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Lost Media Update IV | blameitonjorge

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this video. Ever since I announced that I would stop doing
list videos, some of you (I assume) misread that as “lost videos” as in lost media
videos. That is not the case, I am still going to
do them and I even have a few planned, but you’ll see. I don’t really count these update videos
as traditional list videos, since they’re not really in that Top X whatever format. They’re a mini-series on their own with
different “volumes” that are exclusive to my channel, so you’ll continue seeing
them. Anyways, enough with the preamble, I can’t
believe I’ve done four of these but let’s do this. This is Lost Media Update Volume IV Nightmare Ned If you don’t remember this Disney show, I wouldn’t blame you. It only aired for four months on ABC, and
was cancelled after the show creators were facing “production issues”. Futhermore, the show never aired reruns on
Disney Channel or Toon Disney, and no home media was ever released. The show was based on the Windows PC game
of the same name; centering on Ned Needlemeyer, a ten-year old boy who deals with daily troubles
by confronting versions of them in his nightmares. It was unique for having a darker theme and
imagery, but that clearly didn’t help it attract viewers. Where we last left off, only 9 and a half
of its 12 episodes were available online. The ones that were missing were Monster Ned, The Ants, Girl Trouble, Testing Testing, and The Accordion Lesson. Given the show’s obscurity, I was kind of
surprised to find out that all of the missing episodes were uploaded some time ago by YouTube
users Knordob and Slowpoke85. Although there’s some varying quality, this
case is closed. “Conflict” from Mister Rogers Neighborhood You guys remember that thing I said in the last Lost Media Update video? That every time I talk about a piece of lost
media, it ends up being found immediately after? Yup, here we go again. Mr Rogers Neighborhood was a show known for
being wholesome and caring, but it wasn’t afraid to touch on some darker and more serious issues every now and again. [Mr. Rogers]: There are people in the world who are so sick or so angry, that they sometimes hurt other people. And they’re usually the ones who end up in the news. Remember hearing about John Lennon being shot in New York? And President Reagan and his friends in Washington? And the Pope in Rome? And the young people being murdered in Atlanta and other places? Well the people who are doing terrible these things are making a lot of other people sad and angry. [Jorge]: One of these darker topics had to do with
the subject of War. In 1983, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood released
a 5-episode arc titled “Conflict”. The arc was about King Friday from the neighborhood
of make believe, nearly going to war with Southwood. Eventually the two come to terms with each
other and make peace. Given the ongoing violence at the time of
this episode’s release, it was deemed too serious for children, and was removed from
airing and has not been seen since. Another controversy stems from the belief
that the episodes were anti-war, since it ended with Rogers singing a song called “Peace
and Quiet”. So here’s where things get ridiculous. When I did my Lost Media Update 2 video, the
only thing that was available was a 5-minute low quality recording of the 5th episode in
the arc. However when I was editing the video, two
episodes were uploaded by a mysterious YouTube channel called TROG SLEEP NOW. The channel has no other videos, and seems
to have only been created to upload these episodes. Then, after I uploaded my video, about 2 weeks
later, the other three lost episodes were found. And I somehow forgot to mention it in my last
Lost Media Update III video. They were uploaded to MySpleen by a user known as Snowpeck. And that was that. No one was expecting all 5 episodes to be
uploaded in an extremely short span of time, especially since they haven’t been seen
for decades. There was some speculation that these episodes
were released in response to President Trump. Four days prior, Trump proposed a budget that
would increase funds for the military by about $50 billion. However, this would come at the cost of completely
eliminating federal funding for public broadcasting. The timing and subject matter seemed too convenient
for some, and this wouldn’t be the first time the show had to defend public broadcasting
funding. I don’t have any answers as to why the episodes
were released so mysteriously. Regardless, this case is closed. The Leslie Mostly Show Leslie Mostly was a short lived character on Sesame Street that hosted The Leslie Mostly Show, which was a parody of a typical talk show. Although it only lasted for two seasons on
Sesame Street, the show managed to feature interviews with some key characters, such
as the Count and Cookie Monster. However, there are two interviews that were
rumored to exist, one featuring Guy Smiley and the other featuring Kermit The Frog. According to a 2006 post on the Muppet Central
forum, the Guy Smiley interview was available for a short time on the Verizon Wireless V
Cast Phones. A user named “sesame guy” also makes mention
of the Kermit sketch, and a user known as “Xerus” details both sketches. He states: “I remember the Leslie Mostly skits. She would take you to the homes of different Muppet characters while at her desk, looking at a huge screen. First, she interviewed Guy Smiley whose home
was a huge stage show with his furniture behind curtain number 1, his organ music in curtain
number 2, and his pet studio audience in curtain number 3. And finally, Leslie interviewed Kermit the
Frog. Kermit showed Leslie his awards for doing
reports on the 3 Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood. Kermit explained that when he was a kid, he
wanted to be a rancher at first, [and] puts on a cowboy hat. Then a cook, puts on a chef’s hat. Then a knight in shining armor, [and] puts on a
helmet. But then decided to become a news reporter
and puts on his trademark reporter’s hat.” Although no screenshots or footage of these
interviews were given, they seemed pretty believable. So where are we today? Unfortunately, The Guy Smiley interview is
still missing as far as I’m aware. However the Kermit sketch was found in Turkish
only. And although I don’t speak Turkish, the
sketch seems to follow Xerus’ description pretty well. We have a cowboy’s hat, a chef’s hat, a helmet, and of course his trademark reporter’s hat. So who knows? He’s probably right about the Guy Smiley
