Media Bias is Real and It’s Changing the World | Joseph (Jake) Klein
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Media Bias is Real and It’s Changing the World | Joseph (Jake) Klein

Is media bias a problem? Ask almost any conservative and you’ll get
a resounding “yes”. But according to a 2017 Gallup poll, 27% of
Americans still don’t believe the news media favor either political party and another 10%
have no opinion. And 22% of Americans believe the media are
biased in favor of Republicans. Clearly, to understand this issue we need
more than subjective feelings, we need objective analysis. Professor Tim Groseclose, a political economist,
has attempted to answer definitively if the media are biased, how biased, and what that
means for the world around us. Step 1: Define the spectrum of conservative
to progressive. Based on congressional voting records, Dr.
Groseclose created a test that measures people between 0, maximally conservative, and 100,
maximally progressive. The average American scores 50.4. Step 2: Apply that test to the news media. How? Look whom they cite and match it to whom politicians
cite. The balance between right-wing and left-wing
think tanks that the New York Times cites, for example, is about the same as what former
Senator Joe Lieberman cited in his speeches. Lieberman’s voting records gave him a score
of 74, so The New York Times gets a score of 74. Run this test for more news outlets, and the
average score comes to 58.5, 8.1 points to the Left of the average American. So the media are biased to the Left. But so what? Step 3: See how the media’s slant effects
people’s political views. Three separate experiments tracked how changes
in the media individuals read affect their answers on Dr. Groseclose’s political views
test. All three found massive changes; revealing
that between 32% to a whopping 95% of people’s views depend on the slant of the media they
read. Average out the three experiments, and about
70% of a person’s political views depends on the media they read, leaving only 30% to
be determined by all other factors. What does this mean for America? Using the experiment’s data, we can estimate
how the populace’s political views would change if the media bias score on Dr. Groseclose’s
test matched the 50.4 test score the average American now holds. If the media score changed that way, then
the average American would move 5.7 points in a more conservative direction. But of course, if the media’s score were
changed again to match the average American’s 5.7 point move, it would cause the average
American to move further rightward. Repeat these moves until the data stabilizes,
and the average American would end up scoring around 31.5, which is 18.9 points more conservative
than today’s national average, about the current score for Texans. Left-wing media bias is real, and it’s changing
America’s future. That’s not just opinion, it’s science. I’m Jake Klein If you liked this video,
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6 thoughts on “Media Bias is Real and It’s Changing the World | Joseph (Jake) Klein

  1. The battle is won when the average American regards a corporate journalist exactly as they regard a tobacco executive.
    -Michael Malice

  2. So blacks and Hispanics are the ones voting against their best interest? The media, news and entertainment keeps telling me it's working class whites?

  3. Interesting. I have seen some incredible examples of the "information bias," or perceptual sieve bias in the media and I'm convinced they often do not even realize they are biased. This issue is the most powerful and harmful to our democracy. Citizen voters and the media all suffer this problem and the divide seems to be betting worse. Our biggest problem isn't any particular problem, e.g. global warming or border security, our biggest problem is we cannot work together with any degree of efficiency to solve our problems. We don't understand how our minds work. I also dislike this ostensibly two party system, lack of term limits in congress, and general elitism in congress; serving should be a stint in public service, not a lucrative career.

  4. I'm confused as to why Americans would get more conservative if the media was aligned with the average American political view? Why is that? How could that cause such a massive shift towards conservatism among the general population?

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