Libris: The Simplest, Fastest Digital Asset Management Software Built for Visual Media
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Libris: The Simplest, Fastest Digital Asset Management Software Built for Visual Media

Libris is a cloud based digital asset management (DAM) software. It helps teams like yours power their visual storytelling. Step into our library! Hundreds of brands ranging from small colleges to professional sports teams, use Libris to store, organize, and share all of their creative assets from anywhere and anytime. Now, you can streamline your whole team’s creative workflow with one fast and simple tool. You can easily drag and drop files into galleries and even mix and match different file types in the same gallery, so everything you need for a project can live in the same place. Stay organized with collections, galleries, and metadata. Which helps you quickly search for creative assets when you need to find them. You can set permissions to grant access to the right people, and hide assets from others. Once you give stakeholders permission to see and download files, they can find them on the branded portal, making file access self service. They can easily browse and search for creative assets, preview files and download the file size that they need all on their own. You can also deliver files with password protected galleries or our Quick Send feature. Which lets you send files straight to an inbox. Plus, Libris integrates with the tools that you are already using, from Adobe Lightroom and Photo Mechanic, to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Whether you’re a major brand or a small organization, Libris can help your whole team work faster. You can get set up in no time and our top rated client services team is always just a phone call away. Come on! Start powering your team’s visual storytelling with Libris, the simplest, fastest digital asset management software, built for visual media.

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