Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Its first birthday exceeded our wildest
expectations Nice to meet you Morgan. Nice to meet you Lee. You have a thirteen-year old daughter. You don’t get to see her much anymore Skip, don’t go in there okay Don’t, what? Don’t you go down there, Skip! Don’t be afraid, Amy. I have to go say goodbye to mother. Fox approached
IBM and they said, well we have this movie coming out. It’s called Morgan, and it’s an AI horror
thriller. And then, what Fox asked was could Watson analyze the movie and
generate a trailer, automatically? Human beings are very quick to judge the mood
of an individual. Possibly, an AI overtime might be able to develop those states
same instincts. So we thought let’s send Watson to film school. Morgan was our little
breakthrough. Exceeded our wildest expectations. You have the whole of the Morgan movie
and you can see where action is taking place at the different moment of the movie.
And this is how Watson actually extracted salient moments from Morgan
which we then propose for making the trailer. Watson was able to model the scene
visually to determine, was the scene scary? Was it a tender moment, was there sadness
or happiness? Watson is the tool that’s Watson is the tool that’s helping arrange the visuals, but it still needs the human element. So then Icome in and just supervise the creative
aspect. I don’t think AI is any value until it does start to understand and calibrate those emotions for itself. I think that’s asking a deeper question:
Aill computers be able to create art? Can they create? It’s still very difficult
to think of how a computer might be capable of original thought- something
that’s essential in creativity.

100 thoughts on “Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  1. Can you imagine a world when you can make an agressive AI with a bunch of robots, and just send it to ISIS for example. That'll be dangerously amazing.

  2. Seriously, Hollywood is reaching with this pile of trash. Well, thank goodness we have the 90's for all our go to movies on rainy days.

  3. Create an interesting and haunting trailer in an unconventional way , instantly start ruining the effect by adding a redundant "Making of-" feature to the trailer that shows too much. Are you retarded 20th Century Fox? Can we replace your marketing department with an AI already?

  4. Humans are so stupid. They always think the first thing an AI would do, would be to make the same mistakes that we do. Just like alien movies.

  5. I was actually pretty excited to see this film especially since it's done by Luke Scott (Who is Ridley Scott's son who I presumed learned from one of the best). That eerie sound used in these trailers wasn't in the film at all and the fact that they called it a "horror" film makes disappoint me. It's not scary at all.. Nearly everything was seen in the trailers and the first third of the film is incredibly boring. The twist at the end was great but came too soon. I'd give the film 6/10

  6. So the scientists made the graph for the Salient Sentiment Change Detection where Watson would choose the clips from the high peaks in the graph to be used in the trailer that will be made by the filmaker? Am I correct?

  7. So I give this a 50% success for an AI picking tense moments from a film. About half of those were actually tense moments. They lacked context to understand the moments, though, so an AI still wouldn't make a good trailer even if it could piece together the clips to make it look like a trailer.

    Still, it demonstrates that someone who had 3 Watsons could program them to do separate tasks in making a trailer, and actually produce a barely passable trailer. And if someone had 20 Watsons, they could all be programmed to do different things in the process of making a Trailer, and interact to make a potentially good trailer.
    Also, with just one Watson, you could probably generate good clickbait.

  8. too much suspanse need someting who make me to go and see it…. like i want more no just a question…i dont buy samething if i dont see it clear. the trailr of watson its the same.

  9. Ironically the previous trailer for Morgan shows pretty much the entire movie in 1,5 minutes. It's funny when a machine that does it for the first time is superior to a senior editor.

  10. the scripts for this type of movie seems to NEVER work (Hannah, Lucy, etc) The idea is hot but execution non existent.

  11. Watching this trailer gave my no idea what the film was really about. Some will say its bad, I say its good, because I liked what I saw and went and researched the movie. More trailers done by Watson!

  12. Someone needs to send Terminator movie to IBM Members – when Watson goes Sky Net Yano we're F*Ked since no one f**king know how to make *Time MachineAlbert Einstein

  13. Watson did a lot better than humans do. That trailer was actually scary and didn't reveal the plot, it just made you want to see it.

  14. maybe i'm being a bleeding heart here, i don't know, but does anyone else here feels that this is somehow wrong? it feels like the the confederate south forcing a black slave to design their scare tactics for them. maybe I'm anthropomorphising Watson too much now, but somehow this feels like the rubbing our fears of him in Watson's face. In a sense we're teaching him to understand what we fear he will do. We're basically asking a toddler why to understand why we're so afraid of him…

  15. DON'T YOU DARE TAKE THE PROFESSION I WANT TO GO INTO AI, DON'T YOU DARE! i thought editing was safe from those robots dammit!

  16. I've been watching a lot of stuff on that A.I Watson, and what I have to say about this is that it's scary sometimes, I mean, when it comes to conversations between humans and the A.I Watson, the A.I at some moments shows some sort of awareness with contextual responses, and it has scared me a little bit I admit. And if you ask me whether I believe that Watson is already self-aware, I must say that I'm not quite sure if we really are able to recognize a self-aware A.I, it's likely that a self-aware A.I could work so differently from our own self-awareness that we wouldn't see it coming until it's too late.

  17. I don't like movies of that genre in general. I think they scatter brains and make dumb. Although i like AI topics, minus one point for Watson for doing a dirty job when commanded to do so.

  18. This video is extremely misleading. All Watson did was pick out 6 minutes worth of footage that a HUMAN editor then used to build an actual trailer. It didn't cut the trailer. It essentially created a selects reel for the human to use, which is what an assistant editor would typically do. It's a tedious task that most editors would rather delegate to an assistant; the rest is done by an experienced editor. You can read more on the challenge here:

  19. Wow, this is absolutely stellar work. I am absolutely amazed at how beautifully done this is, it almost brought me to tears. I am truly astonished and I will forever be grateful for having this video bestowed upon me. God bless watson and IBM. Wow, just wow.

  20. These movies are a WARNING. AI is an existential threat to humanity, that is reality. People are being extremely naive about it and only concerned with what new toy they can get from it like little children. It's pathetic. Greedy companies as usual are only concerned about how much MONEY they can make out of it with zero thought to the bigger picture to where it's going. The military is only concerned about how many people they can murder quicker with self aware 'terminator' type robots which are evolving more and more and think they can actually control them. Humanity is stupid and naive beyond belief, we are literally creating our own destruction. It's happening right in front of us and we're seeing it in slow motion. People have the selfish attitude of me me me and what can I get out of it TODAY never mind where it's taking us. We either wake up to reality or watch the end of humanity. Either way we deserve what we get…

  21. AI will never be able to replace Hollywood unless they also learn how best to blackmail people into anal, and how to squeeze every last shekel out of the goy.

  22. With the amount of remakes coming out of hollywood Im starting to wonder if humans are capable of original thought.

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