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Let’s Talk About Facebook

So what to talk about? Hmm I know, let’s
talk about Facebook. By now most of you have heard about the data breach, which
by the way, Facebook said it wasn’t a breach. There are only three things to
remember in a crisis: one: acknowledge the issue. So far Facebook refuses to acknowledge the issue. Two: the top guy or gal has to take responsibility. It appears that both Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg have retreated to the
caves of Kandahar, as Sheryl Sandberg is writing a book entitled Lean Out: Leadership and How to Avoid It When It Matters Most. And finally three: overcorrect. The role model here is Tylenol that
cleared the shelves of every bottle regardless of the cost to shareholder value. Thus far Facebook has refused to do anything that might endanger earnings or shareholder value. And where is the board here? Donald
Graham is on the board. You know the Washington Post where democracy dies in the dark? Well Mr. Graham, democracy is dying in the full light of day here. Where the hell is the board of directors? This is the perfect storm of bad things
for our commonwealth. The company clearly has no intention of doing anything substantive to change what has gone on here. Where the most innovative act of 2016 was the Russians taking a Trojan horse that we paid for, the most innovative thing in the world, Facebook, and detonating it in our own face. Washington, will they step in? Absolutely not with the White House, the
House and the Senate controlled by Republicans and Republicans being that party of Trump and Trump perceiving the weaponization of this platform and Cambridge Analytica as good for him. There will be absolutely nothing resembling leadership or action other than sanctimonious indignance coming out of DC. Where might we see some progress? A red state attorney general who sees the
fastest blue line path from the AG’s house to the governor’s mansion by making a populist argument against Facebook. Where we’re most likely to see
real change here? Brussels. Europe registers a fraction of
the upside, with all of the downside. They are about to go gangster on Facebook. What about consumers? Deinstall Facebook is not trending. Consumers talk a big game but at the end of the day they want that
little black dress for $9.99 or they want to share their fabulous lives with their friends on their Instagram feeds. Don’t expect anything from the consumer
here. And what about advertisers? Advertisers don’t have the option. This
is a duopoly they cannot disarm unilaterally. P&G, Unilever, Ford would love to come out against Facebook and stop advertising as they’re good people with a lot of veterans serving in their company. However they’re not going to
disarm unilaterally. If they were to announce in their earnings that their e-commerce sales have slowed because they refuse to advertise on Facebook they would be commended for taking a stand and their stock price would decline dramatically. This is the danger of power corrupting companies. When we allow two companies to control two-thirds of all digital marketing, that is the duopoly of Facebook and Google, we end up in a situation where monopoly abuse is rampant. The only solution is they need to be broken up. What would happen if Facebook was Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and
Messenger? One of the companies would decide as an independent company serving its own shareholders that a pretty decent value proposition to advertisers would be to say we’ve put in place the security measures and safeguards such that we can’t be weaponized by a foreign government. In other words, we are not bad
for America, advertise with us. That sounds like a pretty decent line to get advertisers. Unfortunately neither Google nor Facebook needs to make that assurance because advertisers have no choice. So it’s easy to complain. What should Facebook do? Facebook should enter into a contract
with America: one: they will stop all political advertising immediately until they figure out how to safeguard political ads. Two: they should immediately shut down Kids Messenger until they have more research, peer-reviewed academic research, on the impact on the developing brain of social
media. Three: they should separate the chairman and CEO roles and appoint a chairman that stakeholders are assured and trust, understand the tension between
civic responsibility and shareholder value. So some predictions. What will come from Washington? Nothing.
What will come from Facebook? Delay and obfuscation. What will come from advertisers? An inability to disarm unilaterally. What will come from consumers? Absolutely nothing. Democracy is dying one like at a time
here in the full light of day. Facebook employees, you are complicit. We’ll see you next week. So it’s 24 hours later and Mr. Zuckerberg addressed the issue and from a shareholder and communication standpoint, I thought he was really strong. He managed to say I’m sorry several times which is important to take responsibility for the issue and then outlined a series of steps which created the appearance that they’re actually doing something. However any real forensic analysis of what they’re actually doing is going to show that they are doing absolutely nothing. Mr. Zuckerberg has effectively shown up to a fire of his own making with a squirt gun. “Hey it’s not our fault the nanny was smoking pot while we weren’t home.” Yeah it’s your fault and you’re not really doing anything. Mr. Zuckerberg, this isn’t a monster out of your control. It is a monster but you have control. This is your responsibility.

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  1. Not getting political but didn't Obama's campaign say the success of the 2012 election was how they utilized data from social media and Facebook? They were hailed as geniuses and the Republicans were seen as out of touch with the modern world. Am I wrong with this question? Just curious.

