LEGO’s Social Media Strategy – Jan Rezab Interviews Lars Silberbauer
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LEGO’s Social Media Strategy – Jan Rezab Interviews Lars Silberbauer

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab.
We’re at Engage in London. We have Lars Silberbauer Andersen here. I wanna ask him a few questions and for you great LEGO fans, obviously we wanna know
how LEGO does social media. Lars, how do you do it,
how do you run your social? Basically we
do it like other companies. For us it’s about listening
to the fans, their engagement, amplifying that
and hopefully in some time we can give some content out
and come with news about LEGO that will hopefully excite people. Now, we have Star Wars coming out. Are there new things
coming out about LEGO Star Wars and what is your
social media coming into that? Well, I can’t tell anything about that but there will be exciting
stuff coming out for sure. So, new sets? Might be. Alright, so what are
the successes you would see from coming from Q1, Q2
during this year for LEGO on social? It’s the same year-on-year.
It’s about engaging with the fans, listening to the fans hopefully
we can tell some good stories. And then hopefully have
some cool projects coming out. Give me some stats on LEGO in social,
something impressive about what you do. I think passing
the 10 million mark on facebook. That was big for us, also we have
a very successful YouTube channel. With 1.6 million
views and increasing year-on-year and basically
we doubled three times from last year. You mentioned on Engage in Prague
that YouTube is different than Facebook. Definitely, as everyone knows,
Facebook is plus 13, for us that’s mainly
shoppers and gift givers and fans. YouTube,
there’s a lot of kids of YouTube. And also with the new platform for kids that’s also really
a cool destination for kids. You’re now the largest
toy company on the planet, right? Tell me a little bit about, you’re huge also on Instagram, right? This is one of the most
engaging channels in the world. I think Instagram is
a really exciting platform now and the content you see being shared
around LEGO and about LEGO is really cool. For us that’s definitely
gonna be a big channel next year. Awesome,
thank you very much and keep building.

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