Media, country divided over impeachment hearings
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Media, country divided over impeachment hearings

100 thoughts on “Media, country divided over impeachment hearings

  1. This is only the beginning of troubles for Trump. For once he is out, his tax records will become public, and he will be charged with tax fraud. Also, there are thousands of Americans who want to file a lawsuit against Trump, but do not dare do so while his office protects him from harm. But once he is out…
    Yeah, Trump is gonna spend the rest of his life in court/prison!

  2. The onlything dominating is little dicks eyes i keep waiting on those suckers to pop out. He knows he is going to prison or hopefully something better. I use to play a game where you missed a letter wasn't good. You know what i mean.

  3. Some quick math. 13 million tuned in the first day, probably 20% were not even capable of voting in America, if every single viewer was a Trump hater, that would only represent 3% of America, maximum even cares enough to have formed an opinion. News math is not very sciency

  4. Trumpists complaining that the perpetrators are not testifying is a case of total self-delusion. Tronald Dump and his henchmen refuse to testify because they are guilty of everything they have been accused.

  5. No one is above the law…only the law applies to some people way faster and with close to no evidence or proof…while there is plenty of evidence and proof in Trump's case…and this white supremacist who is "proud of his Aryan blood" still roams free…

  6. No matter what she kept her strength after hearing about the Twitter comment. If Shift didn't bring it up she would of heard after her meeting. But still in all she stood her composure.

  7. The virus/infection Trumpanzee/RepubiCONS,are almost finished off.
    Wait till the KNOCKOUT testimony comes in next week and the first hand witness to the restaurant call!
    The repubiCONS ain't seen nothing yet! Nunez in his final speech calling it an embarrassment? HE"S THE EMBARRASSMENT along with his acrobat sick looking sideshow clown,Jim Jordan.
    The cockroaches of repubiCONS along with conman criminal T-Rump, are close to being exterminated from our society.THANK GOD!

  8. I’m independent without TDS, and all I really have seen so far is the Schiff guy enjoying the attention and moment of power and witnesses that witnessed nothing who also sometimes talk about their feelings and need a hug who disintegrate under real questioning.

  9. If this what is called cleaning out the deep state, my vote is for Trump ! Keep it up Sir, you're hitting them right where it hurts !!!

  10. The lock her up karma is turning its wheels. Flynn, Manafort, and others are now locked up. Deliciously, Roger Stone was found guilty yesterday of conspiring with Wikileaks and trump, and of lying to Congress, Mueller, and any idiot who lent him an ear.
    Keep driving the nails, one by one, in the impeachment coffin.

  11. So Mr Trump is being impeached for complying with the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty which is binding on both the US and the Ukraine.

  12. No. The country is not divided over this and most don't care. Keep up this HORRIBLE impeachment hearing coverage, keep giving Pelosi and Schiff more power and attention then the President, and see. what. happens.

  13. The media is lying through its collective teeth, as usual. The country is divided as follows: Those who are watching the hearing know that it and the media are full of fecal matter. Those who are depending on the media for the story are pretty much getting duped, as usual. Then there are the TDS Ne'er-Trumping Zombies for whom none of this matters- they just want their safe-spaces and victim cards back.

  14. The country isn't divided Trump is going to win in a landslide besides media and democrats working together to keep deplorables down and getting rid of our president!! President Trump should call in the marines and start military tribunals to stop the coup NOW!!! RINOS OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION HAVE TO FACE MILITARY TRIBUNALS!!

  15. Run for the hills its a twitter attack!, Sure it wasn't a Twitter post? Look Trump is alot of thiings but a hacker I don't think is one of them. Speaking out against others is not an Attack. It's Voicing your personal view on the issue, person ect… And last time I checked we had Freedom of Speech. Is Claiming the President did a Twitter attack, and Attack on the President? Seriously where does the BS end shit's getting deep.

  16. I know why he did it! But I just don't know if that was the best, but then, I NEVER KNEW THE OTHER THINGS ABOUT HER.

  17. Divided over impeachment hearings? That's nonsense. Nobody cares about the impeachment hearings, except radical Democrats and Never Trumpers.

  18. They can do whatever they want but they will never break President Trump. He will remain himself in spite of how they claim he should behave. I think it is hilarious how jealous they are of his success. He certainly knows how to push their buttons. He does not fear them. What an amazing leader, President, commander-in-chief.

  19. Let's see… Trump tweets DURING her testimony when she couldn't have possibly known about it but he is intimidating her?? OH wait!! Schiff READS the tweet into the record during her testimony so she would feel intimidated. does anyone else see what happened?? At best Schiff intimidated his own witness

  20. "Country is divided", um, no.
    The MSM are apoplectic. The click bait industry (Twitter, etc) is apoplectic.
    But the actual people don't give a single f*ck about this joke.
    This is pure Washington bubble. Nobody cares.

