Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)
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Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)

100 thoughts on “Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)

  1. This is a great video, thanks. I’m going to do what I can to try to monetise my blog.

  2. Hey your name is Jeff. Mine too just found your channel! I love this, I’m doing Money March videos and would love to have you on as a guest! Lmk

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  4. Nothing is free. I pay with my email and get spam and so on. You probably get all sorts of information with are alrdy probably linked with my mail…

  5. 💯 bro.. u got some good comment on yo channel jeff. SUBSCRIBE to my channel as well for hip hop news 💪🏿💯🕌

  6. Hey Jeff. How would you recommend adding keywords for SEO? Would you separate each word with a comma, semi-colon or just compose a sentence using keywords?

  7. All of these tips are great if you have thousands and thousands of people following you already. I have Ads, affiliate links and good blog posts and don't make one cent yet. Hope that changes soon! 🙏🏼

  8. Sad, I thought its free for access. But ends up you are asking us to pay.. I'm just 26 years old and working for one of the MBB. In future, if I have these knowledge I will give it free to people. What for making a 15 minutes video, and asking for payment after we try to subscribe for access. Not hating here, you did a great job in giving such motivation speech but if will be even better if you give it free to people. Ciao.

  9. Maybe its just me but its so many links and distractions. Is there 1 guide to show how to make a blog, on wordpress, how to find a topic, how to know if that topic is good, how to look up other sites to see what pages are doing well, how to monetize site. Does it exists?

  10. Hi Jeff, amazing information. am new trying to monetize my blog ( ) and find it very hard. Thanks for having this out there.

  11. Since i was an absolute first-timer i've fought a good deal for a long period on my journey to earn money on line but yet thankfully this

  12. I’m interested to know how much time you feel bloggers need to invest in order to progress through different levels of success. For example , 2-3 hrs/week yields a few hundred readers , 5-10hrs/week yields etc

  13. thank you for this video. I am going to begin working on my first travel blog on Philadelphia 🙂 Very informative and good content

  14. 3:22 next time if you say something bad to other peoples moms, the guy that will say to you "How dare you talk to my mom that way", he will be awarded "THE ACADEMY AWARD"

  15. I got the books but when trying to get back to download the others it completely exit out. Is there a way I can get back to download the rest 😬

  16. Can someone help me or advice me something… I am tired… But my earning is not increasing…. Plz plz plz help

  17. I want to get envolve in blogging but don't know nothing about it but know its a website for blogging.

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  19. Good video, I have 2 questions

    1) how old do you have to be to start blogging and make money with your own details and bank account

    2) also how do I add ads sense

  20. I don't want to be an online presence personally, but I do want to start a profitable blog. Do you think that's possible?

  21. You're my new favorite person, no wonder you have such a following!! I need to work on people skills lol!

  22. Super cook video I just startd a 120 day blogging challenge that I am recording on youtube to document if i can do it 120 days

  23. Great video! How great would it be to do what you love and connect and help with people and get paid at the same time. Yes SEO and keyword research is the #1 thing that you need to master before you will generate income.

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  25. Hello Jeff..It’s been 24 hours since I signed up for your free blogging package. I haven’t received any confirmation email yet…checked everywhere..I’m super excited so kindly assit.

  26. I just started a blog and am wanting to monetize it soon and bring more traffic to my blog, thanks for this great video!

  27. I am check my articles in the plagiarism seo tools is says 100℅ unique
    But in the siteliner.c om is showing 40℅ duplicate content.whats the problem , please give me some solution

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  29. There's a common misconception that bloggers don't really make a lot of money… I guess to some extent its true. But if you know how to create great value for your audience, and leverage the right tools, the sky is the limit. Thank you for this video. Very inspiring!

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