100 thoughts on “More Of The Worst Pranks (Troom Troom Reaction part 2)

  1. Troom Troom: Did you like our spy hacks?
    Danny: So that's the end of the video…

  2. How do these friends not know where their frinds house is no wonder they didn’t go to the party they don’t know where the house is

  3. I’m sorry I turned on subtitles and I was how he changed them. I didn’t notice these before, does he do these every video or is it just this one? Either way it’s funny. XD

  4. No one commenting about the proyector? The heck? Of course it doesn't work. You need concentrated light trough concentrated lenses. And you don'y have either of those in a phone or magnifying glass

  5. It’s seems like Troom Troom started as a cringey craft channel for little kids and ran out of ideas and now have horrible content that no one will watch

  6. You've succeeded in stating everything bizarre, impractical, and just plain lame about Troom Troom in the funniest way, and get millions of views. You earned them! I can see why they reacted to you in particular, trying to start sh*t with their own character based on you. I enjoyed your reaction to that, too.

  7. its been over a year and i still have not seen a comment about the fact that he called the sesame seeds on the sandwich "poppy seeds" at 8:57

  8. I accidently turned on captions and it captioned some music as house frickers followed by one of those copy and paste faces

  9. I’ve put a magnifying glass in a box and it does actually work, not like super super well, but it does the trick. Only thing is that you’d need a speaker because or else it just plays your thing in the box so you cant hear anything

  10. If you do the captioning for a video please don’t ad jokes into it. Just write what the video says. If someone is deaf and trying to follow the video, it’s a lot harder when there are a bunch of jokes in the text.

  11. 2:09
    That’s a small ass frickin’ party no wonder no one turned up.
    Troom Troom girl: Hey come to my party!
    Friends: uhh okay
    Troom Troom girl: spends 46 seconds assembling the party
    Hey the party is ready come over!
    Friends: that was quick
    Ends call.
    The friends: want to forget this party?
    Also friends: oh no im getting stalked by my best friend

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