31 thoughts on “Learn about migrating your Nest Account to a Google Account

  1. Google simply kill the nest app and built all its features into Google home app and rebrand it to 'Google Nest'.

    Also, when you're gonna release the new Google WiFi product, please kill the Google WiFi app and bring those features into this rebranded Google Nest app and also rebrand it to 'Google Nest WiFi' just like you're doing with 'Google nest mini'.

  2. Great news on the increased security of MFA with the google account. But the integration shown in the video between the Hello doorbell and the nest hub already works with the current setup. What additional integrations will be enabled by migrating my account from my current nest account. Will I still be able to share just my camera and not my entire google home if I migrate?

  3. Well done ya idiot, you set off my assistant, it thought it was morning and it blasted music out across my house. Don't ever say the G word out loud.

  4. Stop putting home commands on your videos. At least some youtubers have the sense to mask them out so they don't reconfigure your home.

  5. We are giving them everything to control us….And I'm guilty too….What have we become to allow this to trust them in our homes….Just become they say trust us????lol.

  6. The Google is an artificial intelligence that will exterminate and control humanity, they are sneaking into our lives.

  7. I have Google Apps for Domains on my personal email (aka Google G Suite) and Nest (and Google Assistant) isn't supported. Dislike!

  8. Do not buy a nest camera!!! They do not respect you as a consumer. After purchasing this camera Google intruded into everyone's cameras without their permission and installed firmware that disabled the feature that allows you to turn off the status light when the camera was recording. This is very helpful if you are monitoring a child and you don't want the light shining on them or if you are just protecting your home, loved ones or property and using it for surveillance. Google wants intruders to be able to see that you are recording them, so they can go around your camera. Criminal rights are VERY important at Google.

    This is no longer the product I paid for.

  9. Esto es una MIERDA cada video que reproduzco aparece esta publicidad de porquería dejen de pagar Para publicitar algo que no van a vender👎👎👎😁😁😁✌

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