Mickie the Reporter OWL All Stars Edition | Dallas Fuel

Hi, guys. Today, we’re gonna do
some Mickie Reporter. Okay, let’s go. Someone’s looking at me, so… –Oh, hi.
–Hi. Who’re you rooting for today? Pacific. Pacific? It’s my team, right? –Yeah.
–My team? Dallas Fuel? –Yup.
–My team? Dallas Fuel? But you’re wearing a– Okay. –Who’re you rooting for?
–I’m rooting for you, always! –You’re rooting for me?
–Mickie’s the best. What’s your name? Number one– Troy.
I work in the arena. He is the worst.
He does the worst things. I’m the worst? He always– We’re
cleaning up his messes. He’s saying jokes
all the time, this guy. This guy right here.
But I like him a lot, ’cause he has the best
smile in the league. –Go ahead; show ’em your smile.
–You love me? You love me? –I love you!
–I love you, too. [laughs] I was thinking about trying to
see the people looking at me, but everyone’s looking at me,
so I have to pick one. Okay, okay, let’s see.
I’m gonna put my hand up and let’s see if someone
puts their hand up. –[CROWD] Hey!
–See?! Okay. Who are you rooting for today? I’m rooting for Atlantic. Atlantic is not my team, so what we should do about her? No! I… I’m rooting for you! [laughter] It’s too late!
It’s too late! [laughs] So, you’re rooting
for Pacific, right? Yeah. Sorry, I… [laughs] “Burn Blue”! We’re going there. Hi. What’s your name? Orlando. So you’re rooting for us?
Like for who? The name. For Pacific, obviously. I know, I know.
But who’s the player? –You, man!
–Me?! –Yes, you!
–What is my real name? [laughs] Uh, Pongphop-something. It’s okay, it’s okay.
At least you know my name. But what’s my last name, then? Rattaspah… ah? It’s okay, at least
you know the first letter! I came from Dallas
just to see y’all! Wow! Give me a hug! Thank you for coming today. He came from–
The big fan from Dallas! Can I sit here? –Hi, what’s your name?
–Tyson. –What’s your name?
–Avery. [MICKIE] Avery. So, I think
you’re… her dad, right? Yes. Are you watching
the game Overwatch? Yes. –You watch the game?
–Of course. So, do you know what’s my team? Yes. What’s my team? [laughs] Okay, do you know
what’s my team? –Dallas Fuel.
–Oh, nice! Who are you rooting for today? Atlantic. Atlantic. That’s not
my team, but it’s okay. Okay. You have– No, no!
You have to show me! You have to show me
first. Prove it. –What?
–Prove it. Prove what? It’s your birthday, right?
Prove it. Prove it. How do you want me to prove it? –You can show me!
–[CROWD] Ohh! How do you want me
to prove it, Mickie?! He thinks he’s stronger
than me, but… It’s okay. No. I’ve seen your pictures.
You’re scary! I’m just– No, it’s
hiding, it’s hiding. All right, I’m gonna
show you my ID… What?! …but you need to tell me
where this state is in the United States. It’s in the middle. Where is Wisconsin? [laughs] It’s not in the middle?! It’s in the middle, right? –What is it next to?
–It’s in the middle. What is it next to? Kentucky? I don– [laughs] I don’t know! How would I know that? So, we’re gonna sing “Happy
Birthday” to him, together. Okay, so you lead the song. Sure. Three, two, one! [ALL]
♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ [cheering, applause] Thank you very much
for today, guys! Okay. This is
Mickie Reporter. Bye-bye! [CROWD]
Bye! I love you, too.

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