Lewandowski: ‘I have no obligation to be honest with the media’
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Lewandowski: ‘I have no obligation to be honest with the media’

-Prior to the Mueller Report
being published in redacted form,
did you ever misrepresent what you did on
behalf of the President? -I can’t think of an instance
where that would have occurred. -Let me show you an interview
that you did on May 14, 2019. Excuse me, I’m going to show it
to you from February 22, 2019. Let me show it to you. Excuse me, excuse me. May 14, 2019. Thank you. -I don’t ever remember
the President ever asking me to get involved
with Jeff Sessions or the Department of Justice
in any way, shape, or form ever. -Okay, so —
-Did you hear that, sir? That was you saying, on MSNBC, you don’t ever remember
the President ever asking you to get involved
with Jeff Sessions or the Department of Justice
in any way, shape, or form. That wasn’t true, was it, sir? -I heard that.
-And that was not true, was it? -I have no obligation to be
honest with the media because they are just
as dishonest as anybody else. -So you’re admitting, sir, you were not being truthful
in that clip, correct? -My interview with Ari Melber?
-Yes. -Can be interpreted
any way you’d like. -Would you like me
to play it again? -You’re welcome to, please. -Play it one more time. -I don’t ever remember
the President ever asking me to get involved
with Jeff Sessions or the Department of Justice
in any way, shape, or form ever. -Okay, so —
-And, sir, it is true, in May 2019,
you absolutely remembered when the President asked you
to deliver a message to the Attorney General
of a speech for him to give related to the special
counsel investigation, isn’t that correct? -I’d have to think about it.
-Are you claiming, sir, that you had been interviewed
by the special counsel about those very events
in which you discussed and you’ve said
was accurately reported in the report a year earlier? Are you saying, sir,
you may have forgotten it by the time
you were interviewed, just before the report
was publicly released? -I’m saying my memory
was clearly much fresher when I actually
gave the interview with
the special counsel’s report. -Sir, is it your testimony
before this committee that, when you said you did not
remember the President ever asking you to get involved
with Jeff Sessions or the Department of Justice, you were saying
you were being truthful? And, sir, I don’t believe
there is any reason to consult
with your counsel. The question is, are you a truth
teller in that interview? -I’m a truth teller every time
I stand before Congress or a committee of jurisdiction
and raise my hand and swear to God under oath. -My question, sir,
is when you said the President never asked you
to get involved with Mr. Sessions —
-I have no obligation to have a candid conversation
with the media whatsoever, just like they have no
obligation to cover me honestly, and they do it inaccurately
all the time. -So you’re admitting that,
on national television, you were lying there? -What I’m saying is they have
been inaccurate on many occasions, and perhaps
I was in inaccurate that time.

100 thoughts on “Lewandowski: ‘I have no obligation to be honest with the media’

  1. What kills me is the fact the Democrats still believe Trump will be impeached 😂. 3 years in and you got dick but ya this time we got em. Lol

  2. corey lewandowski must go to the jail rest of his life. He was rude, he was insulting everyone, he was stonewalling,, and clearly untruthful to American people. I am so appalled by the fact that he was lying for all 5 hours, he was drinking the water when will get exhausted with lying , never seen a such a pathological liar in any of the hearing.

  3. What a hero. If some entity as manipulative and dishonest as MSNBC tried to interview me, I'd have a field day with all the bullshit I'd feed them just for fun. Making idiots chase their tails is entertaining. Just like watching the left. They're so desperate.

  4. WaPo clipping this out like what he said was a bad thing. 🤣 Bill Belichick and Gregg Popovich treat the sports press like an AIDS-infected needle; why should their big-news counterparts be given any more respect?

  5. What a dweeb. He's the mind of a child trapped in a man's body. Sad how many commenters are painting him as "sharp" here. Sincerely hope you are joking.

  6. If you think that what Lewandowski did was acceptable, please explain why. I notice a lot of supportive comments, but they all seem deeply tribal, as if the only thing that mattered was that he fought back against the left. If you think in those terms, you are supporting behavior meant to hurt your fellow Americans. Just think that through. If you think it's okay to lie because it upsets the left-wing, then you are a destructive force in this country. You need to stop. Don't make excuses, just stop being a terrible person.

    For those of you who can articulate a valid reason to support him, please let me know what you think.

  7. Sound reasoning and that's exactly how we're going to get good honest journalism again. With the understanding that citizens have no obligations to media. People can say whatever they want. Under a sworn oath in a governmental court of law is different. Remember this next time your HR department at work gets a little high and mighty. Or any business, law firm or any other private sector enterprise. Federal government is different.

  8. I dont , remember ,I cant recall I ' m taking the 5th standard dems answers , clapper i was answering a different question . Talk about

  9. Corey Lewandowski needs to be taken to the desert with a shovel have him dig a hole get shot in the back of the head and thrown into that hole.

