Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm – (Part 1/3) Smarter Every Day 213
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Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm – (Part 1/3) Smarter Every Day 213

– A couple of months ago
I made a Twitter thread about some weird activity I saw online, and after I posted that
thread tons of engineers from many different tech companies reached out to me privately
to tell me their stories. My interest in all this started one day when I was scrolling on YouTube, and the algorithm served up a pretty weird video for me to watch. You know how the algorithm works, right? It looks at your past activity and tries to figure out what
you could watch in the future that would keep you on
the platform the longest. It optimizes watch time. The algorithm suggested
I watch this video. Now, I’m not a super political guy, but I know those are important topics, and it had 138,000 views
and it was only one day old, so to me this looked like
it was a real news story. So when I clicked on the
video it got weird fast, strange music starts playing, and a robot voice comes on, and clearly starts reading me a script. – [Voiceover] After Trump
sends note to Ginsburg, he breaks silence on
plan for Supreme Court. Democrats didn’t think Donald would dare. Get ready, America. Ruth Bader Ginsburg hasn’t been seen in public in for 57 days. – There were red flags all over the place. The robot voice was reading typos. The name of the channel itself was some generic fake news site. There’s no way this is legitimate news. But the problem is it
had engagement levels that were off the chart. 94% like to dislike ratio. Look at all these comments. How can this be happening on
a video of such low quality? I started diggin’ a little bit deeper, so I searched YouTube
for the exact same title to see what came up, and whoa, look at this,
all of these videos are exactly the same title,
exactly the same script, but they’re all just a
little bit different. If you play the videos
you get different graphics scrolling across the scene. You might get a different robot voice. – [Voiceover] Breaking News Mencos, after Trump sends note to
Ginsburg he breaks silence on plan for Supreme Court– (orchestral alert) – [Voiceover] After Trump
sends message to RBG he breaks silence on big
plans for Supreme Court. – [Voiceover] After Trump
sends note to Ginsburg he breaks silence on
plan for Supreme Court. (loud alert) – [Voiceover] After Trump
sends note to Ginsburg he breaks silence on
plan for Supreme Court. – The content was essentially the same, it was just arranged in a different way. Different photos, different
B-roll, different title screens. I’m a YouTuber and I spend some time thinking about content ID
systems and things like that, and it’s clear to me that these
manipulations of the video and even the audio are attempts
to get around YouTube’s automated recognition systems. Let me explain how this works. YouTube engineers look at the
individual pixels on a video and then they use the
values of these pixels to perform some type of
mathematical function, which gives you a number called a hash. You then compare hashes to other videos that have been uploaded
and try to figure out if the same content has been uploaded by someone else in the past. The challenging task
here is to make a system that’s fast enough to
find the exact copies of specific frames of video across the entire YouTube library while at the same time making it smart enough to not be tricked. How would you do that with math? Instead of sampling every pixel, what if they sampled
specific spots on every video and measured the color values
at those specific locations? They could then compare those spots with every other video
uploaded to YouTube. But think about what
happens if a sneaky person resizes those images. The colors would change
at those locations. The same thing would happen
if you rotate the image or flip it or even apply
a filter of some kind. Now I don’t know how
YouTube samples these pixels or the audio from the video or what mathematical functions they use, but I know that’s like a company secret because that’s how they
defend the platform. If the bad guys were to figure out how these detection algorithms work then they could get around them and they could beat the defenses. If you look at these crazy
videos like a software engineer you can start to see some
really interesting details. For example, why would there be a globe spinning in this image? Well if you think about it,
that’s going to change the hash. What if the YouTube engineers
figured the globe trick out and then they shut that technique down? Well, in this video the globe is mirrored. That’s going to change the
