Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation Animated
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Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation Animated

99 thoughts on “Marc Maron: The Social Media Generation Animated

  1. That was really good… But, when will we realize that we grow up in a world without future, without real-human communication?????????????

  2. Why would you expose this truth to the majority of people? Just let them be and let them stay the way they are. They love the attention and they care a lot (perhaps too much) about what other people think of them. I just love getting on with my life and occasionally going on Facebook to see how these people just post stuff that inherently means, "Love me please", while I go outside and breathe the fresh air, meditate and learn about everything the world can offer.

  3. FACT… Social Networks are popular. FACT… Their creators are making fortunes. FACT… Average people like you & me have had no idea how to do it… Not until NOW, that is!

  4. a rather one sided view imo. i don't buy it could be seen as an attempt to discredit social media and their power, solely focusing on the dumb update/like combination.. social media (i think i hate those words) are just global sharing platforms, we should focus on a different approach to content. content is key to progress, i feel the need for a social education. a communication re-education. in other words we should all start to learn how to cut the crap. THAT is the challenge for the future generations.

  5. I am also guilty of spending a lot of time on fb.. But I'm really glad I don't have a smartphone. I actually look around when I'm outside. I won't stop using fb, because it allows me to communicate with people I don't get to see very often for free. But I also won't get that "phone" that allows people to disconnect from the real world.

  6. Wow. I've totally seen this before. thought I was new to Jess the Dragoon, but nope lol

    truth is here. all we have to do is listen, but that's the problem isn't it? Listening. Hearing what people want and acknowledging them. 

  7. Its quite interesting and a relief to see that I am not alone in trying to point out the dangers and negative sides on facebook (or twitter, linkedIn…ect…ect). I even made my own animations about it (see my channel). These animations are in dutch though. If some likes them to be translated, please respond:)

  8. although the message in this short animation is inherently good, yet we have to be really careful not to generalize things and "throw the baby out with the bathwater", so to speak.
    social media, like any other tools, is just a TOOL, ie: it can be used for BAD, or GOOD purposes (eg: inspiring, sharing valuable informations, knowledge, forming an close-knitted, understanding & evolving community even worldwide/globally where we used to not able to do all this without all these social-media tools & technology).
    as always, it all depends mainly on the "man behind the gun" a.k.a WE / each of us as humans, on HOW we CHOOSE to use the 'tool' (in this case: the social-media).
    to generalize EVERYTHING about social-media as "100% bad" is, in my opinion, narrow & close-minded because we haven't seen the GOOD uses/utilization of it YET.

  9. >Saying all the content posted on Facebook and other social media is overly fatalistic, critical, judgemental, presumptious and trying to gain attention
    >Links to his social media in the description
    >Not self-aware or ironic

  10. Another one!? For fuck sake, what is this trend of acting like facebook is as bad as taking meth next to a baby while juggling knifes? Can you people just piss off?

  11. Bellissimo video, ci fa capire come si è messa la situazione del mondo nel 2015.
    Davvero ben fatto, molto significativo.

  12. Ain't good that its not popular… I have problems with my parents. Now i see what i liked in FB. Now i litteraly dont use it from 1 week while i watched it !!!!! Awso its 2015 … but

  13. Nice, your video.

    Naice Vid

    Interesting Watch

    I liked it so I liked thanks a lot

    Waiting on your next vid

    You made my twenty-four hours

  14. These are serious questios: Is there ANY kind of status update that is not annoying and/or full of self-indulgence? Is there any right way to use social media? Even posting jokes, ostensibly to make people laugh, are said to be a form of attention-seeking.

    Now I'm not addicted to social media (No FB, no twitter, Instagram, vine, whatever else there is), but I think I'm getting addicted to these social media critiquing articles and comics, LOL. It's as if they are saying you're doomed no matter what. If you use social media in any way, you are a shallow, dimwitted, attention-seeking, and narcissistic individual.

  15. I don't have major social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and God knows what is out there these days. I just text message, call or email, quick! somebody throw me a cookie!

  16. this is stupid and close minded, don't blame technology or social media…it is a tool. blame the user who abuses and misuses it. knives can be used to cook and murder yet dont see people trying to ban knives.

  17. The stupidest thing is that before this we have videogames but what is stupid is how many idiots only view the tiny display all the time. I could have big 100" display but they view it on a 5" piece of rubbish

  18. social media waste of time except youtube 🙂 i already deleted all my accounts facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, viber, skype, wechat, line, dating app, games, etc..

  19. people that update about what they're gonna have for dinner etc……..are tragic humans wich are desperately hungering for "likes" in order to feel stimulated and comfy

  20. FACT: The only reason why this only has 300k views is because people are SCARED and UNCOMFY about facing the issue of social media. Everyone knows it's bad subconsciously, but it's like trying to tell people the rain is a good thing. Same with Feminism.

  21. When I addic with phone ,I try to search video like this .after watch this video.I try to balance my time with phone and not.This new era culture is very dangerous to our health.Just look at that video its look same like us

  22. Social Media is Anti Social and ruins many relationships, marriages and the privacy. Its like a drug , mind control for millions'.

  23. Hi, can anyone help me interpret the line in the video that says "Twitter and Facebook are my techno-parents, sating the child in me but they are not beyond abusing him." Sorry, English is not my first language. Thanks in advance.

  24. Sometimes when we do with out thinking, we will be like children. Think about it before posting FACEBOOK status because it can make people happy or hurt.

  25. It's funny how changed the world….in 80's it was the era of new style of music and economy grew up, in 90's was the era of ROCK and drugs, in 2000's was the beginning of rap and internet, and in 2010 began the era of social media like Facebook, Twitter,whattsup and instagram. Who knows what's gonna happen in 2020 and probably the next decades….Jesus, i can't imagine!

  26. What's funny, is that people say they agree and still record live footage instead of helping or don't record the individual

  27. Can someone please explain what do they mean by the last line "BUT THEY ARE NOT BEYOND ABUSING HIM"? Maybe put it in other words.

  28. People are saying things like "the irony is hess posting this on a social media network"

    Youre idiots. Social Network as a platform could be really useful but it has evolved into a dopamine supply full of toxicity.

  29. There are lots of positive, entertaining, knowledgeable, and funny things on social media, you know that right? Its not just a bunch of people being addicted and desperate for likes on a tweet they posted, just saying

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