4 thoughts on “Media Marketing Mix Modeling

  1. This video is absolutely amazing. I am taking on my first MMM for Microsoft and am having to cram study so I can meet my project deadline. This has made my life much more simple. Much appreciated!

  2. If I recall correctly, the accuracy (usability) of the model results is limited to scenarios that fall within the general range of the input data. For example, if your model uses monthly data and your historical marketing spend has varied from $10k-30k/month and total revenue has varied from $50k-100k/month, then the expected return on investment per marketing dollar spent is only valid when the scenario marketing spend is limited to $10k-30k/month and the forecast revenue is within $50k-100k/month. Isn't that correct? Any scenarios going outside the range are extrapolations of the model, and the reliability can drop (perhaps with unknown probability).

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