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(upbeat music) – Farming’s actually
almost a hobby for me. I enjoy the animals, I enjoy being outside working with animals, you know. It’s, it’s, if you do something you love, it’s not so much like work. It was approximately 10 years ago, we took a tour up to Minnesota,
and at that point there, we knew to stay in the business, we had to use technology and use that to keep our profitability up
and decrease our labor costs. So at that point we decided, you know, that would be the thing to
do, so five years later, we started on the building plans, and then it took us two
years to build the building and approximately, within six months and we had the robots up
and running and operational. – Greg called me and filled me in on what he wanted to accomplish with the purchase of the
robotic milking machines. It sounded very unique
and intriguing to me, so we made every effort at the bank to go as fast as we could to pull this off because we knew how
important it was for him to get this process started
so that he could move forward and be as efficient as
possible as soon as possible. – Whenever I first talked
to Chris about the loan, it was within seven to 10 days, he already had the answer back and had all the paperwork ready, so you know, the speed of things and the ease of things
was really, really nice. – Citizens National Bank prides themselves on being in the forefront of technology, trying to always advance
and be ahead of the game, and for that reason, we feel
like we have to step forward in helping our individual customers and our business customers
be more efficient so they can spend more time with their job and less time banking. – You know, dealing with a local bank makes it extremely easy. It’s kind of nice to be able to deal with someone you know and trust. (upbeat music)

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