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Married While Parenting | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

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  1. Letoya it just might be that YOU have to figure it out together, how to be the best parents to Madison and the best spouses to each other. Keeping it separate is going to keep y’all paying a counselor.

  2. Primarily this just verifies that we want our partners to be "perfect" as we deem fit, yet we ourselves are not. Relationships take a committment if it's to get better and stay interesting. Second, it's never a good sign when one partner talks over another. Mature people can present their own view. Pretty much indicative of fear/s including an avoidance of truth/s one would rather suppress and not deal with perhaps.

  3. Letoya is being patient with him, but expecting him to comply with her wishes. I wish them all the best. But anyone forced to do things unnatural to them, will become resentful.

  4. Hello! Community. I just watched vid & I might watch again, might not! Not sure, how I got on vid, bravo to couples opening up about their marriages & sharing, their private & personal moments. Seems to me the women have the floor in alot of conversations, meanwhile when husband are allowed to speak, while watching the wives, in their thoughts, they are not fully listening to their husbands expressive voice, to busy over talking, over thinking or preparing her next statement. Lol, seems a bit off key. Not a dis by any means, I catch myself doing the same w my hubby. Wives, Men will talk more when allowed to, not just when asked to respond.Did I mention , Very delightful looking couples, however, it will interesting to watch when the tough conversations are discussed. Readers please know, there IS no secret to marriage, marriages are NOT NEW!! The length of a marriage doesnt qualify it as GOOD OR BAD!!… I Loved the statement about if you are not ready to compromise, then DON'T get married however, more like, IF YOUR NOT READY TO SACRIFICE FOR OTHER PERSON DONT GET MARRIED! MARRIAGE IS A UNION THAT TWO PERSONS ENTER INTO, AS PERMITTED BY GOD AS HE MATURES YOUR LOVE, FOR ONE ANOTHER. No one couple can define marriage for you! They can only share w you, their marriage journey. As a married women & mother of my two greatest achievements, I AM PRO UNITY,A MARRIAGE is WHAT YOU BUILD IT TO BE! Or what you have allowed it to become. Keep in mind not every relationship is marriage worthy! Not Every marriage will STAND, STAND AGAINST TIME, INFIDELITY, STAND AGAINST RANDOM THOTS, AGAINST LIES, STAND AGAINST ABUSE, STAND AGAINT ADDICTIONS, STAND AGAINST THE GOSSIPS, STANDS AGAINST LACK, STAND AGAINST DEBT, STAND AGAINST POVERTY, STAND AGAINST JAIL, STAND AGAINST MOUNDS OF CHILD SUPPORT REARS, STAND AGAINST FORECLOSURE, STAND AGAINST CAR REPOS, STAND AGAINST, STAND AGAINST UNEMPLOYMENT, & MORE.. However, IF YOU STAND TOGETHER! AND SHOULDER THE HIGH TIDES, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER, YOUR MARRIAGE CAN SURVIVE CAUSE, THE PAIR OF YOU FIRST STOOD AT THE ALTER AND DECLARED YOUR LOVE AS MARRIAGE WORTHY. BE BLESSED READERS! BUILD UP YOUR MARRIAGE, SO THAT IT MAY STAND. PS, No ex wives are to be living in your house!! Although a Queen may WEAR many hats, there is ONLY ONE 👑 CROWN.

  5. @39:27 — JULIE: i really believe that we are each other's gifts from God…and i don't feel like we always recognize each other as gifts to each other
    DAVID: we definitely don't. we take each other for granted.
    JULIE: we totally do.
    DAVID: every day
    JULIE: completely….we struggle
    DAVID: oh we BE in here —
    (LMAO — Classic! ~ b.)

  6. In my house..I live, my Husband lives..My 2 children lives..Ex wife will NEVER am the ONLY Queen in my Kingdom

  7. This is great for celebrities to express themselves and most importantly they r still married please do more of these?

  8. Lovely real couples..
    I'm too old to marry. 63..and never saw a happy relationship in my parents 11 marriages….not even sure of the number.
    Watching this..i can finally see healthy relationship.
    I'm happy for them.
    It's not for me but it does warm my heart to see these good marriages

  9. Everybody parent's differently. There is a no size fits all type of parenting. Do what works for you and yours. But respect the differences.

  10. I do not see how they can still be arguing over how he balances time with his daughter. She’s his daughter. She needs him. Latoya is making it a thing, when it’s not a thing. He really shouldn’t have to choose, and his daughter damn sure should not being competing with his damn wife. Latoya needs to grow up.

  11. Egypt had the second baby a year ago so this is old and having kids is something you should discuss before you get married so a person can know where you stand

  12. David and Julie seem like they’ve really grown together. I respect the way they give one another time to talk and listen to other person.

