16 thoughts on “Minnesota school under social media fire after throwing out student’s hot lunches

  1. What type of person is able to do that? They are not adults with an income. They are not neglecting their bill. There is NOTHING that can be said that justifies what they did. Sickening!

  2. Former teacher…….got scolded for giving unopened milk to students. Was told throw it away if you dont want it. The waste of food is bad enough, but to embarrass anyone over owing money for food is 100 per cent mean and inexcusable.

  3. A student should NEVER be approached about money owed for lunched their parents should be contacted. This is just terrible.

  4. We have to put a stop to this, every school student should receive lunch at no cost. Our government spends millions of dollars on studies of the breeding habits of fleas in outer Mongolia but doesn't want to spend money on student lunches.

  5. Threw it out? What the hell? Trash better than kid eating it. Would they apologize if not recorded? What is wrong with these people? Seriously?

  6. This is bullshit. You know this was ordered by the principal and superintendent. Damn blaming the staff. Staff would never do this in their own. They should be fired.

  7. How terrible to punish a child for being late on lunch money. This is so cruel, humiliating, embarrassing, and demeaning for a hungry child to have to go through at lunch time. It's nothing more than Child Abuse in any sense. Hang in there Kid !!

  8. “Inappropriate”? That’s absolutely disgusting. All these cafeteria workers need to be fired immediately. This is so idiotic and inhumane on so many levels.

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