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Microsoft Store | Your Family, Connected

>>You want your kids to be safe. And your kids? Well,
they want freedom. With the Microsoft family
group of accounts, you can achieve both; peace of mind for you,
independence for them. Feel better about what
they’re doing online with security settings that let
you set it and forget it. You can block inappropriate
websites and apps, manage screen time limits, get alerts when they want
to buy something, and more. When you set up
a Microsoft family, it’s easier to stay connected. With free features like a shared family notebook
and calendar. You won’t miss
important school events. They won’t forget your birthday. You can also set
screen time limits beforehand so they can focus on
other things like outside time, dinner time, or bedtime. Microsoft family settings are available on Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, and even
Android phones. Set them up and rest
a little easier. Learn how.

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