Media melts down over Trump-Kanye summit
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Media melts down over Trump-Kanye summit

100 thoughts on “Media melts down over Trump-Kanye summit

  1. I commited fell-on-knee. You do not have to say yes. I already know what you are going to try to say. Christmas is a mystery. Don't psyche your children out with old DNA. His job is not volunteer work. I will call you a vole-untear. No heart, all blood.

  2. Don lemon is a embarrassment! Kanye needs no help he speaks the truth only the uneducated people that are stuck in the past. Who care about the media the media is a big joke. Democrats are upset because now there are people exposing them so all these liberals are upset. That's real talk!

  3. You know why the medias were so up at Kanye….. Because he was the one in the white house and the one who did the non-stop talking!! Not because he is so "influential" and so "talented". You can put any other people with some fame on there, as long as he/she say the same thing as Kanye, its gonna raise a hot debate. What else did they expect when they pitch a controversial famous star with the controversial president together under cameras. Of course it will fire up debate and get attention, thats what they want. Its not about race, its not about black people's support, everything doesnt have to be about race.

  4. You know it's funny hoe they are trying to make kanye look crazy when he is say what's really going on and it's TRUE alot of stuff he was talking about the worst thing to say about a person is there crazy its dismissive there just trying to discredit him by calling him crazy

  5. Don Lemon isn’t qualified to talk about YAY ( Kanye West). , or any other black because he is the actual token negro ..

  6. At 7:00 Juan 100% agrees with Don Lemon about Kanye being a Minstrel. Then at the end of the segment he says he didn't say that. Does he think people aren't even paying attention? Does he think he's still on CNN?

  7. Everyone who is against Kanye is insanely crazy.. Stupid, Ignorant, full of negative energy, he can hear but can't understand, FINE WINE HAS MULTIPLE NOTES TO IT

  8. ohh fox news…. they ooze desperation!! people are freaking out because of the circus this was. our president disrespected the oval office. he used a popular black man to say "see black people like me!"…. and WHY IS FOX NEWS TALKING ABOUT THE MEDIA LIKE THEY ARE NOT PART OF IT?

  9. Lovely cuddly kind hearted democrats insult Kanye's mother and call him all kinds of names, all because he dares to have political opinions other than they think his skin colour should dictate that he has. You know, because everyone in the "black community" should think the same.

  10. They make everything about Race. And I do not like when they put the Afro -Americans with so called (Brown people)Mexicans (not a racist statement)just believe afro-americans I never blooked at them as non citizens always respected tjem as true ameicans!!

  11. This is amazing, The media and news groups are losing grasp on their power and influence because a popular artist made a point which news crews would often censor and edit, kanye has the balls to speak as a citizen despite taking fire, he dont take losses

  12. YOU, Mr. Lemon, are the embarrassment, but it's exactly what is to be expected from you, a Happy resident of the Plantation.

  13. Am Baaaccckkkk!!! I was on 3 weeks social media break coming from Nassau Bahamas 242 crew!…. Man theses peoples are idiots you could tell me now A man like Kanye can't have A free thinking mind of his own and can't support somebody else SMT?.. Am glad am from the Bahamas we could vote for anybody on whoever sides they on politically…

  14. Don Lemon is so obviously a racist against white people. He flat out says it in his first sentence of this video. How can we just sit and except this. We cannot keep allowing people in the media to get away with saying s*** like this. If you do you are disrespecting your own race. You've got to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

  15. Sick…. there are a lot of sick people in the media. This black guy on CNN denouncing his own race just for an attempt to make Kanye West look wrong.

  16. This guy has a lot of nerve bringing up a mans dead mother . Just because he does not agree with him. Then the media blames President Trump for the divide in this country. This is just sad . Proof they can not get over the election. We are all still American. We are all on the same side. I supported Obama Even though I disliked him and felt like he should of done more to bring us together. Could not stand up for our law enforcers, created most of the chaos we see today!! The vote that was to unite us all. He never took a step to do so! I still supported him. hoped for the best cause I love my neighbor. have we all forgot "united we stand". I don't care who you support. we all need to start supporting our own communities. We constantly spend money outside of our towns. If you keep the money in your own community you will thrive. Washington is a distraction. change starts at home.