hash in a different way. This specific instance is a
counter-counter-countermeasure. Which is fascinating. This one is probably my favorite. Why on earth would they put virtual snow falling over the top of a
video of the royal family? If you think about it, this changes the math
in a kind of random way, and therefore, YouTube’s
ability to detect it. This is like a new form
of camouflage that’s using math instead of colors
on this new battlefield where daily fights take
place by opposing forces of software engineers. But instead of fighting
over hills or pieces of land the winner of these individual skirmishes gets a few moments of your time, which in today’s attention
economy is super valuable. Because of the original video I found, I assumed most of this
activity was on the right. But I found these videos
just two clicks away from a mainstream channel on the left. (intense music) – [Voiceover] Speaker of
the House, Nancy Pelosi just keeps racking up
wins over Donald Trump. (intense alert) – [Voiceover] Speaker of
the House, Nancy Pelosi, just keeps racking up
wins over Donald Trump. – It’s the exact same stuff just trying to manipulate things
in the other direction. If you look at this channel specifically, it was started over 10 years ago by what appears to be an actual human. It uploaded a bunch of gaming content. And then at this moment right here it started uploading
videos about politics. At this point it’s clear to me this is not just low quality content. This is a coordinated attack
against the YouTube algorithm, complete with countermeasures. This is a serious, well-funded activity done by people meant to do harm. If you’re a teen or
20-something you probably think these old people are getting
duped into voting for someone that doesn’t make sense. And if you’ve got a few
more miles on the tires, you might be looking at the
younger generation and thinking, man, how are all these manipulative people able to whip them up
into a frenzy so easily? So is the internet getting worse
because we’re getting worse and this is just a reflection of us, or is there actually someone
playing with the dials and pitting us against each other? Today’s social discourse takes place on the public forum of the internet. And front and center in that forum are three primary platforms, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This video is the first
in a three-part series on what exactly these
external forces are doing to manipulate our social media platforms and how they’re doing it. Now a key to a good lie is to convince you that there is no deception. When I started trying
to research this stuff, there’s all kinds of
information on the internet, but it’s very difficult to
cut through all the falsehood. So my approach is pretty simple. I’m literally going to get on airplanes and fly to the engineers who
are trying to beat this stuff and have a straight-up
conversation with ’em. We’re gonna get to Twitter
and Facebook later, but for the purposes of this video let’s look at specific active attempts to manipulate the YouTube algorithm. Okay, it’s time to move
past the speculation stage to the actual engineering data stage. So I’m here at this
building in California. The person I’m gonna talk to
does not wanna be on camera, so we’re gonna respect that, but I’m gonna go find out
exactly what went down with these specific
videos and report back. I was just gonna stand
in front of the sign and tell you what happened, but I have to think about
how I’m gonna say this. This is complicated. I don’t want to attribute
any words to YouTube here, so let’s just assume these are my words, but there seems to be two types of attack against the YouTube algorithm. Number one, there seems to
be a financial motivation. People are trying to create videos to extract ad revenue from YouTube. And so this is legitimate content. There’s nothing outside of
the terms of service here, except maybe the fame engagement
policies that YouTube has. But for the most part, it’s
legitimate content uploaded and meant to extract money from YouTube. Number two are the ideological attacks. These are attacks meant
to sway public opinion and make people think certain things and perhaps even make people
fight with each other. To understand this
better I rented an office in San Francisco to
interview Renee DiResta. She’s an expert in
malicious propaganda online. Okay, this is Renee DiResta. She is super smart on, I guess you’d say coordinated inauthentic behavior, incentivized content on social media and how to beat it, right? – Yep, I look at how
different types of actors manipulate the social
ecosystem across platforms. – Awesome, I loved your stuff on Rogan and Sam Harris podcasts.
