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Movies In Minutes – Facebook The Movie

-We live in a world completely– -Duh. It’s called Earth. No. I mean, yes, but– We live in a world, a completely different world from what you’re used to. -What do you mean? -The people, they’ve changed. There’s the pokers. -[giggles] -[sighs deeply] -[giggles] -[groans] -[giggles] [giggles] Ha– -[sighs deeply] -The camera whores. [shutter clicks] -Add caption: “I look terrible in this picture.” Now people will write nice things about me. -What are you doing? -Taking off my shirt. -Why? -So I can take a picture of myself so it looks like I’m not flexing, but I really is. -That’s just gonna make you look like a douche. -I know. [laughs] [strains, camera shutter clicks] -The wall spammers. [heavy metal music playing] -Spam! [grunts weakly] -And much, much worse. [dramatic music plays] -It’s been nearly four hours and my blueberries aren’t ready to harvest and neither are my sheep. -[baas] -What kind of world is this? -Oh, it’s not a world. -Then what is it? -You don’t wanna know. -Oh, okay. -It’s a world… called Facebook. -Teehee. -Hey. -Who are you? -I’m Tom and this is MySpace. -Actually, no, this is my house. -Oh, yeah? Then why don’t you ask Dad. -Oh, hey Xanga. -[muffled] Hey!

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  1. Didn't know Skitzo was part of this video

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