    Full disclosure…I have been off FB for years. I got tired of the negativity, phony posts of how fabulous people live life and what restaurant people go to. Very boring stuff, time consuming etc.

  2. Facebook sells info? Who woulda known THAT?! Since when have bots been the most innovative thing? Not in 2016 thats FOR SURE. What exactly are YOU? PAID FOR BOT. YOU ARE A PAID SHILL.

  3. L2!I just had this video served up as an ad on another video. Shouldn't YT know I am a subscriber already?! dafuq google? Thought you might want to know.

  4. Oh great professor/God/guru/master of all knowledge and understanding (who's ideas just so happen to resemble communist authoritarianism in there way of censorship, Hegelian dialectics and misdirection) please tell me what to think and how I should feel. I know that you and your extreme leftist friends that have done such a thorough job of educating (indoctrinating) our fine, young minds are really just trying to save us from the horrible rich, fat cats like Trump and the like (while supporting rich, corrupt traitors like the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and that chief snake Soros).

    Good job destroying the people of America while pushing for regulation and censorship imposed by those who are clearly the problem. Progessivism/globalism is CANCER that will enslave the world. I have not yet seen any proponents of wealth equality give up their million dollar estates or reduce their bank accounts to a modest middle class earnings.


  5. Prediction: nothing changes because nobody cares. Do you remember the protests after Edward Snowden renewed the NSA was illegally spying on its own citizens. People long ago signed a contract with their internet overlords stating that they were willing to exchange all personal information & autonomy for free stuff. Advertisers will feign outrage because it's popular to do so, but they won't leave because they've got no where else to go. Cheers!

  6. Too political please don’t alienate more than half of your audience. Stick to economics and stuff pls I enjoy your content

  7. YASSS! EVIL Cambridge Anal manipulated the devilish facebook newsfeed everyone trusts to convince millions to vote for Trump and change the governorships and Senate. Ure a genius Scott, I can't believe others aren't seeing this! Please tell us more things that fit youre political views! Like how did the Russians secretly manipulate Hillary into becoming such an awful candidate, HOW!!!??? WE need answers!

  8. My phone no longer has the Facebook and Instagram apps. But I haven’t deleted my accounts. I am fine with being presented ads related to what I like. But to give my data away, no thanks.

  9. 13 Russians bought ads on Facebook which, according to you, influenced millions of Americans to vote for Trump. You're fucking delusional.

  10. It wasn't a breach…. jeeeze! It was FB selling data to a 2nd party and they to a 3rd. Completely wrong about advertising….jeeze. Since Eddy Bernays the political class has been using pr and it's not going to change now zero incentive to change. In the end FB retains all of its biggest clients Wallstreet, Uncle Sam and DNC.

  11. Why is it okay when Sandburg and Zuckerburg help the DNC, but it's wrong when the RNC gets help? I want to know that. During the election, we saw this everywhere and no fucking comment from the Liberal news.

  12. Democracy is not dying anywhere. And one can only blame facebook or google or any other company if have not personally taken responsibility to follow whats going on in the real world by expanding ones horizons by being curious. Isn't finding out the most important aspect of democratic process? So its not the companies that failed. But those who believed it all what was said without checking out, those failed The major responsibillity of citizens and human beibgs was left to to commercial companies??? Well it is easy to blame others than to look at ones own failings. But, the scrutiny going on now is a democratic process at its best. This is one of the first global democratic discussion. So I find that actually democracy is well and alive! Do not slay it.

  13. How did people think Facebook made money? They leverage personal data on their users – it's not a breach, it's not a bug – it's a feature.

  14. The Obama campaign and Cambridge Analytica both gained access to huge amounts of information about Facebook users and their friends, and in neither case did the friends of app users consent.

  15. As smart as you are you are clearly ignorant on the facts of this Russian "weaponization of Facebook" as you sadly put it. Russia hardly spent anything in advertisement and even less saw the ad. You apparently Lack independent thought and ability to do independent objective research.

  16. Neoliberalism has created too big to fail companies other than Facebook and Google such as the Goldman Saks, et al talk about them collapsing also and what your saying will ring out like a bell

  17. How To Check What Data (All Details) Of Yours Has Facebook Gathered Till Now.
    For More Details Visit :

  18. Keyword : consumer. They have the power to do real change all the way up to DC. But they’ll choose an app over privacy

  19. Funny, but about a week before Sit on my Facebook got bitch slapped, I pulled off all my photos, then pulled the plug. Timely!