– Thank you. – You’re just great. If you’re paying attention,
you’ve seen what she does. I wanna talk about what’s
going on on YouTube. – Okay. – Recently I found this
really weird video. It’s clearly manufactured content. And from what I can tell there’s two reasons that there’s
manufactured content. Number one is it’s financially motivated. And the second thing is ideological. – Yes.
– Right? Is that correct? Is there a third component I’m not seeing? – No, that’s correct. And there’s actually a lot of, there’s actually some overlap there. Because if you’re producing
really partisan content, particularly sensational stuff, you’re able to capture engagement and get people paying attention. Because particularly right
now in a highly partisan, polarized country, people
are looking for that stuff. And they’re not necessarily
paying a lot of attention to who the source is. So if you make something
that looks interesting you’ll be able to
theoretically attract views, keep people there, and
then you can both monetize and do something divisive. You’re gonna use fake accounts
to social it with end groups and then you’re gonna try to get a critical mass of real people to come and amplify it. – In order to get these videos
in front of human eyeballs you have to first trick a
robot algorithm type thing, and the way you do that is
with artificial engagement. Artificial engagement
is done with fake logins or compromised accounts. They sell them like wine
on the black market. A new one’s gonna set
you back about a quarter. A 2014 is gonna set you
back about seven bucks. Renee showed me some footage
of what she calls a click farm. They use these devices to try to artificially inflate engagement online. You can easily find these places online that will sell these
services to you straight up. – You know, a lot of us,
we use the number of views, number of likes, number of followers as like a hero stick for quality, and so there are hundreds
and hundreds and hundreds of these businesses that just
offer you things like views. So these are people who are just selling, selling likes. Funny enough, based on the number of likes on the ad for YouTube likes I would bet that they’re gaming their
Instagram (mumbles), too. (laughing) The internet is fake. – I’ve been doing this wrong.
(laughing) I’ve been trying to make
quality content this whole time. The strategy seems to be pretty simple. You make a bunch of videos
on one particular topic. You put ’em online and then the metadata points to each other, right? At this point the artificial
compromised accounts are used to give them artificial lift, and at some point, one of these videos will creep up above the
noise in the algorithm and it will start to get
shown to actual humans. It’s really easy to get mad at
YouTube at this point, right? Look at all this stuff that’s
happening on the platform. But let’s step back, think about it. If you were a software engineer, how would you use math and algorithms to detect this activity? I would argue that this
is very, very clever, and it’s very hard to detect
this in an automated way. If you look at the
engagement on these videos, the majority of these comments are actual humans discussing the videos. These are real people
engaging with this content. From an engineering perspective, this is extremely difficult to detect, especially at any kind
of meaningful scale. So we understand the fake
engagement piece, right? But think about the
content creation itself. For a video that I’m
proud of, for example, it will take dozens of hours for me to make this thing, right? In this one particular
case we’re talking about, we saw dozens of videos
uploaded in the same day. So clearly computers are involved. But how are they doing it? Believe it or not, there’s already an entire industry built
around this technology. It’s a great way to get
these small stories out. Whatever website you
go to to get your news, you’ve probably seen these things, automatically generated videos. Several companies offer
these types of services. One is called Wochit. If you go to the Wochit website, they boast over 1.5
million videos were created on behalf of their customers last month. These are videos created for
businesses you recognize. On their website they
show how the system works. You type in the topic you
wanna make a video about. They ingest millions of
pieces of licensed content from different sources. You slap in a script and yo
have a video within minutes. This is a very expensive
business to business service. But for these businesses trying to make it in the attention economy,
it’s totally worth it. Now let’s think about YouTube. The Wochit News YouTube
channel has uploaded over 3,000 videos in the last two months. Most of these use actual