  17. Lol, It's Kanye West and Don Trump. Two iconoclasts in their own right. Clearly when two stars align we must sacrifice goats or chant as the teachings allow

  18. The president has listened to Kanye West about the 14th amendment! Call them crazy but celebrities listen to other celebrities! Facts!

  19. 15:00 what did Don Lemer mean when he said, "I don't think anyone would say that about you (call you a minstrel/token)." Did he mean token Jew?

  20. Dumb Lemon. When a country gives you Lemons make sure you throw out the rotten ones. I just bought all of Kanyes albums.

  21. Don Lemon's first comment is soaked in racism. Minstrel show? Is that really what you saw? Kanye's on to something and Lemon proves it immediately.

  22. Blabbering ignorance is an understatement, listening to him is actually more comical than seeing its parody on Saturday night live!

  23. The media just loves their scapegoats don't they? They always want to demonize someone for something that they do. What I see is a rap superstar visiting the White House to meet with the President wearing a MAGA hat while saying that wearing the hat makes him feel like Superman.

    Sure the media and the Radical Left may try to demonize him and say that he's betraying his people, but seriously – since when did race matter to anyone now? The only race that exists is humanity and there's nothing wrong with Kanye West visiting the White House.

    Make America Great Again = Peace

  24. Why does Foxnews give Juan this kind of platform. If he could talk respectful, it would be different, but he literally makes my blood boil, and yall sit back and let him run good people in the ground.

  25. Foxnews needs to get angry at Juans comments. Yall take it so lasseiz faire, like oh well!!! Give me a break!

  26. Leave Kanye's vote alone it is his right. Those running deliver message to citizens. Than citizens make vote. Should not be harassed questioned or shame any citizen for exercising there right to vote as it is a individuals vote.

  27. Don Lemon literally disgusted me, what a despicable person . How do you sink that low? Speaking about his mother who is gone….whom he loved so dearly. Absolutely sickening. The media is evil incarnate.

  28. Wow this really opened my eyes to the Democratic Party…… You are not allowed to have your own opinion! I'm a black woman who recently switched from democratic to republican!

  29. 50 cent like Trump too and feels he has never been the victim of racism and he was pressured about this and he stood firm and this was before Kanye

  30. I do not think Trump is a racist because if he was he wpuld say so because he is way too blunt. I think he really has a heart for black people and wants them to succeed.

  31. Here is the problem…Don Lemon absolutely is so much racist himself towards Trump (who he hates) THAT he CANNOT accept that maybe, JUST MAYBE…KANYE TRULY LOVES TRUMP..LOVES HIM AS A FRIEND…JESSE IS CORRECT….THEY SEEM VERY SMALL WHEN THEY CANNOT ACCEPT THAT KANYE LOVES TRUMP!!!

  32. I’m not even black and it makes me mad how people act like they are only allowed to be on they left. The left is getting more extreme. Kanye is trying to wake people up

  33. The only way Kanye's mother would be embarrassed of him is if she was brainwashed like you Don Lemon head. You're brainwashed in your brainwashing are you with your propaganda bulshit. Trump's done more for this country than you ever have all you do is report fake news and try to get a race war started

  34. Wow did he just call it a minstrel show? I consider myself on the left but these people disgust me, they are more like Bolsheviks than liberals, engaging in smash and grab political skulduggery but their jewels are power, if they obtain power on this platform they will be hated and despised like the Bolsheviks and to maintain it will be impossible without a totalitarian dictatorship, which is what happened in Russia

  35. soooo…if a black man likes TRUMP he`s to be locked up ?he should get away from cameras ? get some help ? sounds like the dems need an anger management therapy !nobody has a voice anymore ! we have to be nazis or liberators !no choice !

  36. Don Lemon tries to hide his racism, but doesn't do a very good job about it. Kanye West is the biggest threat to liberals and Democrats, as they can't have a colored man, especially one with as big an influence as Kanye, oppose their viewpoints. Kanye is a free thinker, and Democrats do not like that one bit.

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