Loro Parque: BABY-Delfin ROBIN 🐬 erkundet die Delfinlagune 😍 | zoos.media
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Loro Parque: BABY-Delfin ROBIN 🐬 erkundet die Delfinlagune 😍 | zoos.media

Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. The preparations were very calm but, of course, it was important that everyone knew what she or he had to do and even more important was the elimination of stress – especially on the day of birth. Stress also affects the animals and we wanted to prevent that, so that Lunas birth is as stressfree as possible. 2 or 3 weeks before we stared with night shifts. So, we observed Luna in the night, too, because we didn’t know exactly when the birth would start and we wanted to be able to support her when she would give birth. It was about 5 o’clock on the 7th of September when the baby arrived and we were so excited. Next to the pool there were only 2-3 people and the rest was in the office and kept the fingers crossed. We had cameras here and hoped everything would be fine but we were also ready to support but everything went fine and Luna accepted the babys directly and behaved like an experienced mother and this took a great load off our minds. Everthing was perfect and we didn’t have to help neither Luna nor the little boy. His first days were very, very exciting for us and we cooperated with the veterinarians, who told us what to do and care about. We had trainers present 24/7 and constantly checked whether the baby is drinking enough, whether it’s breathing properly – like his mother – and we wanted to learn from him while he has so much to learn from his mother. This is normal during the first days of a calf’s life because a calf can do nothing but swiming in one direction. Robin didn’t know how to navigate or what the flippers were for. It was a lot of work for Luna to teach him all this and show how to do all these important things. As time went by, he learned how to coordinate better and then he started to be interested in his environment, looked around and also saw us and trainers were really interesting for him. As soon as we recognize that he starts to be interested in us and not only for his mother, we started to play with him to get closer to him. This is wonderful for the dolphin and the trainers as well. As everyone knows, dolphins are really very playful and that’s how our relation started. We just played with Robin like with young kids. We played hide and seek, ran, and did pretty everything to get his attention in order to spend a whale of a time with Robin. He followed us also at a time he didn’t eat fish at that time. He drank the milk of his mother and that’s it. Now, he slowly starts to eat something but we talk about 200 grams per day. It’s more like a play and that’s how he learns to eat some fish and if everything is good we slowly start to train and this is a lot of fun for him and for us as well. He joins us even when he doesn’t eat or even expect some fish because the milk is what he cosumes for living and fish is not really interesting as a food source. The training means that we enrich him in a playful kind and he enriches us with this as well. As you saw during this video, he already jumps pretty well and we are able to touch him already for a while. So, the relationship between animal and human is great. So, he’s always awaiting interaction with us and this is so great and also especially motivates us to come to work every day because we want to see him and watch him learn and grow. Write your questions in the comment section below and don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video subscribe for free.

8 thoughts on “Loro Parque: BABY-Delfin ROBIN 🐬 erkundet die Delfinlagune 😍 | zoos.media

  1. richtig schönes Video. Immer wieder toll, wenn eine Nachzucht gelingt, ist ja nicht selbstverständlich 🙂

  2. He's brilliant – welcome to the world baby dolphin! Thanks for sharing this video, must be so much fun working with animals!! 😀

  3. Erstaunlich, wie viele Kunststücke der Baby-Delfin bereits lernt. Es macht Spaß, dem kleinen "Flipper" und seinem Trainer zuzusehen

  4. Mal eine Frage: Der Trainer hat gesagt, dass die Jungtiere anfangs eigentlich nur gerade aus schwimmen können. Haben die dann Probleme den Wänden auszuweichen oder klappt das einwandfrei?

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