Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story My Tips for New Players
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Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story My Tips for New Players

About Sayaka. She the last holy quintet to be released. She won’t come till like chapter 6 release People will complain why she not out yet. She a meme for a while Most of the time you will most likely get spook by A. Dark Kirika or B Fire Momoko. Don’t ever pull their banner In Mirrors. Pvp U do this farm points to get ascension,mats,formation,golden ticket. your units hit harder in pvp then in pve. Sayaka(Created the Pity Counter) After 100 rolls u can get a 4 star unit and might be a spook Its best to get your monthly 10 tickets and 5 tickets. if you get 50 gold tickets it will count as 50 rolls/100 pity counter.

19 thoughts on “Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story My Tips for New Players

  1. that double mention of NP skip in the description xD
    I mostly like the auto since I sometimes like watching the animations in auto in a lot of my gacha games xD

  2. 13:45 I’m hearing spooked or spoofed… what are you trying to say?
    I’m not sure what you’re saying…
    But this was a helpful tutorial, thanks~
    I’d recommend adding more captions, especially when you started playing the pvp match though

    Edit: Ok, later on, I saw more subtitles and yes, you were saying spooked

  3. I hope they don’t do a trickle release with us in the US/CANADA since literally all the assets are ready. I’d like to be fully caught up with Japanese players so both audiences can summon new girls at the same time

  4. How do i level up my character fast and where could I farm the materials to awaken them? And How to evolve them to increase their star? Pls help Im confused with their system

  5. Is is really that crucial to 4-slot 4* Meguca in this game? My short experience digging around the reddit seems to indicate that people are hellbent on giving the SAVE STONES AND 4-SLOT TART/MADOKAMI OR PvP WILL FUCC U UP kind of advice. I kind of want to calculate my whaling with much higher exchange rates than SQ and all.

    In general how F2P friendly is it?

  6. Is there any way for us to win limited edition character?
    I really want to get Kazumi now, and later I want Holy Mami and Alina, Nagisa, Madokami, and Coolmura

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