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Love Chesthe Cheppali || Jalsaa Raayudu || Tamada Media

Get up! Why did you wake me up already?
– My friend is coming over. So? Why should I care?
– Go and get dressed. Am I not dressed?
– You don’t want to scare her away, do you? Like she were some Elizabeth Taylor. She’s a tailor’s daughter.
– No. Another friend is coming over. She moved to Hyderabad only recently.
– All your friends look disgusting anyway. Mom, tell brother to change up.
– Do as your sister says! I need to change
for the sake of her friends? Wonder why girls keep their hair long. Why is she this good looking?
It is time I introduced myself to her. I’m coming! Hi!
– Brother? I’m brother only to her.
– Friend’s brother is also a friend. Oh, yeah! Absolutely!
So, why don’t you tell her about me? He is my brother. He’s in 5th year of B.Tech.
– ‘Screw this devil!’ 5th year? Is he pursuing dual degree?
– Dual degree and him? You guys carry on.
– Where to? I’ve only started telling her about you. Well, I’ve some work to do.
– Save it for later. – So, he has backlogs? Yeah! As a kid, he was a backbench student.
Now, in engineering, he has backlogs. He is backwards in almost everything.
In simple words, he is the best friend of bad luck. You’ve introduced me enough.
How uncultured you are. Who can it be now? Hello! I’m sorry but no one is at home now.
– I know that. I mean, I called your sister up
and she asked me to wait here until she is back. Please, come in. She is so cute! I’ll be right back.
– Sure. This is perfect.
I’ll propose to her today. You are so good..
– What? I mean you are good friends
with my sister. You remind of my childhood friend, Chinni.
– Who is she and why do I remind you of her? She too was beautiful like you,
with chubby cheeks and big eyes. She was my first crush.
– Aren’t you in touch with her anymore? No, I’m not.
– Why not? One day, she attended
the parent teacher meet with her parents. Her parents found her cute, so they kissed her.
I found her cute too and kissed her. Then, her parents warned me to stay away.
So, I lost touch with her. You like to write stories?
– I like telling them. I mean I cook up stories each time
I want to escape my parents’ wrath. Why do you ask? Because I like your choice of words.
I feel like to hear you speak for hours together. Do you really like my choice of words? Can I say a few more words? Why are you home already?
– You both want me to go away? No. We thought
you won’t be home for a while. You are over doing it?
– I’m over doing what? – Being cute. If government taxes cuteness,
you’ll have to pay crores each month. I’m pretty sure you make
all the girls in this city go green with envy. I only want to keep listening to you.
– I’ve a surprise for you. Why did you get me a gift? Today is no occasion.
– A true lover doesn’t need an occasion to buy his girl a gift. What is this?
– See for yourself. A gold ring! It is so beautiful. I’m not gifting you this gold ring
but I’m gifting you to this gold ring. Thank God the chairs and tables here are inanimate.
Else, they too would’ve fell for your word play. I love you.
– I love you too! I love you, Deepa!
I love you so much! I love you! You are a flirt even in your dreams?
– What? I was dreaming all this while? You can meet Deepa only in your dreams.
– Why? – They are moving to another state. Shall I propose to her before she leaves?
– She is no regular girl. Her family is too rich! If you propose to her,
she won’t be friends with me anymore. Fine. How is your job?
– Jobs in Hyderabad suck. I’ll come back to our hometown
and set up some business there instead. Fine, but make it quick.
All your friends are settled in life but you. How is your hubby doing?
– He’s in the office. I’ll call you right back.
– Alright. How are you?
– I’m good. He is my friend’s brother.
– Hello. – He is my husband and he is my son. We’re getting late. Shall we go?
– Sure. Tell Sirisha I said hi. ‘Your eyes are questioning me
why I didn’t confess my love to you.’ ‘I may only be a passing cloud in your life.
But to me, you are the ever present sky.’ ‘You are always there,
but I can never reach you.’ Bro, keep a bottle of Mansion House ready.
Hail Balayya! If you are in love, confess it right away.
You’ll either get accepted or rejected right there. If you don’t, you’ll end up teaching philosophy
or drinking Mansion House like me. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health.
But your subscription to my channel is heaven.

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