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  1. Hey Mark, i have been trying to get someone to answer this question for me for a while now. I have my youtube channel linked to a university email so its not letting me run adsense based on that. Im thinking your strategy in the video will work. Is there anyway i can transfer my youtube to another email so i can start monetizing my videos?

    I originally used this account for school projects but since then dont do that anymore. Im thinking i can maybe create a brand account and move it to that but I'm not sure if ill be able to change the email so i can use adsense.

    Thank you so much regardless!

  2. I have a couple questions:
    1. Will all of the video comments I've left on other people's videos (under my personal account name) be saved as well under the new branded name?
    2. Will any channel problems that I'm experiencing under my personal account be transferred as well? For example, I have an account that no longer allows me to initiate comments. I can only respond to other people's comments on the videos I post.
    Thanks a lot man.

  3. Ok. I have my "personal account" that I have been uploading everything to. I want to make a PS4 game channel now. My question is will I still be able to upload to both personal account (original) and the brand account for gaming videos? thx

  4. I wish there were a way to change my main channel url name, when i started this channel i picked a stupid name, now that ive grown the whole direction of my channel has changed yet my youtube.com/name does not match my channel at all

  5. I have 2 separate accounts that I'm trying to combine, not channels. I don't see this video being able to explain that problem.

  6. what about if I have copyright on one channel. if I move it will the copyright be gone ? and I lose the videos ?????

  7. I converted my channel to Brand account but its says i won't be able to keep same custom URL 🙁 now i have lost custom URL and system doesn't allow me to chose one. How can i get YT email support?

  8. When I go to choose my brand account to switch too, it doesn't show the one that I want. why? It's so stressful

  9. It works!!! thanks a lot, it took me risk to move my personal Youtube channel to a brand channel so a big thanks.

  10. Thank you so much. This helped me figure out this problem of taking a personal account and making it into a Brand. I struggled for months and watched many videos. Even contacted Google and couldn't figure it out. THANK YOU!

  11. If I move 1 upload from another account, to THIS account, which account to I loose? This one or the account with the 1 upload? I don't wanna loose THIS account J Gregory.

  12. I just did this process just a little more than 12 hours before posting this comment, now my subscriptions and watch history are completely gone… Well, just from the brand account (the account I used to type this), my subscriptions and the watch history from before I began the process still exists in the personal account (the one that now says "No channel" on the mobile platform).

    Can anyone confirm whether or not this is temporary?

  13. My Situation Please Help: I have an old brand account with just a few videos so I don't care for it much, however, it has adsense and it is monetized before they changed the rule to 10,000 views. So my question is:

    1. If I transfer my new channel that I want to monetize but does not yet have 10,000 views to my old branded account, although videos, views, likes, and comments get deleted from the old account does monetization stay and will I be able to now have my new channel monetized sooner that way?

  14. i have two channel Channel A and Channel B, in channel A have 200 subscriber and 20 video and B have 150 subscriber and 50 video i want to move channel A in Channel B without losing subscriber and video of channel B, means channel A + Channel B subscriber (200+150 =350) can be merge.

  15. I created a brand account… But before I do this, let me get this straight: If I move my brand account to my main account (The one I'm commenting on now) Will my main account remove my liked videos and subscriptions?

    Or will my subscriptions be on my brand account and no longer my old main

  16. So my vlogging channel is a brand account and it’s connected to my main channel, and when I get a subscriber it notifies me, and this brand account does not have a email, so I can’t unsubscribe to the notification, so how do I move my brand account to its own account

  17. This is late but are you able to do it the other way around? Like move a brand channel to the other account? Will it be the same? Like will the likes, subs be the same and are you able to move it to an account that doesnt have a youtube channel? Thanks

  18. Great channel. Love to see a video on how to change adsense address. And how to switch your gmail over to your professional email.