  13. Wow I never knew about this series, and the timing is so perfect, especially when you see the media pushing all kinds of other negative narratives other than black love. So glad I stumbled on this.

  14. I got no problem with the ex wife living with them. It’s a combined household that works for them. They had four kids and 33 years together. At least they are trying to live in a way that honors the bond they have, and the new bond that he has with a new wife. It’s unusual, but so too is separating your lives when kids and people you respect but no longer want to be married to are involved.
    Heteronormative two-person households are a western thing. Obviously it isn’t the best model. More people get divorced than stay married. And then kids get caught up in between two households and warring parents.
    I respect that they tried a different way.

  15. I LOVE all these couples and I take something new from each of them. The two David's on point we struggling together like spock lol. Having all girls is karma and they make the best parts of men who did women wrong the greatest teachers on what to look for in a man. Donte was on point with leading, Michael's relationship with his ex wife and how that dynamic is working with his current wife is also commendable and works for them. Lizzy and hubby have a commendable idea with tag teaming, no gender roles and not letting the man be seen as some domeanering force I love that. Latoya and hubby are hilarious she on 100 and he chilling on 0 but that balance is beautiful. He's rational and she's feisty the sizzle omg lol.

  16. Egypt, LeToya, and their Husnands have such raw and real testimonies!! I can definitely relate to both their stories the most!! God Bless all of the couples and their families. 🙏

  17. How the hell you live with your ex wife and your new wife???
    Edit: then new wife says we're never getting divorced after he says he has no feelings for his first wife who he had FOUR children with????

  18. Wow, I shed tears when Michael started to cry about his son's surgery!! May God continue to Bless his son and never have anymore health issues. In Jesus's Name, Amen!!

  19. Change it to the understatement as they get older it's so challenging I have a sixteen-year-old when I tell you I'm exhausted I'm exhausted

  20. Bro what are you doing carrying your baby girl strap together with you on your wedding night!? It's called honey moon bro please don't do that again that's is the Dumbest thing ever!

  21. Man all these pastors out here cheating on their women,they use this bulshit term words 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️..
    I’m not even judging but I had them..

  22. Ain’t no ex-wife living in my house, NO exceptions. I don’t care about no damn Tracy or nothing. (Lowkey, something kinky might be going on in that house lol)

  23. David and Julie have me screamingggg “oh we be in here… struggling” 😂😂😂😂 you can just tell how much they love each other

  24. I would have watched Madison , I live in Austin- where Latoya was married .

    As far as parenting changes , my 25 year old still calls and wakes me up out of my sleep . So nice to hear her voice , so glad to hang up .

  25. I want to see some biracial men married to black women.

    I consistently on both seasons see black men and their mixed wives as a lot of the “black love”. We make mixed women “black”, wayyyy more than we make mixed men “black”.

  26. Two Wives living in the house? Sounds like a polygamous relationship lol.. But I do understand the extra help with mothering.. That can be a blessing

  27. WAIT, WAIT…..isn't Michael Beach gay!!? Did he decide not to be with men, anymore? Or, is he bisexual?🧐🧐😏. Are most of the people in this comment section Millenials? Cuz it's VERY KNOWN ( and he admitted himself ) he was with men. This was basic knowledge in the 1990s & early 2000s. So, what…..the…..HEEEYULL!!?😳

  28. I am having so many "YES!!" moments. It's so comforting to hear other parents voice the same exact feelings you have had! I don't have any mommy friends to relate with, it's hard. I feel like my child-less friends think I'm crazy sometimes.

    Letoya & Egypt got me cracking up. The realness, but also looking back how funny those situations are in hindsight. They weren't funny in the moment, but they sure are funny to look back at once things cool down & work out.

  29. Best line ever: there are no gender roles in our house; we pick up where there’s the need🙌🏾 that’s my household runs and we’ve been in bliss for 15 yrs

  30. Maybe it's a little different because our baby was together. We missed our baby on our honeymoon after about 4 or 5 days. We were ready to go get her.

  31. for single mothers with the fathers that’s sends texts saying he couldn’t live a lie anymore.. (chose liquor) over his now 2yr. old only daughter and worse… the way that Latoyas husband has love for his Daughter!! Is a breath of fresh air for the dads that love their child unconditionally.

  32. Mr. Arnold is absolutely right cause I’m my dads only daughter and man all the ish he did I got it full force. It took my from 12 when I had my 1st Crush to 37 to get it right. I had through some 🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬my dad cheated and did many other dumb ish and I paid the price. Egypt has a baby congratulations

  33. Why is the black love couple always a brown skin/dark skin man with a light skin women. Only one couple in this video has a women that is the same color as her husband.

  34. I love open honest conversations like this… marriage is not an easy 123 we're happy thing you have to work hard to be happy and it's not perfect… discussions like this are needed… 👏👏👏

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