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Media Interactiva business intro

What is Media Interactiva? Media Interactiva is a company devoted to the development of educational technology. Media Interactiva is specialized in the development of exams and practice tests based on software simulations. Moreover, we create educational frameworks that are pioneer, unique, and leaders in the field. We do everything related to the certification industry and practice tests for technological brands such as Adobe, Microsoft – from Office to the more technological branches – VMware, Cisco… Media Interactiva focuses on developing and testing official certifications for all these brands, plus their localization into different languages. What is a simulation? A simulation is a software replica that, when used for an exam, allows the user to perform as if he/she were operating the real application. This way we can guarantee that the user has a real knowledge of the application and is able to solve specific problems and not only memorize answers and reproduce them in the exam. We do not measure if you have memorized the theory. What we do gauge is the user´s knowledge of the software that we are replicating in a given simulation. What is a localization? A localization is a step beyond mere translation. When localizing, we not only translate into different languages, but also take into account cultural and governmental aspects. We use the English exam as a reference and, from there, we localize into Arabic. I am localizing into Bahasa. I am working on a Portuguese project that is due this week. For students worldwide. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese – traditional and simplified – Korean, Greek, Polish, German, Dutch… Vietnamese, Hybrid, Arabic… We often do hybrid certifications in which the repicla is in English, while the directions and questions are in other languages. Microsoft is the company with the highest consumption of localizations. Therefore, we localize Microsoft suits into around 18 languages every year. How does Media Interactiva differentiate itself? With the quality of our work, the services that we provide, and the reduced project costs we offer, we are currently in a position in which we have no competition. Media Interactiva in the international market Our projects are located abroad and we work with US-based companies that have distribution networks worldwide. The US is the top market in the field. Our main clients and greatest opportunities are there. Aside from that, Asia and Europe are also key markets with great potential. We generate up to 95% of our revenues overseas. Media Interactiva´s objective is to become the worldwide leader in the development of educational platforms and official certifications.

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