voice actors reading a script. This is an incredible amount of content. Stop and think about what that could mean for the future of YouTube. It works like this. You have all of this
content like B roll, photos, audio, things of that nature. And it goes into this machine
and out pops these videos. Which is cool if you’re a newsroom and you’re using a
service like Wochit to try to create content for legit users online. But the problem is,
this is just technology. Think about what would happen if this was developed by people of ill intent. If you’re clever you
can change the content that you’re putting into the machine and the machine can start creating videos, each video with its own special flare so it can get around the countermeasures built into the YouTube
system and you simply upload all these to
different YouTube channels that you’ve created
with fake email accounts and there you go. You’re suddenly flooding YouTube with automatically
created content that has the incentives of making you money or changing the way people think. It’s probably mostly
financially motivated. – I think it’s mostly
financially motivated. I think Facebook has said the
same thing about propaganda. A lot of the stuff on their site, coordinated inauthentic activity, mostly economically motivated. Even during 2016, now
the notion of fake news is so tied to Russia but fake news wasn’t actually about Russia. If you remember, back in
2016 during the campaign it was about people just creating
these hyper-partisan sites that were literally fake
news, demonstratively fake, Pope endorses Donald Trump
and this kind of stuff. And it was just pushing
people to the sites to try to make money on the ads. And so that’s what I think a
lot of the challenge here is. The really strong
actors, the nation-states that are trying to do this kind of stuff, will spend the years to build
up the audiences over time and then you have these
more fly-by-night operations where a blog spins up overnight, they game their way into distribution, and then they just make money on the ads. – Someone that’s doing
this subversive activity, if they’re doing it we’re not gonna know. – Right, for a long time, for a long time. Unless they make a mistake.
– So it’s happening right now. – Yeah. – It’s happening right now probably in the sidebar of this video
people are watching right now, we just may not know it’s
inauthentic behavior. – I think it’s really
hard to find this stuff. It gets better and better. That’s the other thing. I think people assume it’s obviously fake or obviously, obviously incorrect English or obviously sensationalist
memes or something like that. No, they actually just started repurposing their content form our
own real, authentic, hyper-partisan pages. – Can we just stop and be disturbed that this is the kind of content that’s getting real eyeballs? And I know what you might be thinking, well it’s clearly different. I could tell the difference in that. But think about who I am, right? I’m an engineer who
understands countermeasures. I think through strategy. I spend hundreds of hours a month thinking about the YouTube algorithm. I tailor my thumbnails, I
understand how titles work. All of this to say I still got tricked. And so it’s a cat and mouse game. Well basically you have offensive content, then you have a countermeasure, and then you have a
counter-countermeasure, and then the YouTube engineers have to develop a counter-counter-countermeasure, and so this just continuously ratchets up and I don’t see a way to win, you’re not gonna win this. – No you’re never gonna win. There’s no winning. It’s managing. – All you have to do is increase the cost for the adversary to influence society. Regardless of whether
this material is made in some far-off land to make a quick buck, or if it’s from a malicious nation trying to influence a foreign election, it’s all taking advantage
of this flaw in your heart, the desire to fight with your neighbor. These people literally
make us hate each other and then we turn around
and give them our money. If your first inclination is to be mad at YouTube right now and
some kind of outrage, then you don’t get it. Like you don’t see what’s happening here. I know these engineers. They’re using all the
math at their disposal to try to fix this as
desperately as they can, but until our hearts change
towards political grace these people are gonna keep
taking advantage of us. I don’t think what kind of laws we make to try to get around this, they’re going to make us fight
and we’re gonna sit there and do it and then close our
eyes and give them our money. We’ve got to be smarter than this. – I think a lot of the countering has to be done in the real world, right? It’s the, I think you had said this in a Twitter thread of yours I’d read where you talked about the need to actively practice–
