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Mean Instagram Comments

Hateful Instagram comments Come on me, bro This person says: “despite what some people might say about you, you really are one of the most sincere, genuine, honest people out there” and that’s why I will always be their favourite YouTuber. Meanwhile, this person replies: “actually, he’s a cunt” That’s fine, I accept that. Apparently my existence reminds this person of “dog vomit”. What can I say in response to piss you off to an unforgivable extent? Oh yeah, 21 pilots sucks. Haha This person says: “cause u is for dissing ricegum” Hehe, yeah This person just says “disgusting” I’m sure we’ve all gotten that comment, right? Just me? Okay. “I don’t know why but every time I look at the shape of your lips, I reminds me of a Pepe meme” Reallly? Like I should be offended, right? I should be offended? “Oh my lord, his account is like 98% selfies” Wait, what am I supposed to take pictures of? Because newsflash: when I take pictures of things that aren’t my own face I tend to get less likes. So why would I continue posting pictures of other things? You know what: FUCK YOU! Another person who compared my face to dog vomit. Thank you… “I admire Onision’s honesty, I used to like him but I really don’t like him”. Redundant, but whatever, let’s continue. “It’s also said that he has the time to make a career and money out of being hateful and nasty”. Well, you’re being hateful and nasty to me. And you’re not even getting paid for it, so who’s the real doofus? “Despite some of the things he said, Greg is actually pretty cool, He has the guts to say things that everyone else is too afraid to say”. Yaayy! I’m Donald Trump! The parallels are uncanny. Don’t worry, I voted for Bernie. Here’s some chick that’s part of an argument on Instagram. Story of like every picture I post. You guys use that as a fucking argument form. You go on to say: “I like Greg but he’s not always the most respectful person himself.” If I was the most respectful person you probably wouldn’t even know I exist Because I would be fucking boring. Ugh. Why do we waste our time with these empty words? “Your face kinda reminds me of a human trash pile.” It just made me thinkg of concentration camps. So thank you for ruining like 20 seconds of my life. Oh, great, now the same asshole’s bragging ’cause people got upset by it. Ruining more seconds. “WHAT’S HIS YOUTUBE?” Yo, my Instagram’s called “Onision”. Maybe you should try typing in, I don’t know, “Onision”. “Why do people have to hate you? Like, they’re the pieces of shit, not you. Do you and Damian or makemebad collab anymore or did he bail on you too?” What the fuck? That’s such a sandwich of hate and love. Then you guys keep spamming me with the letter L. I’m just gonna assume that stands for Lawliet not “loser” The real question is why you have the same exact picture with different shirts and Melanie did nothing to you idiot if YOU had a gap and was bullied for ithalf your LIFE would you like that? if I had a teeth gap like Melanie Martinez I would fucking fix it but hey, some people like looking in-bred This is ONISION. You don’t suddenly expect him to be all sensitive all of a sudden, do you? He’s extremely honest, in a brash way, and if you can’t handle him, dont watch him. Simple. Yea… Hehehaha ya I agree he doesn’t care what a bunch of people think about him. Yeah, I don’t care Which is why I’m reading all of your comments right now, and responding to them. This person says they “sexually identify as an attack helicopter”. That’s pretty awesome, but what do I call you? You’re not “he”, “she”, Do I just call you “heli”? “For anyone typing ‘L’ we all know ricegum will roast him, but he hasn’t yet and he might never find anything to use against him Ricegum might never find anything to use against me? Do you know how fucked up I am? There is so much shit on me That’s what’s lovely about me criticizing other people I’m a complete and utter mess myself “Thank you so much for saying nice things about Jacob it is so true that older people are bullying Jacob for their own self esteem problems” Well no, they’re doing it for views. Videos that I made on Jacob Got, like, twice the amount of views if not more, Hence why people like Leafy keep talking about him He just wants the [???] and fame. “YOU HURT ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIBERS THAT LIKE MELANIE MARTINEZ YOU FUCKING CUNT I UNSUBSCRIBED!! BTW ANDY IS MARRIED AND NOT TO YOU SO….KISS AN ASSHOLE oh wait THAT IS ANDY” [ . . . ] What? Did you just call Andy Biersack an asshole? This girl allegedly posted my phone number Why you so stupid? “Your a fuck ass onision” [Laughter] Alright, uh Actually, I prefer vagina I just feel like anal is so… …shitty. Y’know what I mean? The more I watch your videos the more I fall in love with you. Your personality, humor, and honest is just incredible. Haven’t come across anyone like you! Man your wife is lucky! I think you win [ or women? ] on that one [ Sigh ] My wife is lucky…. [Laughter] Just kidding!

100 thoughts on “Mean Instagram Comments

  1. anybody just love when he laughs?! because his laugh is my favorite one on ll of YouTube. he's literally my favorite 💕

  2. I can understand why people may not like this you tuber but I really like him mainly because of how honest he is which I can relate to and is very hard to find honest person who's not afraid and is confident to say it how is and is REAL I love Onision I (and hope u love me to )😂😂

  3. I'm actually starting to like this dude… call me anything you want, but tbh he isn't half bad.

  4. Me: What do you want me to draw?
    My little sister: him! (Onision)
    Me: Why?
    My little sister: Bc he's sexy.
    True Story. Happened like a minute ago. Btw she's five. dunno where she learned that word…

  5. Ok I know this has nothing to do with this but when he said "im going to assume this stands for Lawliet" (IM guessing on what he said) I just thought Greg is the one that got me into Death note I absolutely love death note … This video was funny though…

  6. To all the twenty øne piløts fans, Greg said before he criticizes them as a joke and said they look like a pretty good band, so he knows the truth 😁

  7. Melanie Martinez is one of my favourite artists and i absolutely love your skits/parts in your videos when you talk about her. Lol its hilarious. I think she keeps the gap in her teeth though to go with her character Crybaby….but whatevs

  8. I'm gonna say this about Melanie and how you think she should fix her teeth, I've seen people with tooth gaps who get it fixed and they look even worse. I haven't seen one that looked normal…. so…….yeah…..

  9. Ricegum won't find anything on me? Do you know how fucked up I am? There is so much shit on me

  10. reads comments mkay, so what I'm getting from this is that all of you are angsty tweens who use their daddy's as ATM's….

  11. Sorry people suck so much.
    Hopefully the fact that I think you're an amazing husband, father, and member of society helps at least a little 😊
    Have an awesome day Greg

  12. Ha I love these videos I watch a lot of your videos like way to much lol 😂 but hey I'm learning facts from you better then what my dumb ass school is doing they just hand us homework and say do it they don't even tell us how to do it 😂 but anyway have a good day

  13. I'm sorry but why does everyone get so butt hurt when he says something they don't agree with? I'm an onision fan who love Melanie and tøp and I didn't get offended when he said he hates them cuz I know that we won't always agree with everything. Just cuz I disagree with some of the things he says doesn't mean I should wuit liking him cuz I agree on the majority of things so quit acting like an asshole

  14. and maybe he needs to leave YouTube i am sick of him bullying people just for his YouTube account I've got something to say to you …… GET A LIFE!!!!

  15. Why dose he remind most of the people in this video of dog vomit? _Chelsaye I think what she wrote was a love note or a I am coming for you note whatever it was it had love in it some sort of messed up love in it.

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