100 thoughts on “Media lauds McGahn decision as silver bullet

  1. McGahn will be awesome. Ingraham lied about anybody thinking that Bolton will have to testify. Not reported anywhere, but here on Fox News.

  2. He will give the same Testimony as Mueller, can’t recall that, can’t remember, don’t recollect that. Duh, why am I here,

  3. Im tired of all the geriatric b.s.. it’s exhausting like we don’t have enough of it with our boomer parents !

  4. Not to worry we are ready with stakes to drive through the demented degenerate vile evil empires hearts and send these completely useless assholes to their graves.

  5. After the perjury traps that were set for Paul Manafort, Jerry Corsi and Roger Stone, why would anyone testify before the democrats kangaroo courts.

  6. If the DC Police went to detain the President on Nadlers order … The Secret Service will do their job without prejudice … there are checks and balances and there would need to be a conviction before any police force can detain the President of the United States.

  7. From Cali Colombia why only Fox News backs the president. Other station have different messages. Is Fox a government run show, are they same as Fox sports. Just curious studying in university my English not so good.

  8. All of the Dems are attending the Swallwell School For Expelling Anal Idea's, and calling it Factual Excitement Denied…"Somebody Farted….but it wasn't me!" Coffee Cup Blues.

  9. Trump has been OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE from the get go and FOX has been covering for him IS THE REALITY OF THE SITUATION meanwhile his witches have been going to jail.. Roger Stone waiting sentencing ..Rudy under investigation and under subpoena to provide business docos.

  10. I would say Nadler is a Bond villain but that would do a disservice to Bond villains. Nadler is an Austin Powers villain. I'm expecting him to say "one million dollars!"

  11. All major climate change reports are thoroughly researched and based on the most accurate, up-to-date science. For example, the National Climate Assessment (NCA) report was developed and written by NOAA, NASA, the Department of Defense and experts at 10 other agencies. It was based on the most up-to-date scientific literature and matches the conclusions of thousands of other scientists around the world.
    The report includes the latest attribution studies for Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall and devastated parts of the U.S. in 2017. Studies cited in the report show how human action made the storm about three times more likely to happen and increased Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 percent, with a best estimate of 38 percent, based on data culled just since Trump took office.

  12. This just in: Reports of loud screams, from what seems to be multiple small children, have been heard coming from under the house of, the apparent owner, Jerry Nadler. Neighbors are speculating as to whether or not the house does belong to Jerry Nadler. We can confirm the house is his, mr Nadler’s..

  13. Chaos and Marshall Law ? Since my family has already decimated here in Minnesocialism, I wonder how many will use their wink 😉 hunting rifles and little leaguers baseball ⚾️ bats
    Will it seriously 😳 come to that?
    Perhaps Rapture will occur first.

  14. Nadler is nancy P.s other turtle on a fence post, She is smart for usingthese two dudes for fall guys, She will walk away and they will take the fall,

  15. John is right , it's apparent that's this is a fishing expedition. Millions of $$$ time wasted to dig up dirt and if you I can't dig it up make mud and sling it. Anything to try to bring down a sitting President. This whole impeachment is a Farce.

  16. Nadler is a weird little man….is he a real troll? He must be 5"0
    Another stupid over reaching Obama Judge shows her incompetence

  17. Funny how the Republicans are madder then hell that the Democrats are using the power of impeachment provided by the Constitution. Sure didn't bother them when they went after Bill Clinton huh? Selective amnesia? Well, GET OVER IT! Imagine that it is Obama in Trump's place? There make you feel better? It was the cover up that bagged Nixon. It's coming.

  18. Nadler is getting back in the spotlight is perfect! He f..ked it up with the Mueller Report so this should be entertaining.

  19. it doesn't matter what the democrats do,,,,,Trump will win in 2020…the dems will never get their almighty silver bullet,,,,and she needs to quit interrupting her guests,,,

  20. Little Tummy-Staples Inspector Javert riding his teeny-tiny threats over the cliff.
    Being untethered to reality, the NEWSSR Dems & their Fifth-Columnist-Fluffers, have imploded from huffing their own fetid fumes, and are incapable of understanding that their ridiculous, evil, stupid machinations are on open display 24/7.
    These flaming coup-coup birds are headed toward the propeller of their own making.
    Disgusting, dangerous, and yet still laughable.

  21. Fox News disables comments about the Prince Andrews story? Censorship in the US? Shame. I expect it on British YouTube channels, not on Fox News.

  22. Seems to me that the Republicans would do better to let everyone testify. If this is a "witch hunt" by the Democrats, then it would fare better in elections next fall to expose them.


  24. Silver bullet to what? privilege still applies this 💩 is stupid we all know impeachment is cover for the DNC to rig their primary in favor of a Biden mayor Pete ticket and be able to say "what we did what u wanted right?" 😂 You've been played

  25. Why not just allow witnesses to testify…. Why does fox news always seem to gloat over stone walling and evasiveness from this administration

  26. Do Nadler has a new whistleblower too? When their witch hunt will end?

    I’ll say on November 2020 when the President gets re-elected.

    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  27. Another "silver"bullet? You mean the 3 years of silver bullets haven't worked so this one will? Give me a break.This is just another media propaganda stunt. Get on to something that really matters like running the country.

  28. One thing we know for sure is the sworn testimony of McGahn, Pompeo, Perry, Mulvaney, Pence, etc. will damage Trump's defense.
    Think about that.
    It's worse than we know.

  29. The left thinks/hopes Bolton will be angry enough at President Trump to lie or make omitions in his testimony? Bolton remembers Lindsey Graham's question to Bret Kavanaugh concerning the UCMJ.

  30. Fox News is desperately trying to undermine the Democrats Impeachment of Trump by claiming Schiff , Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to hide their so called involvement with Burisma . I don't see Pelosi or Schiff discussing the Republican Impeachment Senate Trials of Trump or being compelled to do interviews 24/7. Fox knows Trump is in trouble and are attempting to portray a United Front among Trump Supporters that there's nothing to be alarmed about !. I think Fox and Trump are actually worry that Trump will be Impeached by the Senate ! 😱😭

  31. Laura is getting more like Hannity every day (although much smarter of oourse),if you ask your guests a question,shut up while they are answering it.

  32. The only possible media in the civilized world dumb enough to laud McGahn is FUXCARTOONNEWS and, possibly, any remnants of the Goebbelsian Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda still lurking in Insanity Hannity's cellar.

  33. If the Dem's would cut down on the mind altering stuff, maybe the smoke would clear enough so that they could see what Aholes they are.making of themselves.

  34. No friend a bag of rocks has a purpose. What is Nadia's function in life? Pointless unless you count leading the inane pointless fickle non thinking idiots.

  35. "Media" is terribly wrong. Even the ruling states McGahn can simply claim executive privilege and refuse to answer a single question.
    This is also a very liberal Obama appointed judge, and will feel stupid when overturned.

  36. President Trump, a Jacksonian populist, needs to take a leaf from Andrew Jackson's book and tell the Congress and Supreme Court that they can enforce their own laws with their non-existent police with jurisdiction. After all, that is what Obama did to make DACA work, simply ignore and fail to enforce certain immigration laws.

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