  20. OK no mission about Obama 2012 election. His Campaign brag by using data similar what we are talking about today. But its not OK if Trump use it?

  21. SCOTT! If Facebook and Instagram are subjected to government regulation, doesn't that spell disaster for businesses big and small who would have to say adios to geomarketing, resorting to old-world endcaps and TV ads again?

  22. The NSA has access to all information on Facebook and our telephone calls yet now I'm supposed to start being outraged.

  23. #4. FB needs to pay a cash dividend to every single user. I suggest a dividend of up to 5 cents on every dollar they made off the data. As an alternative , FB should be sued via a class action that results in a retroactive payout, going back to day one of going public. Once American users are paid off, they should also be given the option of complete and absolute deletion of ALL their uploaded data, if they choose to drop FB.

  24. Its idiots that are influenced by facebook that is the problem. They lack the brainpower to understand that all the commercials politic or otherwise are paid by someone

  25. It amazes me. Britain and American interests conspired to subvert democracy and yet it was "the Russians" that blew facebook up in our faces? I just can't believe people are still peddling this bull shit.

    "No officer it wasn't me drink driving, it was the Russians… they made me do it."

  26. Can’t wait for the upcoming analysis of Galloway’s favorite Amazon now that Bezos is getting grilled. Kinda surprised the good professor didn’t see it coming. Amazon has been a monopoly for a long time. Their wings will be clipped. Most likely via a new Merchant Marine Act which removes the insane advantage Amazon has on negotiated shipping rates. Look for an even playing field, regulated rates, and consumer loyalty drastically diminished. Offering to send Trump to outer space is a mistake Jeff regrets

  27. LOL, I find it absolutely amusing that left-wingers continue to blame the 2016 Presidential election on SOMETHING instead of SOMEONE. That someone is Hillary Clinton. She was a nightmare candidate that killed her own chances with the bullshit lying out of both sides of her mouth. She managed to piss off half the voting population in the U.S. by insulting them directly (baskets anyone?). And her position on left-wing social issues has danced around like a dandelion pappus on a windy day.

    A number of your points are flat wrong:
    1. The U.S. is not, and never has been, a democracy. It's a Republic with an Electoral college. And it worked exactly as intended in 2016.
    2. Polling booths for U.S. elections have absolutely no correlation to Facebook. In fact, MANY people who don't use Facebook voted for Trump.
    3. 'Fixing' Political ads constitutes what exactly? Oh… you mean censor political opinions that don't mesh with the left's agenda?
    If someone posts a political opinion on Facebook that doesn't agree with the left, should it be taken down? Sounds like you are advocating fascism, not Freedom of Speech and Press.

    Facebook isn't the problem. Deluded people like L2inc are the problem.

  28. This is scary as a Marketer. The Facebook Business Ad platform is too powerful to lose. I used to hate Facebook until I became a marketer, then I begun to love what Facebook does. Hope FB gets their shit together.

  29. NYT was praising the DNC for using the same techniques in 12'. Then the other team figures out how to play so the left wants to take their sm data analytics ball and go home. Those darn Ruskies and their $300k in Fakebook ads, hahaha. Whatever you have to tell yourself.

  30. LOL! Right. Next he's gonna tell us he can make the shittiest brand on the planet into a winner with just 13 twitter trolls and a hundred thousand dollars worth of facebook ads using puppies, jesus vs devil and black lives matter. Trump had the highest disapproval rating of any candidate in history on election day. So spending billions on ads and PR firms are just stupid! The Democratic party don't know wtf they are doing who got Obama elected twice, using Facebook scraping just like Cambridge analytica btw. But now the Ruskies have apparently made the whole American Ad industry obsolete and you can just hire some hotdog vendors private troll farm and be a winner on the cheap!
    Then again when your choices are like Comcast vs Time Warner or Sprint vs Verizon it doesn't take much of leaked emails where everyone can read your own words and see how shitty and corrupt you actually are.. to sway peoples choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDMLtkqDEeI

  31. Too many bimbos on there telling me to love their curves and accept them at their worst while ignoring important issues. I can't stand it.

  32. Here is a campaign you can influence Scott. Persuade everyone in your network to log in to their accounts and STRIP DOWN all database fields in the ABOUT section. Specifically political views, religion, relationship status, work history, school history, city you lived in history. Leave only the bare minimum of the name, gender and birthday. Instantly you will devalue their data if this action takes on critical mass.

  33. Facebook is also openly sexist, they refused to delete a pic of a beat up, naked 16 year old girl with the caption “ “next time don’t get pregnant”.They call it “controversial humour.” Yeah,anything on Facebook degrading young girls/women is a ok with Facebook!.

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