“Marvel “”Social”” Network – Intro to Algorithms”
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“Marvel “”Social”” Network – Intro to Algorithms”

To provide a test network for looking at shortest path problems, I downloaded from the Internet a social network, as it were, of marvel comic book characters. It’s a lot like the IMDB data and that there’s sort of people and they are linked together if they appear together in a sort of movie, but in the comic book world, we’re talking about something more like superhero characters in which particular comic books they both appeared in. So for example, Spiderman at least in this set here, Spiderman appeared in a comic book called COC 1 and also in one called MaxSec 3 and Thor and Hulk also appeared in MaxSec 3. So path in this network are kind of like paths in the Kevin Dating Game and that you go from say Black Widow to COC 1 to Spiderman to MaxSec to Thor cause in this set, Thor and Black Widow are not directly connected. No that’s not true. Here’s the path. So again you can play kind of like the Kevin Dating Game except it’s kind of a Spiderman game.

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