Lucky Justin Bieber Fan Gets to Kiss Him!

So right now we are backstage I got some
special fans out there who have no idea That they’re going to be talking to me Hi. How are you? How ya doing? “So can I ask you a question?” Ask me whatever. “Okay where’s your
favorite place to go to when you’re on tour?” Favorite place to go to on tour?
Probably Tulsa, Oklahoma Ahh. Ok. That’s Random. You’ve been to Tulsa? “No we’ve never been there.” They have stuff to do there. It’s endless. “Why do you always
wear a Red Wings hat?” Honestly it’s not about the team or what’s on the hat It’s about how the hat fits your
head And certain hats fit me right and certain hats don’t. “Because we’re from Detroit. That’s why we were wondering.” D-Town. West Side. “I love you.” I love you more Did you know you were gonna see me? “No” “Yeah so my question. Sorry.” “So my question is” “Are you happy at this moment in your life right now?” At this moment, this very moment? “I know that before” This very present moment? Yes I’m
very happy. Are you happy? “Yes. I’m very happy.” Hi guys “Hi Justin” How are you? “What’s your favorite
part about performing?” Right before I go on It’s just like this huge rush that I feel Just like excitement and nervousness It’s pretty awesome You want to ask one more question? You can ask one more. “What’s your favorite ice cream?” I really like cotton candy with a waffle cone. What’s up ladies? “Are you
excited to perform your new music that you mainly wrote?” “Because I know you
wrote a lot.” I’m so excited thank you “What do you mean, I’m so excited” I love your jacket. Do you want to ask a question? “Why are you so cute?” Well uh here’s the thing mom. I don’t know. Thank you. You’re cute. Get over here You wanna ask me a question? “Ok. Do I look at the camera?” Do whatever you want to do. “How many tattoos do you have now?” I think is too
many to count at this point So I just kind of consider it one on this arm now Cuz it’s connected “Can I feel it?” You can feel it. “Oh my god.” It just feels like skin. “I know. Feel my skin.” “Can we please take a picture?” Yeah I can. “Hey guys. So I’m here with Justin Bieber and I can’t talk.” What was that? That just happened? Was that your voice? “Yeah. I can’t talk.” “I literally lost my voice.” She can’t talk You trying to kiss me right now? “Yeah.” You do the kissing.

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