  21. It’s not about being a Democrat or a Republican. Trump thinks you’re an idiot and you are proving him right. Wake up!

  22. That's cause we are tired of all the same hearsay and conjuncture, were are the facts we're is the proof if there is then yeah get him otherwise let the president due his job

  23. Bullets fly at the end of a civil war, not at the beginning.

    Do you really want to do this, America?

  24. Does the media realize they are discredited yet… doesn't look like it. Nobody cares about this. No smoking gun. Just theatrics.

  25. Well…
    I’m guessing that the GOP will still hold up to mr. trump … even when EVERYBODY who ever worked for the guy is in jail …😝
    Including his kids, who have to undergo court mandated training…🤮
    Swindeling people out of millions of dollars in a fake university…🤮
    Using a charity for veterans for his own pocket…🤮
    Sending horrible tweets about other people who worked for the US …🤮
    Referring to others who disagree with childish names, like a four year old…🤮

    FOX NEWS … you done a great job for RUSSIA 🇷🇺…💪✌️👍

  26. The main stream media is spun so one sided against our great president is thoroughly warranted, they should never be allowed to be on television, they are not the press, they are no better than the Jerry Springer show all a bunch of douchebags

  27. If Trump was corrupt and a dirty dealer with all things for sale to the top bidder it would be so peaceful and calm right now.

  28. Its not split at all. Its Fox Fake news against everyone else! They can’t possibly think that anyone but there sheep are buying their garbage! What a Joke Fox!

  29. "I wasn't there and I wasn't on the phone call, here's my 'Testimony' on the phone call" – Oh right, cased closed then !

  30. I see why Trump fired her. She wasn't doing her job. She was a bad apple. She knew about corrupt Biden. and corrupt Barisa..and admitted it on record. Gold! Boom! She was coached about it when she was trying to get in to be an Ambassador. It's funny that she is on there because her feelings were hurt that Trump fired her butt. Obummer fired ALL of the Ambassadors that were left overs from Clintons…no one cried about that.

  31. FOX is grabbing at straws. Look at the main stream media. That’s where the full story enfolds, and there’s more to come once the witness waterfall continues. Do you really thing the Dems brought their star witnesses up front? No, that’s to come.

  32. Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Abominable ungodly lawless administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  33. Hell yes we are divided. We are divided in our thinking and in our actions. The right doesn’t care what the left believes or what it thinks. The left on the other hand can’t stand any belief other than their own. The left believes America can’t make it without them. They are wrong. They can’t make it without us. It’s the taxes payed by the right that allow them to buy their public offices. Yes we are divided all right and it’s only going to get worse.

  34. And three year the Democrats have zero compliments and everything is negative and nothing positive.

    Democrats = zeppelin on FIRE

  35. Someone please help me. What on Earth does Kellyanne see in George? I get it, it's not all about looks and beauty is skin deep while ugly is to the bone and beauty is only a light switch away yada yada. Kellyanne is pretty and strong! Such a fine character. While george looks strange, like a hobbit or character from a Sci fi novel. Also, he's a weird knome. I don't get it.

  36. So he said she sucked at her job? Isn't that what happens to Trump everyday and no one cares, and he actually has great numbers to support his economy? I don't get why this is news or a hearing. Looks like a therapy session at best.

  37. Thanks to Trigger man Trump, all media pretense is gone. You're for Trump's America or the Empire's endless wars and cheapest illegal labor in support of that.

  38. Cue the outraged trumpers who CaNt handle the fact their dumbo p otus committed an impeachable act during his own impeachment hearings 😂 😂 😂 😂 iii

  39. Funny part is the ambassador wouldn’t even have known Trump tweeted that, but Adam Schift read it out loud to her during questioning.

  40. Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine!!!!!

    Good effing God idiots acting like Ukraine is the most important thing in the world.

  41. President Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do & we support him 100%. They dont like having their own treachery used against them . I think IT'S A BRILLIANT STRATEGY & ITS WORKING EXCEEDINGLY WELL!!!

  42. It's only divided between 2 sorts of people. Sane people vs Idiots.
    Only idiots care about an overpaid bureaucrat who wants to impeach her boss for giving her the boot.

  43. Reminds me of LIncoln just before Civil War.we all know where he wound up ! Oh wait, that is, if you studied American History , or if you didn't invent your own version of history !

  44. Blind Trumpers will stay blind. Decent Republicans can see that this is a gross abuse of a nation's power for personal political gain.

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