Media playback the right way (Big Android BBQ 2015)
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Media playback the right way (Big Android BBQ 2015)

13 thoughts on “Media playback the right way (Big Android BBQ 2015)

  1. I have implemented all the code from this video and it works fine on all my test devcies, except on my HUAWEI P8lite. I get a Couldn't expand RemoteViews exception when trying to show the Notification.

  2. RE: AudioFocus … In the video, Ian mentions that we should keep audio focus during short stoppages of playback (such as when paused, or buffering). But in the Universal Music Player sample app, it gives up Audio Focus when paused … So which is correct? I can see this being argued both ways … On the one hand, "pause" is likely a temporary, short-lived state , but on the other hand, when audio is paused, there's no guarantee that the user will start playback again anytime soon … So, to give up audio focus on pause, or not?

  3. nice video sir, maybe i am still new to android development so i got a little bit lost but at overall this is a very nice explanation​ sir

  4. When I first read the date of this video I kind of doubted to find anything useful since every thing gets obsolete so quickly in android, But unlike what I thought it was pretty useful, Thanks a lot.

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