  10. The mueller report found the president innocent of any wrong doing. The obstruction of justice investigation is very paradoxical. The president wanted the investigation stopped not because he was guilty but because he knew that given enough time they would find a way to charge with a crime, even if the crime was caused by the investigation, it's like a time paradox movie, if there was no crime, how can there be a crime stemming from an investigation that never should happened in the first place. They are making criminals now, not catching them.

  11. Officials are more afraid then ever to speak candidly to these committees because 99% media outlets and committee members will twist and contort they're words so much that the original meaning of they're answers get completely lost. I believe this was the case with the Lewandowski hearing a few days ago when Lewandowski refused to answer so many questions. The media and committees are insidious these days they can't be trusted to report the accurate and reasonable meaning of anything anymore. They seemly turn a mole hill into mountain with absurd regularity, case in point, the dorian Alabama hurricane comment that trump made. The media turned one comment about the weather into two weeks of trump bashing that had zero relevance on the actual crisis. The Media and committees objective these days is less about reporting the news and finding the truth than is about Crucifying anybody that doesn't agree with they're point of view. There seems to be no due process anymore, combine accusations with news machine and the truth becomes whatever they say it is. The result of all this is that they can destroy people's lives and ruin careers regardless weather or not the accusation are true, the damage is done, either way they win, the truth doesn't seem to matter.

  12. Lot of defense for this man, but lets keep the same energy. Whenever, he comes on tv again, says he supports the troops, thoughts and prayers etc etc remember its all a lie. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. Since when does anyone get to tell you when you can and cannot consult with your attorney? He should of fired back at him right then and there.

  14. He isn't under any obligation to be honest with the media just like the media isn't held to an obligation to be honest with the public

  15. Because the media has no obligation to be honest with the ppl, the Dems are crooked and have no obligation to be honest about their corruption and what they do with our money.
    Fk all of them, especially the WP!

  16. This "lawyer" spent 30 minutes on a "media interview". The media lies every day, comey lied, Hillary lied under oath and smashed hard drives and blackberries AFTER subpoenaed. His only mistake was agreeing to be "entrapped" by lying, propaganda, fake news, CIA mockingbird MSM. That includes Washington post and New York Times. .

  17. Yet for 2 years we had representatives who had access to documents saying there was collusion to the press…something doesn't sound right.

  18. Best point ever made. I love that he is the hammer that is swinging back at the leftist psychopaths. The far left has been so out of touch and getting crazier and crazier the better our country is doing. F em all

  19. WOW … a note to Jeff Sessions that was never delivered. You know, this is totally Earth-shaking. This is the end of the world for sure.

  20. If a cabinet member has a meeting with the POTUS, the cabinet member is under no obligation to be truthful with the media about anything.

  21. Great questioning to stop obstructionist Lewandowski. Call Congress 202-224-3121 for impeachment of the occupant in the white house – who supports this ruthlessly, arrogant liar.

  22. You can find a lie or a facetious comment or anything dirty on anyone if you twist words and spin it how you want it to sound like! Specially after a $40 million 22 month investigation! What a freaking circus act at the people's expense

  23. The media are like the mentally challenged kid that is interrupting your conversation. Just tell them whatever to make them go away

  24. Haha. Can’t even answer the question. Typical Trump ally, pond the blame on someone else! Dirtbag just like the clown in office. Can’t wait for his term to be up. MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN should be their slogan! Embarrassing to be an American under this garbage!

  25. I am more than a little puzzled as to WHY Democ-rats have the right to change the rules to have COUNSEL ( NOT the congressmen themselves ) asking questions. Who decides to UNILATERALLY move the goalposts ? And yet the COUNSEL has the TEMERITY to remark to Cory Lewandowski that he should not be consulting his counsel. What kind of DOUBLE STANDARD is this?

  26. lol, are these people trained to give the answers they give. I have no obligation to be honest with the media. Tit for tat in america.

  27. Fine. Do not be honest with the media BUT, be honest to the Justice department, government, the country, the people. This is a government of the people, by the people, for the people!

  28. No obligation to be honest with the media. Why not? A judge recently ruled that the media have no obligation to verify the veracity of their stories so it's not like it makes a difference to them.

  29. When did the press stop investigating and become just a megaphone for the lies that politicians feed them? Seriously whining because a political agent said something you didn't fact check

  30. Yes…it is the paid media and they twist and turn the truth..it is half truth meaning Media is very dishonest…because they are paid…..to favor who pays them….they are not in the media to serve the people but to serve themselves…..ha.ha.ha..

  31. The Washington Post apparently feels that it has no obligation to be truthful with or to the American People who disagree with their biased editorial perspectives…..

  32. Lewandowski KICK ALL THE DEMOCRAT BUTTS! The worst was for Memin Pinguin's mother (Sheila Jackson) buenissimo! Le pateo el rabo a todos esos mamones demócratas🤣😂🤣😄😅


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