  19. Bhai ye mobile se nahi ho sakta kya agar nahi hota toh bata do plz
    Maine 8 /10 youtubers se puch liya lekin fir v wo log bata nahi rahe hai lagta hai unsabka fatt gayiii ha kya plz bro batao
    Mujhe mobile se youtube account ko transfer karna hai Naya gmail id mai

  20. hey great video just want to ask questions can i move it back to personal channel?i messed up and suddenly it moves to brand account.thanks

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  22. Your video was very helpful. I wasn't sure what it meant to have a branded channel. I thought it was for people who had a business and were promoting it.

  23. After seeing some comments I will definitely start my own channel as branded. It's seems like the smartest thing to do to avoid future problems. Thanks again!

  24. Just to be sure. Everyone has to start with a personal channel then you immediately change it to a branded channel, am I correct? I don't have you tube channel yet but will and for sure I don't want it do have my name as the channel name.

  25. What is this you are saying about losing your custom URL? Account 1 (that has all my subs and videos) has the wrong custom url. Account 2 that I want to move to has the right brand URL. That is the whole reason I want to move there! Please help because youtube email support is not responding.

  26. My first channel has 1k subscriber, my second channel 204 subscriber, but when I move, the second videos and subcriber channel arrive in the first channel, but the first Subsriber And Videos Channel disappears.

  27. Nice Video.

    I do have some questions.. I shoot n upload videos of different topics under playlists. My friends suggested me to don't mix all the videos under same banner so I want to ask

    1. If I transfer one of my playlist to a new channel will I lose some of my subscribers too ?

    2. Can I create multiple channel from my main account which is basically my studio house ?

  28. I have a problem, I made a youtube channel with my school account. Then it somehow became a brand account under an account with the same email and password. I might have to delete my school account so will the brand account be deleted too? And another thing, how do you turn a brand account into a normal youtube/google account?? And can you change an email of a brand account? And can you put a brand account under a different account?

  29. 3 days have passed and i still have 2 accounts with the same name.Only when i am signed i see the real name of the brand channel.Otherwise is exactly the same as my personal channel.pls help

  30. How about the comments people have left on my videos? All the comments that views and subs have left on a video I have uploaded will not be deleted? Confused by the "Your comments cannot be moved" part at 3:54

  31. Thanks for the info. One Q. What happens to my existing change once I move all videos to a new brand account?

    1. I assume all videos move to brand account and the old account will not have any. In that case I can still use the old channel to upload new videos? Will the old URL change? or be deleted?

    2. After moving to brand account, will my old channel be completely removed/deleted? along with the existing URL?

    I want to move away from being a personal channel to a brand and Im not sure if it is the right move. Please help. thanks

  32. hi Dear First question is how to move owner ship from one person to another( i dont have create yet any extra account) ..Do I have to move first the primary Youtube ch to the Brand account?? and then how can I can give my ch to another person..Mk

  33. Sir will I get AdSense approval for brand account and does the AdSense earning of brand channel is less than a personal channel pls tell pls pls sir it will help me a lot

  34. hi i want to set my brand account to my main account because i have all the subs on my brand account please help me

  35. Thank you, I was freaking out a little about going forward on the final step until I found your video to confirm I wasn't going to break anything. Thanks!

  36. I need a bit of a tip man, I made this channel here a brand channel and it's been over 10 hours but it still is processing. Is there something I can do??

  37. I never made my channel a brand account. I made it before google+ was a thing, so I guess it changed to Brand automatically, but it never asked me if I wanted that.

  38. I have a channel but I used my school’s email which ends in .net. I don’t have the rights to change it or add a channel. It says invalid request or contact admin. Is there any hope?

  39. Hi Mark, what happens when you have your channel with your company G Suite Enterprise, my email and everything is with my company but I want to move it all to a personal or my own brand account. I am thinking of switching my company in the next few months.

  40. Hey,
    This is my channel … I have another 20k channel.
    So, can i more this channel to that 20k channel without losing for this channel.

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