great,
gonna be the next Bill Gates ♫ And if I stay on track
I’ll be the next team Wozniak ♫ Now watch me hack! [SPOKEN] Watch me hack! ♫ boop boop boop bo-bo-boop ♫ boop boop boop bo–boop ♫ boop boop boop bo-bo-boop ♫ boop boop boop bo–boop ♫ I’m a programming prodigy with nothing to lose,
it’s Marky-Mark from Cambridge, Massachussets! ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck Zuck Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ M-A-R-K Zuckerberg [SPOKEN] That’s right, Erica. I’m gonna be changing the world, while you’re here at school, with your face stuck in a- Oh my God! ♫ I’m about to make the next big thing:
an online kingdom where I’m the king ♫ of you, and you, and you and you and you!
That’s right: Zuckerberg 2032! ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck Zuck Zuckerberg ♫ Zuck, Zuck, Zuckerberg ♫ Zuckerberg…. ♫ Zuckerberg…. [SPOKEN] I’m gonna be rich. I’m CEO, bitch. CARRIE: No! No, no. No of course I don’t
resent him for dropping me as his agent, no. What I will say about Halpert is, um… He’s always listened to those who
have the experience in- in the industry, and I think, ah well, I think I looked so young that he didn’t- he didn’t take me seriously, um… He thought I was much younger than I actually am, and, you know, an agent just expects at least
a Christmas gift every Christmas to say “thank you for representing me in
this cold hard business”. One time he did give me a Shoney’s gift card. There was only $12 left on it, so I assumed he used it… before I got it. How could I hate that man? I mean, the 10% from that Zuckerberg alone bought this, and these, and put my kids through college! And do I- do I wish I still represented Halpert? Is the Pope an alcoholic? Right? I meant Catholic, good night folks!

100 thoughts on “MOVIES, MUSICALS & ME: Ep 8 Zuckerberg (THE SOCIAL NETWORK PARODY)

  1. I just realized that this is the guy from Spies are Forever who sang ‘Ya Gotta, ya, ya, ya gotta’ in Eyes on the prize.

  2. I was actually privileged to attend opening night of the Social Network musical and Halpert really captured what a despicable character the lead was. Truly one of his best roles.

    Also, OOC, I wonder if Lauren's eyes hurt when she does the eyes thing.

  3. How …… did this get one dislike?! I’m… shocked! Why … WOULD YOU DO THAT! Now put your hand ON TAHT WALL!

  4. The sound I made when I saw Lauren was not human.
    "Is the pope a alcoholic……… I meant catholic" This has gotta be my favorite episode

  5. shit that was actually a fantastic rap number…. gonna be on repeat for awhile. Courtney snapping while playing the piano…. mind blowing.

    Erica must regret everything now.

  6. I was having an allergic reaction yesterday that lasted until this morning. After I saw this video, my swelling started to go away. #HalpertHealedMe #PayCourtneyRealMoney #TrueStoryBro

  7. Wow, with the way Lauren uses her face, she looks like Jaime! I honestly had to look in the description.
    In the thumbnail it was clear to me that it was Lauren but seeing her act, I couldn't tell anymore 😀

  8. In which Lauren voices the age struggle of every super short person ever: not getting taken seriously because people keep thinking you're so much younger than you actually are.

  9. Clark's performance in this deserves a dedicated comment! Great acting, amazing composition and pretty decent lyrics for a genre that is a departure from the usual Starkid pop/rock/show tunes, and excellent delivery. Rap with piano accompaniment is the future! It made what could have been quite a flat and rhythmic piece surprisingly melodic and catchy. Kudos to the music team, you guys are smashing it!
    I'm sure that with all his talent and hard work, Courtney could be an even bigger star than Halpert. Maybe that is the reason Halpert isn't paying Courtney, trying to keep him downtrodden so he doesn't outshine him?

  10. I never thought of everyone singing Hamilton's name at the beginning of the musical as weird until it was replaced with Zuckerburg

  11. Okay but the one thing missing from this episode was the little scene after the song with Halpert saying "Mark Zuckerberg came to me after the show, and he told me: 'Halpert. You were better on stage than I was in real life.'" * zoom on Courtney's amazed face*

  12. Mark Zuckerberg is by far Halpert’s best role. I’ll never forget seeing this show and him performing this song…five-minute standing ovation. Unforgettable.

    Still think he should #PayCourtney

  13. Can someone please actually make this a musical cuz I’m crying XD just Mark Zuckerberg kills me but playing him while rapping, this is great

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