– Love thy neighbor kind of stuff.
– Right, right. I think that that’s, unfortunately, it is a, they’re preying on human biases. This is the thing, we have a brand new information ecosystem, right? We have democratized creation of content. We have no more gatekeepers. Anyone can say what they
want, do what they want, maximized expression, algorithms
to help you find people, but ultimately human nature, like the people have not changed. So it’s this fascinating new information environment ecosystem but
with a very old set of biases and ways of being that are just kind of part of the human experience, and I don’t think we’re necessarily adept at recognizing what
social media has done to us as individuals and as members of society. And that I think is one
of the key challenges where no amount of
regulating of algorithms or catching of bad guys changes that kind of fundamental truth. Trying to use real community
to kind of return people to that human connection is the thing that we’re missing right now and that’s because it’s
much harder to do that, to create the kind of active
unity that you’re talking about ’cause like who’s in charge of doing that. Normally that would have
been like your churches, your neighborhood, your community. I think, I don’t know what that looks like ported online where everybody’s
spending their time. – I’m not trying to scare you
by showing you all this stuff. Obviously there’s a lot of
hard core engineering thought that goes into everything
I just showed you, but it’s happening. There are bad actors trying
to manipulate people online for financial gain and I don’t
think it’s YouTube’s fault. When somebody wants to
do bad things to you, they’re gonna do whatever they can to get your data and exploit it. When I realized this series was gonna help educate
people I reached out to a company that takes online
internet security seriously, and that is ExpressVPN. They were all in. They decided to sponsor this video series and help make it happen. If you’re not using a VPN you
seriously need to consider it. Your internet connection
right now is broadcasting your IP address, which is the
way people track you online. Check this out, when I go to this website, it tests everything that my
internet connection is leaking. You can see my IP address,
which I’ve masked here ’cause I don’t want you to see it, but you can also see where I’m at. Your internet connection
is doing this right now. Here’s how ExpressVPN works. It’s a virtual private network. You just turn it on with one click. My internet traffic is now encrypted, and going through one
of ExpressVPN’s servers located throughout the world so people can no longer
figure out where I’m located. I protect myself online with ExpressVPN, and if you want that same protection you can get that by going
to, you can download ExpressVPN today. If you get 12 months you get an additional three months for free. That brings the cost down to
less than seven bucks a month. If you’re super smart and you understand the technical stuff behind all this, go do a DNS leak test. It’s gonna pass. It’s the fastest one I’ve ever tested. TechRadar said this is the number one VPN. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, which I’m confident you’re not gonna use because I feel comforted knowing that my personal information is
protected on the internet., you can protect your internet
connection right now. Next up, Twitter and Facebook. They were awesome. They let me set up
cameras in the building. They also let me talk
to some of the engineers in charge of building
these countermeasures. It is a fascinating discussion. I hope you’ll join me as we continue this algorithm manipulation series. I think this is super important stuff. If there’s someone that
you think could benefit from knowing that this is how
the internet actually works, please pass this video along to ’em. Also, consider subscribing if
you feel like this earned it. This is a ton of work and I hope it brings value to your life. That’s it. I’m Destin, you’re
getting smarter every day. Have a good one.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. This is video 1 of a 3 part series on Social Media Algorithm manipulation and countermeasures. Even if you're aware of these issues, odds are your friends and parents are not. I'm hoping we can use this video series to educate an incredible amount of people about the realities of algorithmic manipulation online. The engineers tasked with working on these problems take their jobs very seriously and they are truly the unsung heroes in this fight. I'd be honored if you shared this video with someone you love.

