Lindsie Chrisley Says She Believes Dad, Todd, Attacked Her On Social Media To Intimidate Her
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Lindsie Chrisley Says She Believes Dad, Todd, Attacked Her On Social Media To Intimidate Her

79 thoughts on “Lindsie Chrisley Says She Believes Dad, Todd, Attacked Her On Social Media To Intimidate Her

  1. I've never been so early.. maybe because I'm studying for final exam.. its just pop up to give me much needed distraction

  2. He knows he is in trouble and what better way to blame someone else. Its his daughters fault. Yeah right. Instead of his for his crimes

  3. Honestly they need to put the cameras away and fix their family. People loved them for their morals and values on top of their personalities. Your family is what’s important, not ratings. When these shows start ruining your family you have to say enough is enough and go repair relationships. Nothing is more important than your kids, your family. Money is the root of all evil and social media isn’t your personal journal that talks back. It’s toxic. God Bless , do the right thing. I truly believe they all have a part in it. As a father you should know better than to hurt your child. Unbelievable. I’m struggling in my life to pay bills, but my husband and kids are amazing , 19 years already. We put our family first. No amount of money can replace what I have. We struggle together.. I don’t want to struggle , but it shows what’s important…I fight for my family and I have 3 daughters and a son. I would never embarrass them one of them is also a Savana lol. Best of luck✌️💛🙏

  4. Todd is gayer than a ten dollar bill. What an angry little man child. Just come out the closet Todd you're so far in there you've been to Narnia

  5. What parent says that about their daughter, regardless of the circumstances. Doing this only makes me realize their tv show is just a lie, you aren’t a caring family.

  6. Really sad situation. I believe her. Todd has gone over top, which questions his motives in his tweets. Chase and Savannah are just puppets knowing where their money comes from. Nanny Faye rocks!

  7. Wow! Feeling so sorry for her.
    Even if everything he said was true, even though I doubt it, that man is a disgrace to everyone. What kind of evil man would be so vile and heartless like this? The one supposed to protect her is harming her instead

  8. Everything about that family is phoney. They portray a phoney image on TV, but this shows who they really are. Social media will probably be the downfall of society, yet people act like they can live without it. It's turning everyone into either a bully or a narcissist. Sometimes both!!

  9. I'm pregnant now and just thinking of doing this is my child is crazy it's your child! Your always supposed to take your kids side!

  10. How much self hate do you have to have to throw your own child, who came from your body and is genetically you, under the bus and release their private business out for the public to know? As if it effects Todd and where he lays his head at night. If she wants to cheat in her marriage that’s HER sin. She took her vows not Todd, her siblings, the camera crew or the 7 billion people on this planet 🙄

  11. I feel so bad for lindsie some families are just evil and toxic. I'm happy she got out. I cannot believe a father would say that about his own daughter

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