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Meet the social media influencer family | This is That

Is anyone around to take a picture? I’m planking! and now everyone look at mommy’s Okay, somebody say something to make me laugh Let’s try this again… Uh, rain is wet snow C’mon babes, now on here Can you put it down a little bit? There you go, If you don’t know who we are, hello! I’m Britney Anderson And this is my husband AJ Hey hey, AJ Anderson! Yeah, we have two kids Jade, she’s 15, and Ryder We have an awesome week of engagement Okay, you guys, traffic is up on every single Anderson account Good work, Andersons! Great work! How do you know us, I guess? Oh, Jade, you would know Jade You know Jade from her singing makeup tutorials on YouTube [singing] Powder, I’m getting it all over my face And Ryder’s kinda getting his feet wet in the the social media thing, Just on Snapchat, doing some bottle flips C’mon Ryder! Me? I guess, um, you would call me a lifestyle blogger I write about authentic living, healthy eating, big comfy scarves and my blog is called ‘A Cup of Brit’ Yeah, A Cup of Brit! What’s your reach right now? I have 500,000 followers Happy 500000 follower to you Of course, I’m AJ, I manage three accounts probably know me from my personal men’s fashion style Also on Twitter, it’s all about productivity hacks and then, of course, Facebook for me is where it started, With AJ’s unboxing This is amazing, hand-carved, Kamani wood surfboard But for me, really, it all falls under one umbrella, which is my personal brand, which is TRY, Unless you try, you never know. Did you know… would we know… what the moon is like if we didn’t..? No, we wouldn’t – so, that’s what this is about and it also dovetails nicely into, you know, something that could work with brands Approached Starbucks about a strategic partnership with the TRY brand simple idea:” TRY Starbucks,” so we’ll see if they sort of respond to that, makes sense to me, but it works with a lot of other things, like you could do that with TRY… TRY jeans, right? Ready? 1… 2… 3… Dab I love being a professional influencer family My popularity at school’s way up ever since we started doing this, and I’m allowed to use my phone in class ’cause technically I’m working Ryder, have you posted yet today? Because I’m looking at your channel and I don’t see very many posts! I really don’t care about social media, all that jazz very much, not as much as her, but My parents just said it’s important for me to gather a sizable following by the time I’m eighteen or so, so here we are Hey everybody, as you know Sunday night for us that means we put our screens away, it’s just the time for the Andersons to hang out as a family and play a board game! Tonight, we’re playing Bell, Dice, Cards As it stands right now, yeah this is our full-time job our family brand and putting it online, Managing it, I think people wanna see that, they wanna see, you know, people living their lives, it’s like, ‘Hey, can I relate to that’ or ‘What can I aspire to be?’ you know? I think that it’s really special for us to sort of show what we’re up to, you know, for other families to be like, Hey, you know, maybe I can be more like that Stay tuned, we’ll get back to you, coming at you live Alright, we’re out it’s all about family it’s all about family Yeah, and, you know we’ve been talking a little bit mostly as a way to get some numbers up, but I think it’s pretty good idea, trying to get Brit on board, thinking about knocking this one up again and seeing if we can get nine months of some pretty solid content, so we’ll see how it goes We’ll see what happens, gonna give it a… Triple B: Brit’s Baby Bump, We’ll probably hashtag that, actually, so just follow that Yeah

29 thoughts on “Meet the social media influencer family | This is That

  1. LOVE this vid.
    Satire has no humor unless there is truth in it. This is loaded with both humor and truth. (And I may add, very well executed from talent to shoot to edit). Solid.

  2. >"It's all about family!"
    Shows a shot of them all on their phones while they could care less about each other.

  3. I love how the best Canadian humour subtly parodies the way Americans and Canadians live. The whole spectacle of self-indulgent bullshit is grandly parodied here. And in the sketch on ARtisanal Firewood. And in the Acting School sketch. Heck, in all of the This is That bits. MUch better than "The Irrelevant Show" and Air Farce.

  4. Excellent. And too creepy. I guess the whole thing about this particular idea is so perfectly satirical that it's easy to do. True.

  5. As a fellow influenster but I am from 'UK' island, although I am about 'young' issues and and not about family as such, as I am a young student who cares alot and is passionate about the issues, I want to say how much I respect and admire youre family, and all you are doing, although you might want to think about diversity in future as youre family is not very diverse and this is something you may want to think about. Thanx so much for sharing!

  6. its getting worse and worse, too bad people see this kind of satire and think it's "just a joke" while in reality people really have had enough of their garbage.

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