    I'm on Twitter at:
    You can subscribe here for the rest of the series (in process):

    Note: This is a completely apolitical video. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on, you're a target of these types of attacks. I'd like to say thank you to everyone at these three companies (and those beyond) willing to discuss this very sensitive topic, and giving me your trust. This touches many different areas…. technical engineering, human interactions, artificial intelligence, IT, financial incentives, law enforcement, attempts to manipulate others, etc. This is an absolutely fascinating topic and I believe it's imperative that we talk about these issues more openly so even the most lackadaisical social media user is aware of them. I have realized lately that in general, people online are very eager to become angry at these platforms whenever there is the slightest misstep, without truly understanding the impossible engineering tasks these individuals have been given.

    I'd like to thank Renée Diresta for taking the time to discuss these issues openly with me. She wrote a wonderful piece called the "Digital Maginot Line" ( For those unfamiliar, the maginot line was an amazing undertaking to create a defensive front, which was easily sidestepped. It's worth your time.

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  24. It's not meant to do harm, it's giving us our freedom back, it has no affect on me and smart people, stupid people will only hurt everyone but it don't make smart people fight cause it don't work on them. Anything that beats algorithm wins one for freedom. for the Gipper.

  25. I formed a social network to do exactly what this video speaks about in terms of forming real human community. Ironically, Google has delisted it for many years. It's ureka dot org – all are welcome. <3

  26. Fascinating Series. You’re doing good work. I too am an engineer for good. I wonder how Goog can prevent certain search results but can’t prevent the bot factories from search results. Thanks again

  27. Oh the day I clicked on a flat earth video and commented. Bloody vsauce!!!!!!! Took me YEARS to stop seeing them filling up my suggested videos.

  28. the biggest manipulators are the tech giants themselves. Which you don't seem to understand. It's amazing how clueless you are. Sorry to be harsh, but when you go to the corporate HQ of the Big Brothers of the world, it's like going to the foxes office to ask about the security of the hen house. You assume that Big Brother is benevolent. That assumption is mindbogglingly naive. @smartereveryday

  29. Plot twist: VPNs are actually selling our information and in the end we are all being tricked by people who are smarter then the other bad people

  30. FANTASTIC VIDEO! This should be mandatory viewing for everyone who watches youtube. I'm recommending this to my friends with children. Thank you and please keep up the great work.

  31. Some content providers as well as YT Shadow ban or mute commenters. You see your post but nobody else does. This is exactly why I have 27 accounts and more as needed! Make more accounts then go look for your "radical" comments as someone else —- GONE. Only the poster can see them. Shadow banning and muting is NOT A DEMOCRATIC QUALITY!
    This is also why I use an adblocker. You get NO money from me!

  32. These manipulater have protected us up to lately but now all Google algorithm are so advance that they can controle and censure our search making it all nothing lest or more the a brainwashing machine.

  33. This is a very important series with a flaw – while the language is clear and concise; I recommend you yourself should purge your language like "bad actors", "narrative" etc. While it is interesting to watch our language has to grow and mutate we are wearing out words and they are losing impact and even context. Sorry to pick but as an engineer in a physical sense there might be an analogue.

  34. One thing that bugs me and perhaps you could help me understand – if I have a video from Al Jazeera there is note saying that the TV station is fully owned by Qatar- according to wikipedia source which would get laughed out of any classroom.

  35. Great video. As a security expert I concur, this battle has no winning. It's just a matter of managing risk and impact. Usually the goal is to make the malicious action so hard to do, that it won't be worth the effort.

  36. I create real videos. First time watching you Destin. You're fantastic enjoyable presenter. My 2cents. Youtube is not the Internet , Instagram is bigger than Facebook based on generational growth. Learned alot from this REAL video. thankyou Destin. subbed liked

  37. I vote one time every 4 years, that is the height of my political involvement. Simple don't watch or click content. Install a plugin that eleimates suggested videos.

  38. Democrats are at the core. I didn’t see any pro Republican ones, although I’m sure they exist, but not nearly to the extent that anti trump videos like that exist. The sheep will follow

  39. Wow very great clear info on all this censorship. And an attention society being the very critically manipulated is all so true. And hats off to all the whistleblowers.

  40. We do have good community connection through the internet. Our good intentions are being funneled to people who need help after the Campfire in Concow which is next to Paradise in Cali. Your stuff is super important information, but sharing is difficult. Most people are asleep and wish to stay that way.

  41. It's people that are bought by certain politicians in order to sway public opinion with fake news. Alphabet Inc and Hillary Clinton are connected, Alphabet Inc is Google's parent company. Google owns Youtube. Youtube is pushing Anti-Trump propaganda and you just dove down a rabbit hole. Great video.

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