Lil Yachty Reacts to His Most Extra Instagram Comments | Most Extra | MTV

– So, you never had fruit or vegetables? No, I’ve never eaten a
vegetable in my life. I’ve had applesauce before,
I tried a banana once. It was terrible, never again. Yo, wassup, it’s Lil Yachty. And I guess sometimes my fans
leave some crazy comments. So, I guess I’m gonna read some. Will you take me to prom? Promesha, (chuckles) that’s a weird name. I can’t, unfortunately,
because it’s weird. And I don’t wanna go back to high school. It’s time for us to have a baby. (needle scratches record) (crickets chirping) Okay. (chuckles) Did that ice on your wrist
cost you ten times three? No, this one was like $80,000.
(cash register dings) This was like, 68,
(cash register dings) so like basically 70.
(cash register dings) And this one was 30,
(cash register dings) so if you add that up.
(cash register dings) Then, this watch was 60 grand,
(cash register dings) that was like six grand,
(cash register dings) this was like ten grand.
(cash register dings) So, a lot more than 30. (chuckles) If you’re asking. Can I tie your shoe? Because I can’t have you
fall for anyone else. Carlawithab, Barla, that was cute. I would definitely use that, I like that. She’s back with a different picture. I need some answers for my math homework. Quick, what’s your number? Carlawithab is sharp. Big shouts out to all my fans,
you know what I’m sayin’. Leave comments, good and bad. I love them all, I appreciate it. Until next time, Lil Boat.

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