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Messy Girlfriend | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ I’m in love with a girl named Goldie.
– Really! You never mentioned it before. I wanted to tell you after she accepts my proposal.
– Did she? She said she too liked me instantly, so, yeah, she did.
– Great! Won’t you introduce her to me? Why won’t I? We are going to the movies today
and I want you to join us. Which show do we go?
– The morning show. I’m unable to reach her on her phone. So, let’s go to her place instead.
– Alright. You woke up just now?
We both are all set for the movie. Why does she look like this?
– You woke me up so early from my slumber. Early? It is 10:30 already.
The show starts in 30 minutes and you aren’t ready yet? Let’s go to the afternoon show instead.
– Why is she like this, bro? – Come on in. How neatly maintained. You didn’t even brush your teeth yet?
– How will I? I just woke up. He is my friend, Kiran.
– Hi! I’m Goldie! So, we’re going only to the movies?
– Shall we go to a restaurant too? – Cool! Let’s watch the TV until then. Goldie, go on and get ready.
– We’re going to the matinee show. There is time. Not much if you while away
the time like this. I’ll go after this serial.
– Oh, come on! She is too lazy, bro!
– Well, she just woke up, so.. If she lazes around like this,
we’ll even miss the afternoon show. Don’t worry. We’ll make it.
– I hope. Man, I’m hungry.
– Goldie, there is foam. Foam? Where?
– On your ear. How hygienic!
– I remember keeping a bag of chips here. What are you looking for?
– This bag of chips. Want some?
– No, I’m good. I had a heavy breakfast. Let’s go, I’m ready.
– C-Could you set your hair and dress too? What is wrong with this?
– Since we are stepping out, dress better. Jones, this is my favorite T-shirt
and I like my hair this way. You can leave if you’ve any issue. I’m just kidding. You look cute anyway.
– What the.. – Let’s go then. How did you fall for such a messy looking girl?
– Because she has a very sweet heart. Shall we go? Jones, do you got tissue papers in your car?
– Yes. You need them? – I might need them soon. Goldie, please, I just got my car water washed.
So, keep it clean. And you don’t care about she throwing it on me?
– Throw it out of the car then. No, don’t. Put it in a corner.
I’ll throw it in the trash after reaching home. She thinks the car is trash too. May I get your order, please?
– Stop it. Ask her to order something soon.
– Let’s order Biryani. – And you took so long to decide? One plate biryani, please.
– Bonless biryani? – No! I need a leg piece! Pass me your leg piece too
if you get any. You liked the movie?
– It was too slow. I infact even slept during the show. Click a photo of us both, will you?
– Now? – Hold the leg piece, Jones. I’ll go to the washroom.
– Man, what is wrong with her. How messy!
Look how everyone is staring at us. I think she isn’t good enough for you.
People will laugh at you if you marry her. I don’t like her.
– Yes, she may be messy, but her character isn’t. She is so damn irritating and I just met her.
– It is not right to say so. – He is right. Leave me. Goldie, wait up! Goldie, hear me out. What are you so upset about?
– Your friend is right. I’m so messy and this is how I’ll be.
– Kiran has a problem with it, not me. I love you and that is all which should matter.
– No. We both are completely different people. Everyone will comment about me, like your friend did.
– So? Why should I care? No, this won’t work. Let’s end this now before it is late.
– What? End it over a trifle? She left me.
Are you now glad? Why do you care how she is like? When in love
people accept their partners how ever they are. Hi, Jones!
– ‘So? You saw that post? Finally, you believe me!’ Hi, guys! If you too have such clumsy,
lazy and messy friends, share this with them. If you liked this video, like and comment.
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  1. Only for Goldiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee & ilaanti girlfriend dhorikithey inka evadi pani aina govindha govindha😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😘😘😘😘

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