Sketch too. But for now, this case is ongoing. The Dora The Explorer Pilots In 2000, Nickelodeon unleashed one of their biggest, longest running shows in history; Dora the Explorer. However in 1999, two unaired pilot
episodes were made to sell the show. The first was a simple test pilot featuring
Dora and Boots just walking. Boots’ design is notably different and something
about it just felt weird. Perhaps because there is actually no audio
in this clip and I’m uncertain if any exists at all. The second pilot was titled “Pilot Episode”. There was some information about this episode online. It supposedly followed Dora and Boots traveling
to a giant cupcake with characters from the actual show appearing, such as Backpack, Swiper,
and the Map. Well fortunately, on August 21st, 2018, Lost
Media Wiki member InfiniteGates found a clip of the pilot on the Funline Animation website. I’m not sure if there’s anything more
to the test pilot, as it was just a test. However, the clip of the second pilot episode is
only a minute long. And we have storyboards conforming that there’s
more to this episode. So this is one is ongoing. Toon News Sometime around 2004, Disney created a series of shorts titled “Toon News” that would air on Toon Disney in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The show starred a robot host named Smokey
Silvers, who would pilot the Toon News Blimp over Toon News, giving comical reports on
Disney’s latest films and characters. 26 episodes were produced for the series,
however no episodes were available online. The only footage that was available was a
few clips from showreels from those who worked on the show, as well as from Disney Portugal. In 2017, writer and director Cathy MacDonald
uploaded the first three episodes of Toon News onto her YouTube channel called “CathyMacdee”. She stated that more episodes would be coming
soon. As of 2020, a different channel named Cathy
Macdonald uploaded three more episodes, the fourth and fifth episode from Season 1, and
the seventh episode from Season 2. According to one of her comments, the show
was cancelled because it was simply too expensive to make, and the studio wanted to move on,
but they all loved making it. These three episodes were uploaded on 2018,
but nothing new has come out since then. Cathy has a playlist on her channel that was
updated in late 2019, so she’s still somewhat active. Here’s to more episodes being found soon,
but for now the case is ongoing. Handful of Crumbs Handful of Crumbs is an odd example of lost media. The song first appeared on Sesame Street in
the early 1980’s sung by none other Cookie Monster. It’s about how he crumbled a cookie in his
hand after holding it too tightly. Eventually, after some lamenting, Cookie Monster
realizes that he can just eat the crumbs, and proceeds to do so. What’s interesting is that elmo can be seen
in the background of the clip as one of the backup singers, voiced completely differently. This was before his official debut as a main
Sesame Street character, instead being portrayed as a generic muppet character. Here’s where it becomes an odd case of Lost
Media. The footage is available online but only from an episode of Barrio Sesamo, the spanish version of Sesame street. However, the full song in English is available on
three Sesame Street compilation albums. So by splicing the Spanish footage with the
English song track, a makeshift version of the full lost segment can be created. While this might be good enough for some,
it wasn’t perfect. Some of the audio before the song began was still missing, such as dialogue from Cookie Monster and Elmo. This was actually found by the Muppet Wiki
Facebook Page, who posted the full English segment while I was actually writing the script
for this video. The video’s quality is surprisingly well
and we can hear Elmo and Cookie Monster’s dialogue before singing
the song. So yeah, this is the full English segment. Not much to talk about this one, it was kind
of lost and it’s now found. Case closed. All That One of the quintessential 90’s shows from Nickelodeon, All That was a sketch comedy
series featuring a varying cast of children. The show lasted for 10 seasons, gained a cult
following, and was later brought back for an 11th season in 2019. Although popular, the show dealt with a lot
of copyright issues, mostly due to the music that was used in some of the earlier episodes. I haven’t covered All That since waaay back
in 2015, so here’s what was known at the time. Season 1 hadn’t been broadcast since 2005
and most of it was completely lost. At one point, the pilot was considered to
be the most sought-after episode of All That, due to the fact that it hadn’t aired on
television at all for the past two decades. In 2014, the full pilot was uploaded to a
private tracker, only to be taken down shortly after. Thankfully a day later, the pilot was reuploaded to YouTube by a user known as Greenlit. Although the video has since been deleted,
archives currently exist and the pilot is safe from being lost again. Seasons 2-5 reaired on television from 2011-2014,
during The 90’s Are All That, but the episodes were missing the musical performances, certain
sketches, and the original outros/credits. Season 6 also aired on television, except
for the “Best Of” episodes that premiered in 2001. Finally, Season 7-10 haven’t aired since The
N’s rebranding, but are found for the most part. So where are we at now? Well, several years later in 2018, LMW user
Moiisty uploaded the full first season onto MEGA, with the exception of the episode “A
Few Good Men”. That episode is missing the musical and instead
cuts straight to an episode of Power Rangers. Other than that, most of the lost episodes are “found”, but only in their edited versions from iTunes. The only completely lost episodes are the Season 3
episode “Music Special” and the Season 6 episodes B*Witched, The Best of John Server,
The Best of Lori Beth Denberg, Tunes Into TV, Dates Goats and Romance, Music and More
Highlights and Backstage Pass. Honestly I’m so surprised that Season 1
was found that I felt like including it into this video. Regardless, the case is still open but we’re
damn near close. And with that, we are finished with another
update video. I plan on starting a new series that will
cover new pieces of lost media, since those older videos are so utterly outdated these
days, Let me know what you think, but for now: love you all, and I’ll see you next time. (´,,•ω•,,)♡

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